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Ultimately Sydney is a COVID-19 SAFE city tour specialist, offering a range of fun and informative itineraries that have been tried and tested over the past 12 years. We believe that to truly appreciate a city it helps to understand the history, discover the food and be immersed into the culture. Our slogan is SEEK – TASTE – FEEL which represents The Story of Sydney – The Taste of Sydney – The Art of Sydney. All 3 tours can be experienced over 3 days individually or as a condensed, tailor-made private tour blending all 3 genres in one day. (OUR LOGO EXPLAINED) Ultimately – Our mission is to show off the fundamentals of Sydney, provide the essential knowledge, deep down at the heart. The font has been chosen to express our goal to be free and easy, the Australian way. SYDNEY – Our location. The font is bold and solid to express that we are serious about what we do. That in our operation we stand firm with conviction, strength and truth. The compass illustrates our mission to provide experiences that cover all aspects of the city. The city of Sydney is an ever changing, evolving metropolis; it offers first time visitors and locals alike a fresh and inspiring experience – EVERY SINGLE TIME. With a strong food and beverage focus, itineraries consist of history, culture and lifestyle and can be custom built to suit anyone from an individual to a large group. Our teams mission is to be the ultimate explorers – we are always looking for fun, new ways to impress and inspire our guests through history, food, art and iconic locations. Our ultimate strength is the valuable, committed and loyal ‘human’ connections we have with third parties on the ground all over the city. If you are looking for an itinerary that covers the typical highlights as well as a collection of our most fashionable restaurants, bars, art galleries and interesting spaces then we are the partner for you.

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