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I love Rome is a brand for city sightseeing property of the Holding CARRANI GROUP. Carrani proposes vast and different offers that cover whole Italy. A large selection of travel solution for every target of groups and individuals. An unlimited amount of services to visit the major cities and other favourite locations, with particular attention towards regional gastronomy and culture. A large organization, equipped with flexibility and customer oriented. Our History The History of this Company begins in 1925, with a brilliant idea by the Founder, Benedetto de Angelis. The idea was help people to visit Southern Italy from Rome. Every day, for years, Carrani Tours connected Rome City with Naples and Capri, Amalfi Coast and Florence on board of luxury cars. Today Carrani Tour is still owned by the family of the founder, counts 40 staff members and is worldwide known as a reliable and professional partner in tourism. As leading Italy DMC, Carrani arranges and manages incentive programmes, leisure travel, special interest tours, events, conferences, product launches, congresses, sports events, hospitality programmes and staff meetings. Carrani’s focus is on attention to detail, as well as providing excellent service and exciting activities for their clients at competitive rates. Our organized Multilanguage incoming department and our branded products, such as the Fantasia will tailor each proposal according to the client needs. We provide you a large selection of products, with professional approach and passion. Since 2014 Carrani Holding is part of Gray LIne Family, the reliable and historical assosiation of Sightseeing Operators worldwide.

Gray Line I Love Rome提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

罗马斗兽场, 罗马广场, 帕拉蒂尼山, 圣道, 君士坦丁凯旋门, 梵蒂冈城, 西斯廷教堂, 梵蒂冈博物馆, 拉斐尔房间, 庞贝古城, 菲乌米奇诺, 皮奥克莱门蒂诺博物馆, Niccoline 礼拜堂, 格列高利伊特鲁里亚博物馆, 博鲁吉亚公寓, 使徒宫, 歌德雕像,博尔盖塞别墅, 博尔盖塞花园, 博尔盖塞别墅, 博尔盖塞美术馆, 平乔山, 圣彼得大教堂, 特雷维喷泉, 特拉斯提弗列, 加尼库乐姆山, 特雷维广场, 殉道者墓窟, 亚壁古道, 拉特朗圣若望大殿, 圣母大殿, 圣卡利斯托墓地下墓穴, 圣多米蒂娜地下墓穴, 梵蒂冈花园, 卡比托利欧山, 千泉宫, 哈德良别墅, 大运河, 叹息桥, 圣保罗, 格拉西宫, 圣斯德望广场, 总督宫, Via Nazionale, 广场圣彼得大教堂, 蓝洞, 安纳卡普里岛, Mazzano Romano, 共和广场, 圣克罗齐大教堂, 天主圣三桥, 共和国广场 (罗马), 乌菲兹美术馆, 韦奇奥桥(旧桥), 西尼约里亚广场, 学院美术馆, 瓦萨利走廊, 五百人大厅, 维苏威火山, 罗马城堡, Vettii之屋, 农牧神之家, 金丘比特之屋, 悲剧诗人之屋, 庞贝竞技场, 神秘别墅, 安杰利圣母堂, Saint Francis of Assisi 大教堂, 西班牙大台阶, 圣母百花圣殿, 圣马可广场, 阿里恰, 真扎诺迪罗马,意大利, 罗马斗兽场中央平台, 奥勒良城墙, 圣阶, 威尼斯广场, 维托里奥•伊曼纽尔二世纪念碑, 帝国论坛, 协和大道, 基奥斯特罗德尔布拉曼特

Gray Line I Love Rome在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

罗马, 那不勒斯, 卡碧岛, 蒂佛妮, 威尼斯, 波西塔诺小镇, 阿马尔菲, 萨勒诺, 佛罗伦萨, 苏莲托, 阿西西, 奥尔维托, 佩鲁贾, 博洛尼亚, 蒙特普齐亚诺, 米兰, Como

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