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  • Cordoba and Orizaba: Coffee Sierra Day Trip

    1. Cordoba and Orizaba: Coffee Sierra Day Trip

    Start the tour at the Coffee Museum and learn about the history of Mexican coffee. Then head to Cordoba, the renowned 'City of the 30 Knights'. See the main square where most of the buildings of architectural and historic value are located included the City Hall, La Parroquia, and the Zevallos Portal where the Treaty of Cordoba was signed. Continue on to the historic center of Orizaba which was founded in the 16th-century. Visit the art museum and the Palacio de Hierro, a building structure that was brought from Belgium. Ride the cable car for a panoramic view of the city.

  • From Veracruz: Tajin Day Trip with Vanilla Factory Visit

    2. From Veracruz: Tajin Day Trip with Vanilla Factory Visit

    Discover the pre-Hispanic City of “El Tajín”. During this guided tour, you will be able to admire the impressive architecture of the Totonac city north of Veracruz. Its interesting architecture consists of pyramids, palaces, and several ball game courts. Explore the sites' museum, exhibiting pieces found in the area, as well as a pleasant garden with tropical plants. At the end of the visit, you can enjoy the fabulous pre-Hispanic ritual “Los Voladores de Papantla” or “Dance of the Flyers” and buy typical crafts of the region. You will also visit a factory where you'll see the vanilla plantations and how this orchid is processed. The plant is native to this region, and at one time, the municipality of Papantla was the only place in the world where vanilla could be produced — gaining the name “The city that perfumes the world”.

  • Veracruz: Sandboarding on the Dunes at Chachalacas Beach

    3. Veracruz: Sandboarding on the Dunes at Chachalacas Beach

    The trip starts with pickup from your accommodation in Veracruz then heads out to Chachalacas Beach where your adventure begins. The beach is home to 550 hectares of sand dunes as well as spectacular views of the ocean and out across the Gulf of Mexico. Admire the breathtaking landscapes where the sea mixes with sand formations and resembles a huge desert. Time to get surfing as you hop on board and glide along the dunes. Feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you sail across the sand with the wind in your hair. After a fun few hours of surfing on the dunes, enjoy a relaxing walk along Chachalacas Beach and some free time to take photos of the incredible landscape.

  • From Veracruz: Quiahuiztlan, Cempoala & La Antigua Tour

    4. From Veracruz: Quiahuiztlan, Cempoala & La Antigua Tour

    Learn about the history of Mexico on a guided day tour. Your tour includes three major sites. Quiahuiztlán, which means “place of the rain,” is named due to the natural runoff in the hilltop of Metates, resembling petrified rain in basaltic rock. It was simultaneously a city, cemetery, and fort. In addition, you will get to explore the site considered the capital of the Totonac Empire, Cempoala. It is one of the most important archaeological sites in the center of the state. The town of Antigua is historically important as it was the site of the first encounter between Spanish and Indians. Here you will visit the ruins of the Cortes house and the Rosary chapel, the first Catholic chapel in Mexico.

  • Tlacotalpan & Alvarado Day Trip

    5. Tlacotalpan & Alvarado Day Trip

    Get to know a pair of charming historic cities that show off the idyllic local life around Veracruz. This tour brings you to the colorful colonial-style buildings of Tlacotalpan and the scenic fishing community of Alvarado, beautiful examples of small-town life on the shores of eastern Mexico. Tlacotalpan, it is a historic port on the Papaloapan River that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known as the Pearl of Papaloapan, the city is filled with well-preserved architecture dating back to the colonial period, when its harbor received large sailing ships and schooners from across the Atlantic. This town with well-preserved architecture and traditions. It's time to visit the coastal trade city of Alvarado. Known for its seafood, coffee, and sugar, the city shows off a wealth of beautiful riverine carpentry that you can admire.

  • Veracruz: Full-Day Boat Ride and Tour of La Antigua

    6. Veracruz: Full-Day Boat Ride and Tour of La Antigua

    Enjoy a day filled with culture, history, and fun for the whole family on this boat and walking tour of La Antigua and the Huitzilapan river. Meet your guide at the Mexican Hispanic Club in La Antigua and hop on board for a ride down the historical Hutzilapan. Learn about the exciting history of the area, and discover the house of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés. Embark on a pleasant exploratory walk towards the mouth of the river where you can continue your stroll down the beach or along the river's shore.

  • From Veracruz: Xalapa Heritage Tour with Anthropology Museum

    7. From Veracruz: Xalapa Heritage Tour with Anthropology Museum

    Take a guided tour from Veracruz to explore the culture and heritage of Xalapa and the surrounding area. Visit a colonial estate and walk the streets of the historic center. Start your experience with pickup at your hotel in Veracruz, and head towards Xalapa. Stop along the way at Museo El Lencero, an old colonial plantation. Wander through the gardens and admire the elegant architecture. Continue to Xalapa and enjoy a panoramic tour of the city center. Wander down quiet streets, see beautiful buildings, and visit the government palace and the cathedral. Enter the Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, the city’s anthropological museum. Discover the rich heritage of the region’s three pre-Columbian cultures. Learn about the history of the Olmeca, Totonaca, and Huasteca civilizations.

  • Chachalacas: ATV & Dunes With La Antigua

    8. Chachalacas: ATV & Dunes With La Antigua

    Join this journey to Chachalacas Beach, where 550 acres of sand dunes offer excitement to visitors. Enjoy spectacular views of the ocean that will make you want to stay and relax for the whole day. Have fun on a quad bike as you drive through the sand dunes and feel the adrenaline running throughout your body. Your journey continues with a visit to the small town of La Antigua. Learn about the history of the first city council and church in all of Mexico and see the house of Spanish Conquistador, Hernan Cortes.

  • Antigua, San Juán de Ulúa, Veracruz & Boca del Río

    9. Antigua, San Juán de Ulúa, Veracruz & Boca del Río

    Antigua is located at 28 kilometers from the port of Veracruz, is a little town surrounded by big trees in the shore of Huitzilapan and Hummingbirds river. Find the legacy of the Spanish conquest like "La Casa del Cabildo" the first town hall of the New Spain, the "Ermita del Rosario" the first Catholic Church in Mexico and the House of Hernán Cortés. Visit San Juan de Ulúa one of the most ancient fortresses of America, this place is connected to the biggest events in our Country during the colonial period since independence, reform and revolution. It also served several functions throughout its 400 years of existence. In the first place, it was used like a grain warehouse, after as a fortress , prison and finally for a presidential residence. Then visit the Port of Veracruz and Boca del Río with a panoramic visit of the City that will show you the interesting places like the Martitime...

  • Catemaco & The Tuxtlas Day Trip from Veracruz (with boat)

    10. Catemaco & The Tuxtlas Day Trip from Veracruz (with boat)

    Catemaco and the Tuxtlas offer a variety of attractions where the old, modern, magic and real things are conjugated, creating scenes of exceptional beauty, surrounded by an almost virgin atmosphere. We will visit San Andres, famous for the cigar factories. We will run over across Santiago Tuxtla where we can admire the magnificent Cabeza Olmeca, that is located in the main square. Arrival to the waterfall named “Salto de Eyipantla“ with is impressively height and natural beauty. Following our tour we will come into the beautiful lake of Catemaco, where we can board small boat that will take us to the monkeys island (unique in Latin America that can swim), then we will visit the ecological reserve of Nanciyaga and see all the diversity of the flora and fauna th...

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