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Vips Tourism Dmcc 472评论

Vips Tourism , THE SIGN OF EXCELLENCE 1. Quality and service As a UAE Visitor, quality and service go hand-in-hand. We do our utmost to ensure that these two hallmarks are met at every step of your journey. To help achieve these core values, we closely monitor client satisfaction and are consistently seeking new ways to exceed our clients’ expectations. 2. A personal touch From first contact, through the duration of your stay, and until you are safely home again, we are with you. You will know your personal tours consultant by name and by face, as we make it a practice to greet our clients personally and go through the entire trip. 3. Friendly and knowledgeable staff we've created unforgettable tours experiences in the UAE region for thousands of clients from all over the world. That’s down to the quality of our people. Our staff members have extensive and first-hand knowledge of the region and are passionate about what they do. 4. Save time and effort Let us do the work for you! as a UAE Visitor, you can save both time and money by booking all of your itinerary services to us . 5. You’re in good hands while on your journey, help is never out of reach. There is always a staff member on call 24/7 to handle any unforeseen situations, and we do our best to respond to emails and voice-mail as soon as possible during our regular office hours and out of our office regular hours. We also provide a temporary mobile phone if all the tours are booked with us .

Vips Tourism Dmcc提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

谢赫扎耶德大清真寺, 阿布扎比滨海路, 法拉利世界, 酋长宫殿, 民俗村, 迪拜世界, 亚斯岛, 朱美拉棕榈岛, 阿拉伯塔, 迪拜喷泉, 哈利法塔, 文物及潜水村, 民俗村, 阿法迪城堡, 迪拜博物馆, 迪拜河, 巴斯塔基亚区, 哈利法塔, 迪拜博物馆, 哈利法塔第 124 层, 朱美拉棕榈岛, 阿拉伯塔, 迪拜河, 亚斯岛, 酋长宫殿, 谢赫扎耶德大清真寺, 民俗村, 迪拜大清真寺, 迪拜世界, 萨迪亚特岛, 民俗村, 朱美拉棕榈岛, 迪拜博物馆, 迪拜河, 哈利法塔, 哈利法塔第 124 层, 酋长宫殿, 民俗村, 迪拜世界, 萨迪亚特岛, 阿拉伯塔, 哈利法塔, 民俗村, 迪拜大清真寺, 迪拜世界, 迪拜河, 迪拜河, 迪拜世界, 迪拜码头, 朱美拉棕榈岛, 朱美拉海滩

Vips Tourism Dmcc在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

迪拜, 阿布扎比, 迪拜, 迪拜, 迪拜, 迪拜, 阿布扎比, 迪拜, 沙迦, 迪拜, 迪拜, 阿布扎比, 迪拜, 迪拜, 迪拜, 迪拜, 迪拜

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