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Tsutenkaku: Our most recommended tours and activities

Osaka: Five Must-See Highlights Walking Tour & Ramen Lunch

1. Osaka: Five Must-See Highlights Walking Tour & Ramen Lunch

Osaka has many defferent names, such as the city of foods, the city of marchants, the city of comedy, the city where the Sengoku period ended . It means she is very diverse, tolerant , the people there are so entertained and adventurous. That is reason why so many foreigners are fascinated by her. Well, Let’s start the walking tour with us to find the real Osaka at a walking pace, from the perspective of a walker. We shall visit Osaka's 5 Must-See Sights with expierianced local English guide; (1) Osaka Castle Museum : Many highlights such as cultural asset exhibitions and the restored golden tea room. (2)Dotonbori : One of the principal tourist destinations in Osaka, check "Running Man" above Ebisbashi bridge ! (3)Kuromon Market : A covered public market that dates back to Edo period. Enjoy streetfoods ! (4)Tsutenkaku Tower : Osaka’s symbolic tower. The statue of the good luck god Billiken is on the tower's top observatory. (5)Shitennoji Temple : One of the Japan's oldest Budist temples, the first ever to be built by the state. Also try very tasty Ramen for lunch !

Osaka: Street Kart Experience on Public Roads

2. Osaka: Street Kart Experience on Public Roads

Osaka is becoming a renowned tourist spot the world over - and one of the best experiences you can have in the city is street go-karting. An expert guide will show you how to drive the go-kart around Osaka city and take you to some of the best spots, helping you get more familiar with the area. After setting off from our office at Namba, we will take you to some of the following areas: - Osaka Castle (only for 2 hours option) - Dotonbori - Tsutenkaku, Shin-sekai You can also wear one of our provided costumes to stand out from the crowd.

Osaka: 1- or 2-Day Metro Pass

3. Osaka: 1- or 2-Day Metro Pass

Save time on route planning and avoid complicated transfers on crowded public transport with your Osaka Metro Day Pass. Choose from a 1 or 2-day pass depending on which option you select.  With this pass, you will be able to ride not just the Osaka Metro but also Osaka city bus. Also, benefit from discount coupons at about 30 attractions across the city including Osaka Castle and Tsutenkaku Tower.

Hungry Osaka Food Tour ShinSekai - Feast Like a Local

4. Hungry Osaka Food Tour ShinSekai - Feast Like a Local

Known as the “Kitchen of Japan”, Osaka is a city that is tailor-made for a memorable evening out for foodies. Guided by Andy, your experienced & bilingual guide, you will be offered an authentic food experience in the hidden gem of Shinsekai. No large groups divided up and led by randomly selected guides, the evening will be personable and veritable, always led by Andy himself. As you delve into "real" Osaka, five carefully selected restaurants await your arrival for the evening. As you weave through like a local, you will see and walk around an area that is overlooked by many tourists who come here. With a vibrant blend of modernity & tradition, each establishment you stop at has been visited countless times by Andy himself. This tour will offer a variety of delicious foods which will include takoyaki, karaage, kushikatsu, udon and oden among others. You will also have the chance to sample local drinks too, making your night an unforgettable experience! Enjoy local cuisine at carefully selected restaurants and bars and mingle with locals as the neon lights fill the evening sky on this food tour. Stroll through the streets of Shinsekai, an area of Osaka that still holds its charm from more than a century ago. At your first stop, try kushikatsu, a dish that originated from this very area. Savor an assortment of lightly fried meat and vegetables on skewers. With a drink in your hand, munch on some chicken wings and edamame beans. Next, swing around to a local takoyaki place, one of the best in the city, to enjoy an array of flavors where you can choose which one is the best of the lot. Then, it’s on to karaage, fried chicken in potato starch with several flavours to try from. Enjoy this staple of the Japanese diet and let us know which one is your favourite! Continue your culinary adventure with a visit to a traditional yakitori restaurant. Sample a variety of meats and vegetables on bamboo skewers, cooked slowly over a charcoal grill. Have a few more marinated vegetable dishes with another drink to wash it all down. As you walk through the area, hear stories of Shinsekai’s past from Andy. Uncover the backstreets and hidden spots to make you feel like a local. On your way to your last destination, ask anything you'd like to hear about & learn about Japan and Osaka. Finally, arrive at your last stop, a standing bar to try two other traditional Japanese dishes – oden, a Japanese fast food of marinated vegetables and meats in a seaweed broth, and udon, wheat noodles in a seaweed broth. End the evening on a sweet note with a dessert.

Osaka: Tsutenkaku Admission Ticket

5. Osaka: Tsutenkaku Admission Ticket

Visit the landmark of Osaka, Tsutenkaku, which has been registered as a national tangible cultural property in Japan. The 100-meter tall tower is not particularly tall by modern standards, but it holds an important place in Osaka's history as a symbol of progress and innovation. Explore the top observatory to see the Billiken, the god of good luck. Also head to the top floor to see not only the exhibitions and artifacts that show the living history of the area, but also the fascinating views of the city. Later visit underground Totenkaku Theater for a variety of weekend cultural performances.

4 hours Osaka Half-Day Drive Cruising City Tour. (1 pax up)

6. 4 hours Osaka Half-Day Drive Cruising City Tour. (1 pax up)

Cruise along in our comfortable coach to visit Osaka’s popular sightseeing spots on this half-day city cruise with the driver only. Within this half day service, guests will be able to experience Japan’s culture and visit Osaka’s popular sightseeing spots and landmarks. From this service, guests will also gain ideas and information on the attractions which will be useful if they like to explore the city in more depth later. This is a comfortable service which is suitable especially for both elderly and young children as not much walking is required. Along the rides, Cherry Tomato coach will pass by many beautiful spots for guests to enjoy the scenery. The driver will pick you up right from your hotel in Osaka City, and you don’t have to worry about taking a crowded train to the meeting point. Actual pick-up time will be informed on your mobile or at your hotel's front desk. We specially designed the tour starts from 10.00 am as it’s not too early nor too late for guests to enjoy this city tour. • The first stop of itinerary will be at Osaka Castle for 10 minutes. Guests can take pictures of the Osaka Castle Tower as its elegant and majestic appearance remains picture-perfect from every angle. • Visit Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden (30 minutes free and easy time), a lush garden which features a tea house and around 600 cherry trees in full bloom during spring. The garden also offers magnificent views of the castle. • Visit Shitennoji Temple, Japan’s oldest official temple (30 minutes free and easy time). The highlights of the temple are its five-story pagoda, ponds full of turtles and its unique symmetrical architectural style. • Head to Shinsekai Tsutenkaku area (30 minutes free and easy time), a retro downtown area which reflects the local Osaka Culture. The area is surrounded with shopping and dining streets which offer Osaka best known specialties, ‘Kushikatsu’, a deep-fried breaded skewered meat, seafood and vegetables. Also do not miss out on taking pictures and view the iconic Tsutenkaku Tower, the symbol of Osaka. • Tour ends at Dotonbori Shopping Arcade. You have your own free time to visit the colourful shops including pachinkos, karaoke, drug stores, boutiques, souvenirs shops and restaurants that cater to all kinds of demand. Dotonbori is full of energy and delight and the whole street is like a theme park filled with giant billboards and colourful decorations.

Osaka Shinsekai Street Food Tour

7. Osaka Shinsekai Street Food Tour

Spend the day exploring the unique Shinsekai district which dates back to the early 1900’s and grew in popularity through the post-war Showa era until the 1960’s. Discover the local spots in this district such as shops, restaurants and gaming parlors which cater to the everyday laborers who live nearby. Take a stroll with our local expert and find the hidden gems that explain the colorful history of Shinsekai through the years. Try 6 different local dishes at 5 different shops, each of which has a long history in the Osaka area.

A Magical Evening in Osaka: Private City Tour

8. A Magical Evening in Osaka: Private City Tour

Osaka shines under a different light at night, and it's worth exploring it on a private city tour. Get ready to discover the city's authentic evening state because the locals and the main highlights come out to play as the sun sets. As the soft evening light falls across the city's sights, follow your local host to discover Shitennoji Temple, Tsutenkaku Tower, and other major spots. Your host will point out some of the details you might have missed at each stop as they reveal themselves during the evening lights and around a less touristy crowd. With the main highlights of Osaka illuminated, your perspective of the city will be different as it was during the day. Take advantage of the cooler, calmer evening and discover where the locals gather to unwind. And just because your tour ends doesn't mean your night does too. Keep it going with local recommendations of where to go in Osaka at night. Enjoy an undefined before saying goodbye to your host and enjoy the rest of your night in Osaka like a local. The local hosts are natural storytellers, each one with a different background ranging from arts to history. They can't wait to share some of their unique stories and personal anecdotes with you! Feel like changing the route a bit? No problem, the hosts will be happy to personalize the tour to your wishes and make their city your city!

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