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The completely unique aspect of this tour is that the sights are arranged chronologically so you experience one sustained story the whole way. Instead of random facts and dates we will focus on recapturing the passions and recreating the drama. It's not only much more enjoyable - it's also the most effective way to both explore Boston and explain America. As a 15 year + local resident; holding degrees in History, Political Science, and Public Policy; with both good and bad experiences in (budget) travel, I'm uniquely positioned to combine local knowledge, academic expertise, and the ambitions of the curious traveler seeking a unique cultural adventure. It'll be equal parts penetrating insights, humorous anecdotes, and insider tips covering both a huge swath of the original city and the most formative event in American history. All through one sustained story covering the founding of Boston to the declaring of Independence. Be prepared for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You've heard of The Boston Massacre, Tea Party, The Battle of Bunker Hill, and The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - now imagine if instead of checking them off your list, you could follow it all chronologically, enter into the drama, include new insights, and recapture the energy that invented America Exclusive. In Depth. Wide Ranging. Fun. The entire experience has been built with the aspirations and anxieties of a fellow tourist in mind: the groups are kept small so you aren't herded around; we cover both the major sights and the hidden gems; extensive visual aids and props help you grasp the material, and you'll traverse all original neighborhoods getting a sense of the modern city as well.

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