Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art at Sukiennice

Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art at Sukiennice: Our most recommended tours and activities

Kraków: Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art (Krakow Card)

1. Kraków: Gallery of 19th-Century Polish Art (Krakow Card)

Enjoy a truly unique art experience with a visit to the Sukiennice - a gallery that holds the largest permanent exhibition of 19th-century Polish paintings and sculptures, spread amongst four grand rooms. This spectacular building houses rooms to meet all your artistic needs: The Bacciarelli Room, The Enlightenment, The Michałowski Room, and a room for Romanticism.  The building also offers plenty for lovers of National art with the Siemiradzki Room and a dedicated room for fans of Realism, Polish Impressionism, and the beginnings of Symbolism. Experience a current collection at the Sukiennice which comprises gifts from collectors, artists, and their families. After your tour of the different rooms, you can visit the cafe whilst admiring the view of the main square.  In addition to the museum mentioned above, you get access to 37 other museums in Krakow for 3 days, which you can visit for free with the Krakow card. The museums included in the City Pass include: 1. Schindlers Factory 2. Main Market Square Underground 3. Polish Aviation Museum 4. Cloth Hall (Sukiennice) 5. City Defence Walls Krakow 6. Archaeological Museum Krakow 7. Stanislaw Lem Garden of Experiences 8. Czartoryski Museum 9. The Seweryn Udziela Ethnographic Museum 10. The Zwierzyniec House 11. The Jozef Mehoffer House 12. St. Adalbert's Church Underground 13. St. Mary’s Church 14. History of Photography Museum 15. Centre for documentation of the Art of Tadeusz Kantor Cricoteka, Archives. Office 16. History of the Academy of Mining and Metallurgy Museum 17. The Bishop Erazm Ciołek Palace 18. The Old Synagogue 19. The Archdiocese Museum 20. The Szołayski House 21. The Hipolit House 22. Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec 24. The Main Building of the National Museum 25. Regional Rydel`s Museum of Polish Modernism Rydlowka 26. The Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum 27. Pomorska Street 28. Celestat 29. MOCAK 30. Town Hall Tower 31. Exhibition in Nowa Huta District Branice 32. Galicja Jewish Museum 33. The Barbican 34. The Eagle Pharmacy 35. The Krzysztofory Palace 36. Museum of the Home Army dedicated Gen. Emil Fieldorf Nil 37. The Jan Matejko House 38. Kopiec Kościuszki

Warsaw: Kraków and Auschwitz-Birkenau Full-Day Trip

2. Warsaw: Kraków and Auschwitz-Birkenau Full-Day Trip

Spend the first part of the day in Auschwitz-Birkenau, the infamous symbol of Nazi domination in Europe, and the largest extermination and concentration camp ever built on the old continent. Visit prison blocks, the Wall of Death, gas chambers, a crematorium and a vast camp area. Realize how thoroughly and carefully the Third Reich planned the complete extermination of European Jews, Poles, the Romani people, and Soviet Prisoners of War. After an emotionally exhausting visit, go for lunch in a nearby town and after a short drive, reach Krakow. Breathe the history in the second largest city in Poland and one of its most important, scientific and cultural centers. Observe the original medieval street layout, impressive buildings and soaring gothic church towers of Krakow, a symbol of Poland's power and wealth at the time when it was ruled by kings.

Krakow: Old Town Private Tour with Cloth Hall & Wawel Castle

3. Krakow: Old Town Private Tour with Cloth Hall & Wawel Castle

This tour is dedicated to clients who want a tour in small groups. Unhurriedly, safely, in a good climate, the guide is at your disposal. Small groups can consist of a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 15 people. We try to show you Cracow, our city, as beautifully as we can. You can ask, be curious and inquire - we are here for you. Everything as with good friends. On this tour you will see the most: – Barbacan (entrance gate to Old Cracow), – Planty, – Old Town Square (along with the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church), – You will learn the history of the trumpet tower and the Cracow bugle call, – You will visit the Jagiellonian University: one of the oldest in the world, – You will see the Wawel Hill with the Castle and learn about the interesting legend of Cracow’s dragon, – You will discover the fascinating history of Kazimierz area, from the Jewish Quarter to the current Cracow bohemian place. The trip is combined: part of the route is by walking, part of the route is by car. / We have a special permit from Cracow city government to enter the zones closed to general traffic by car – which makes sightseeing much easier /

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I freshened up the pictures I had seen for a long time. I've been here many times. In my youth, the gallery was more extensive, but that was enough. And the magic of Krakow is undeniable. In addition, the weather was good. Best regards.

For art lovers, I recommend it. Average for those completely not interested in painting.