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Adventure Tours in Motion 57评论

Let's have FUN together enjoying the many highlights of Savannah on a Segway. Experience Savannah like never before! Your personal tour guide will narrate the tour using individual radio receivers so your small group Segway Tour can ride more! Savannah offers historical homes, mansions, museums, Revolutionary and Civil War history and so much more. We'll Segway together and even visit where some of your favorite movies are filmed! We are Family Friendly and offer tours morning and afternoon, seven days a week! Training is included and never takes away from you tour time! We start the tour when you feel comfortable and are ready to ride!

Adventure Tours in Motion提供以下景点的旅游和活动:

萨凡纳Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, 萨凡纳海滨协会, 萨凡纳历史区, 埃利斯广场, 萨凡纳游客中心, 圣约翰洗礼会大教堂, 麦迪逊广场, 福赛斯公园, 哥伦比亚广场, 萨凡纳市场, 福赛斯公园, 萨凡纳历史区, 萨凡纳市场, 哥伦比亚广场, 埃利斯广场, 萨凡纳海滨协会, 圣约翰洗礼会大教堂, 麦迪逊广场, 萨凡纳Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum, 萨凡纳游客中心

Adventure Tours in Motion在以下城市提供旅游与活动:

萨凡纳, 萨凡纳, 泰比岛, 萨凡纳, 萨凡纳, 泰比岛

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