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From Kraków: Wieliczka Salt Mine Trip

1. From Kraków: Wieliczka Salt Mine Trip

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most treasured monuments in Polish cultural history. Over a million tourists from around the world visit the salt mine yearly to see its exquisite carvings and reliefs. This unique place has been listed on the UNESCO Cultural and Natural World Heritage list since 1978, placing it even higher on tourist's 'to do list.' The miners left in Wieliczka dozens of sculptures and bas-reliefs cut out of the salt, keeping their work alive for many further years.  There are around 800 steps leading down into the mine. After taking around 350 of them you will find yourself at the first floor underground. After the tour, the lift will take you up towards the exit.

From Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour

2. From Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Guided Tour

Enjoy round-trip transportation to the famous Wielczka Salt Mine, and take an in-depth guided tour through this stunning Polish Historic Monument, dating back to the 13th century. Witness beautiful chambers carved in salt — including the exceptional St. Kinga’s Chapel — on a 3-kilometer tourist route.  After meeting your English-speaking tour guide/driver at the meeting point in Krakow, enjoy the ride to the nearby town of Wieliczka. Prearranged tickets will be waiting for you at the salt mine along with a local guide in your chosen language. The tour inside the salt mine starts by walking down 380 steps, taking you 135 meters underground.   Explore the labyrinthine passageways, tunnels, and shafts as you walk through this UNESCO World Heritage site. On the tour, you will also see underground lakes, 4 chapels, and unique statues carved by miners out of rock salt. The salt mine is a truly unique place to visit and a must-see during your stay in Krakow.   After the 2.5-hour tour, a lift will take you from the underground back up to the main ground level. Your driver will then drive you back to the meeting point in Krakow.

Krakow: Group Auschwitz and Salt Mine Tour

3. Krakow: Group Auschwitz and Salt Mine Tour

Your tour will begin as you are collected from your Krakow accommodation. Your entire tour will take approximately 11 hours, and once you have arrived to Auschwitz-Birkenau a local guide from the museum will be waiting for you to show you one of the world's biggest concentration camps. The tour begins at Auschwitz, where you will spend about 2 hours exploring and learning about this harrowing site. Following a short break you’ll continue on to the second camp, Birkenau, where you will tour for approximately an hour. Following your visits to both camps, you will discover the Wieliczka Salt Mine. You’ll be accompanied by a local guide who will tell you about the history of the mine, and will tour one of the salt mine's incredible chambers whilst admiring original sculptures and authentic miner workplaces. Following the conclusion of your tour, you will be returned to your accommodation in Krakow.

From Krakow: Skip-the-Line Day Tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine

4. From Krakow: Skip-the-Line Day Tour to Wieliczka Salt Mine

Visit the most famous salt mine in Europe. The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the UNESCO monuments and has been gathering salt for over 700 years. It’s one of the most beautiful facilities of this type in the world. An English-speaking driver will pick you up from the city center or from the hotel if private transport is selected. With an air-conditioned, comfortable bus/van, reach Wieliczka town in about 25 minutes. Meet your guide, and walk down the wooden stairs to a depth of 65 meters. The guide will explain the rules of the salt mine as well as various legends and stories about mine’s past. The tour takes place in the underground corridors and chambers, well prepared for visitors. Certain points on your way are dedicated to famous people who decided to visit Salt Mine in the past, for example, Chopin or Goethe. Hear many stories about mining and the progress of the works over the years. After a while, encounter a huge chapel carved underground. It’s considered one of the most beautiful chapels in the world – St. Kinga Chapel, where the artists carved a church in salt. It’s time to get some photos and have a quick rest before proceeding with the tour. After a short break, proceed to a huge area with an underground lake, where the world’s first underground balloon flight took place. There will be a few places to buy souvenirs as well. Don’t worry, there is no need to climb these hundreds of steps again to go to the surface. There is a mining elevator that helps you get out of the mine. It’s time to meet your driver at the parking lot, and have a safe journey back to Krakow.

Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Transport and Guided Tour

5. Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Transport and Guided Tour

Visit the mind-blowing Wieliczka Salt Mine, a must when in Krakow. One of the oldest salt mines in Europe, its carvings of fabulous figures, monuments, and altarpieces have earned Wieliczka a place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list since 1978. The product of multiple generations of miners who hand-carved it from blocks of salt, this subterranean world of pits, tunnels, and huge rooms has to be seen to be believed. The whole underground labyrinth stretches over 9 levels and descends 327 meters (1,073 feet) below the surface of the Earth. The first tourist trail in Wieliczka was established as early as at the turn of the 19th century, and nowadays the route consists of 20 monumental chambers joined by 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) of pathways. Head 210 to 440 feet (approximately 64 to 135 meters) underground, passing through galleries and chambers where traces of mining activity have been preserved. Along the way, see many examples of sacred art and themed compositions relating to the history of the mine and legends. One of the undoubted highlights is the spectacular Chapel of the Blessed Kinga — a huge, underground church where everything, from the chandeliers to the altarpieces, has been chiseled out of salt. Also, don't miss the world's largest mining heritage museum with a collection encompassing unique pieces of mining equipment reflecting the development of mining techniques from the Middle Ages until today.

From Krakow: Wine Tasting at Vineyard

6. From Krakow: Wine Tasting at Vineyard

After pickup from your accommodation in Krakow, relax in an air-conditioned vehicle as you’re taken the short distance to Wieliczka Vineyard. The vineyard is just 10 km from Krakow and is one of the best spots in Poland for wine growing. Learn the history of the vineyard, and how the owners bring their prize-winning experience of working in vineyards and wineries on four continents. See the organic farm methods they use, and the variety of plants they maintain besides grapes for wine. Taste a total of 4 wines or ciders and stroll through the vineyard. Enjoy a traditional local snack as an accompaniment (for an additional fee), such as cheese or local cold cuts of meat.

From Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Tourist Route

7. From Krakow: Wieliczka Salt Mine Tourist Route

Explore the Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the most treasured sites in Polish cultural history. Enjoy saline lakes and beautiful underground chambers, including the unique St Kinga's Chapel. As you descend 800 steps into the mine, see where the miners left dozens of sculptures and bas-reliefs cut out of the salt. Learn about the past methods of salt extraction and mining techniques with your expert guide. Discover 20 underground chambers in this UNESCO World Heritage Site before finishing your tour by taking the elevator up to the exit.

From Krakow: Private Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

8. From Krakow: Private Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

Start your trip with a pickup at your hotel. After a short meet and greet take a scenic 40-minute drive to the Wieliczka Salt Mine where your adventure begins.  Once you arrive in Wieliczka you will take an exhilarating walk downstairs, covering 64-meters, at which point you will have a personal session with a guide who will inform you of all safety regulations and health information for your mine visit.  Next, your guide will take you 140-metres underground for a 2.5-hour tourist walk. The walk will span almost 3 kilometers. Along the way, you will have the chance to witness many unique chambers, carvings, and statues made of salt. At the end of your walk, you will have the chance to stop by the souvenir shop or purchase a bite to eat at the snack bar. After taking the high-speed lift up to the surface you will be returned to your hotel in Kracow.

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Guide was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. It was surprisingly warm throughout the whole tour.Thesculptures were fantastic. Wear sensible footwear. Would definitely recommend this tour if you're coming to Poland definitely not one to miss

Amazing visit despite the shuttle being late by 20mn and the tour guide also delayed by 40mn… Lack of organization of the provider… but the Salt mine was truly amazing, as well as the tour guide!

It was very “value for money” Our tour guide was very kind and she explains us every think.. After that we have very good physical health.. I suggest everyone to visit this museum!!

Very efficient pick up and journey. Excellent guide.

Excellent guide, really passionate and knowledgeable