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BC Grand Tours 22评论

We provide Sightseeing Private Tour services for small and mid size groups that cannot be matched by any large-scale corporate tours. We can customize any tour that suits you. We will go above and beyond to provide you with an experience that cannot be achieved by sitting on a bus with dozens of other people. After a tour with us, you'll leave the city with good memories, great photos, interesting knowledge, and of course, new friends.

BC Grand Tours提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

英吉利湾海滩, 图腾柱, 伊利沙白王后公园, 固兰湖岛, 温哥华市中心, 狮门桥, 加拿大广场, 史丹利公园, 煤气镇, 温哥华唐人街, 狮门桥, 温哥华市中心, 图书馆广场与温哥华公共图书馆, 史丹利公园, 卡皮兰诺吊桥, 林恩峡谷公园, 加拿大广场, 温哥华观景台, 煤气镇, 固兰湖岛, 图腾柱, 伊利沙白王后公园, 杰克·普尔广场, 史丹利公园, 溫哥華, 海天缆车, 温哥华市中心, 狮门桥, 固兰湖岛, 煤气镇, 史丹利公园, 狮门桥, 卡皮兰诺吊桥, 温哥华市中心, 加拿大广场, 克利夫兰大坝, 固兰湖岛, 煤气镇, 英吉利湾海滩

BC Grand Tours在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

温哥华, 温哥华, 温哥华, 斯阔米什, 温哥华, 温哥华, 温哥华, 温哥华

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