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Dubrovnik: The Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour

1. Dubrovnik: The Ultimate Game of Thrones Tour

Immerse yourself in the city of ‘King’s Landing’ with a guided tour of Dubrovnik’s famous sights, as seen in Game of Thrones. Explore Westeros’ capital city with local guides, who will take you to the most famous filming locations and let you in on the secrets of its production. Instantly recognize where parts of the story played out while your guide shares anecdotes and shows you iconic images from the series. Visit the impressive Lovrijenac Fortress (Red Keep) and admire the seemingly endless fortified walls where Tyrion Lannister and Varys took a stroll. See the Pile Gate where King Joffrey was faced with a citizens’ riot and was pelted with dung or put yourself into the shoes of Cercei as she was taking her walk of shame through the city. Listen to the behind-the-scenes stories and as your guide may well have been a Game of Thrones extra or stand-in and have the opportunity to take a photo on the famous iron throne!

Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones Walking Tour with Throne Photo

2. Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones Walking Tour with Throne Photo

Embark on a guided walking tour through Dubrovnik to see iconic filming locations from Game of Thrones. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite "Game Of Thrones" characters as you discover the real "King's Landing" and learn more about the production process of the show. Be escorted by your expert guide who is a huge Game of Thrones fan. Wander through the Old Town of Dubrovnik to discover several sites that were used in the show. In addition to sites in the walled Old Town, visit the Fort of St. Lawrence to enjoy the scenic views of the Adriatic Sea. As you journey to each location, look at a book of photos from the series that provides more information about the scenes and locations where filming took place. Enjoy a photo opportunity with a replica of the iron throne towards the end of your tour.

Split: Games of Thrones Locations Tour

3. Split: Games of Thrones Locations Tour

Explore the historic city of Split on a locations tour of sites used to film the legendary HBO TV series “Game of Thrones,” and learn the history of the city as you follow in the footsteps of all your favorite characters. Your guide is a true “Game of Thrones” fan and will take you on an amazing journey on a fun tour that combines the real history of Split with a special accent on the exact places where the famous TV series was shot. Visit several film locations in the center of Split, such as the cellars of Diocletian's Palace, where Daenerys kept her dragons in season 5, and the site where the Meereenese slaves from season 4 lived. Marvel as the magic of the show is brought to life before your eyes. Hear facts and stories about the filming process, and learn things about Split, its history, and its importance in Dalmatia that you won’t find in the guidebooks.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour

4. Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour

As avid "Game of Thrones" fans know, the Old Town of Dubrovnik was chosen as the filming location for King’s Landing, after the crew was forced to replace the previous Maltese location after the show's first season.   When filming in Dubrovnik started, the film crew openly stated that they couldn’t have found a more suitable location to depict the capital of the Seven Kingdoms from G.R.R. Martin’s books. Wander through the city's cobbled streets and see why Dubrovnik is the perfect setting. Explore locations from the series, such as the magical town of Qarth. Discover iconic sights, including the location of Cersei's walk of shame, and see where her daughter departed for Dorne. Visit Littlefinger's brothel, recreate Joffrey's death, or wander through the gardens frequently visited by Margery and Sansa. Feel like part of King's Landing, regardless of which house you look up to. The tour starts at Pile Gate and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. This includes visits to locations within and around the Old Town of Dubrovnik, used in seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5 of the show.

Dubrovnik: Love Stories Museum Skip-the-Line Entrance Ticket

5. Dubrovnik: Love Stories Museum Skip-the-Line Entrance Ticket

Visit the Love Stories Museum in Dubrovnik and discover unique personal love stories and items of great sentimental value donated from all around the world. Benefit from skip-the-line entry by pre-booking your ticket. Once inside, explore all the museum’s exhibitions, included with your ticket. Learn local historical and mythical love stories, and enjoy real-world love stories collected from across the globe. Experience the drama and romance of legendary films and TV shows filmed in Dubrovnik, like Game of Thrones, Star Wars, and Robin Hood. Find out about the people who inspired some of the most famous love songs of all time. Visit the selfie corner, kids’ room, and the selfie room “From Dubrovnik with Love.” Before leaving, sign the “Love Wall” with your significant other and leave your own story in the museum.

Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones Locations Private Tour

6. Dubrovnik: Game of Thrones Locations Private Tour

Walk in the footsteps of some of your favorite stars from the blockbuster TV series “Game of Thrones” on a 2.5-hour tour of Dubrovnik’s Old Town. Spot locations from the most memorable episodes of Season 2, and get your picture taken in iconic settings. Dubrovnik’s Old Town was chosen as the setting for “King’s Landing” after the film crew were forced to replace the previous Maltese location from Season 1. As filming started, the crew openly admitted that they couldn’t have found a more suitable location for the capital of G.R.R. Martin’s “Seven Kingdoms.” Stroll around the cobblestone streets and walk along the city ramparts to recreate such memorable moments as Daenerys, Jorah, and Kovarro arriving at the “House of Undying,” Tyrion inspecting the wild fire deposits at the “Alchemists Guild,” and Tyrion, Podrick, and Bronn leaving the “Tower of the Hand.” In addition to “King’s Landing,” discover other locations from the series, including the magical town of “Qarth.”

Planning Your Visit

  • What should you know before you arrive in Westeros?

    Westeros is a continent located in the west of the known world. The majority of the continent, excluding the lands beyond the Wall, falls under the Seven Kingdoms and is ruled by the King of the Andals and the First Men. Although the continent is in open civil war, Queen Cersei currently sits on the Iron Throne in the capital city of King’s Landing.

    The name of the realm dates back to the time prior to the War of Conquest, during which seven independent kingdoms existed on the continent. The realm currently consists of nine distinct regions, the remaining two being formally established after the Targaryen conquest. Regardless, all nine provinces are subject to the rule of the Iron Throne.

  • Planning Your Trip to Westeros - King's Landing

    The nine regions of Westeros offer a diverse range of incredible experiences guaranteed to help every traveller love where they’re going. If you crave the excitement and nightlife of cities, visit King’s Landing and walk the streets, shop in the markets, and chant in the temples of this bustling capital city. Sail around the city and marvel at the formidable Red Keep where the Lannister family rules as well as the infamous Blackwater Bay. Make sure to check for neon liquid before lighting any candles.

  • Planning Your Trip to Westeros - Winterfell

    If you prefer a winter wonderland, grab your fur pelts and head north on the King’s Road to the largest region in Westeros. The Kingdom of the North is ruled by the strong and benevolent Stark family. Spend the night at Winterfell, where the castle is gearing up for the great battle against the Army of the Dead. Every man, woman, boy and girl is training to defend Westeros, so expect to learn some valuable new skills during your stay.

  • Dangers to Be Aware Of in Westeros

    Dragons: There are three dragons currently residing in Westeros. Do not attempt to touch or ride a dragon unless you are a Targaryen (or the Night King). If you see one overhead, and find yourself near delicious livestock, seek shelter immediately. If you hear the word, “drakarys” don’t bother running because you are already toasted.
    White Walkers: The Long Summer has ended, and winter is coming, which means the Army of the Dead is coming for you. Only dragonglass and fire kills White Walkers; so order your dragonglass from Dragonstone prior to your trip (not included in Prime shipping) and befriend a dragon upon arrival.

Good to know

  • Language
    Common Tongue of the Andals
  • Currency
    Gold Dragons

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Josip was a very knowledgeable and funny guide. He showed us some amazing spots around the city and even managed to avoid crowds. The tour is a must for any GOT fans but also saw some beautiful sites which would be appreciated by anyone! Would highly recommend booking this walking tour!

Ivana was so outgoing, knowledgeable and passionate. She made the tour so much fun and engaging. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. BOOK IT!!!

Amazing tour, views were breathtaking, and great walkthrough of the movie to where the scenes were filmed. Highly recommended!

The best GOT tour in Dubrovnik! Had an absolute blast and our guide was very informative and funny.

Such a great tour, our tour guide katarina was amazing.