Tram Tracks

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TramTracks is an evening extravaganza that takes you back in time 40 years and combines a live rock concert with a journey on one of Rome’s few remaining historic street trams. You are guaranteed to have a fun and entertaining evening in Roma, the most beautiful city of the world. Feeding you a most delicious “apericena” (appetizer / dinner) , accompanied by world class wines; passing by some of the world’s most famous monuments including, a 15 minute stop directly in front of the Colosseo; dancing the night away, listening to a top class band performing great live music: some songs you know and some related to the “Eternal City” of Roma; all of this, while riding through Caput Mundis (The Capital of the World) on an antique street car. One and half hours of non stop entertainment; pure pleasure for the ears, eyes and your stomach for only 40€.

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