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Tbilisi Multi-day trips

Our most recommended Tbilisi Multi-day trips

From Tbilisi: The Best of Armenia in 2-Days

1. From Tbilisi: The Best of Armenia in 2-Days

Day 1: After the pick up from your hotel in the morning, you will soon reach the border to Armenia and at around 11:00AM. You will step into the historical region of Lori, which is famous for its rocky landscapes and mysterious monasteries. Here you will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Haghpat. A few of hours from there, you will arrive at the scenic lake of Sevan, one of the signature sites of Armenia. Here you can see the a medieval monastery, and even enjoy a traditional lunch by the lake. In the late afternoon you will reach Yerevan, the modern capital city. Some of the key sights not to miss here include the Mother of Armenia, Victory Park, and Cascade. Day 2 Your second day will begin with a 1-hour ride to see the Garni Temple and the monastery of Geghard, which is a true jewel of religious architecture in Armenia. Following some classical sightseeing, you will be invited on a tour through the world famous brandy factory, where you will learn about the history of the drink and taste brandies of different parts of the aging process. After an interesting day of exploration, you will reach Tbilisi at around 9:00PM.

Svaneti Towers Private Tour to Mestia, Hatsvali, Ushguli

2. Svaneti Towers Private Tour to Mestia, Hatsvali, Ushguli

Explore the secluded region of Svaneti on a private four days trip to West Caucasus. On the first day you will visit the regions of Imereti and Samegrelo with stops at the beautiful Dadiani palace and the legendary Prometheus cave. On the second day travel from Zugdidi, high into Caucasus, stopping in at small villages. Watch the rocky mountains on the journey and see the worlds second highest dam, the Enguri dam. After reaching Mestia, the administrative center of Svaneti, you will be able to explore the town. Then join your guide for a dinner at the legendary cafe with best local food and live performance, see the best of Georgian songs and dances. A day is reserved for a day trip to Ushguli. Discover what changes when settling a township so high in the mountains. Enjoy an authentic and mysterious place perfect for nature lovers. Not to be missed, is the Tower of Love and the Lamaria church. On day 4 you will head back to Tbilisi and to make this long road easier and more interesting, there will be a stop at Martvili or Okatse canyons to see more of Georgia's natural sites. Make sure to pick up some souvenirs along the way. 

From Yerevan: Overnight Tour of Georgia's Ancient Wonders

3. From Yerevan: Overnight Tour of Georgia's Ancient Wonders

On your first day arrive to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Have a yummy lunch, including Georgian national dish. Drive to Mtshketa - the first capital of Christian Georgia, located at the mix-point of Kura and Aragvi rivers. Historical Monuments of Mtskheta are included in Unesco World Cultural Heritage List. See Jvari (Holy Cross) monastery, built in the first half of the 7th century. Enjoy a delightful observing city tour around Tbilisi and have overnight. On the second day visit Bodbe monastery, where the relics of the enlightener of Georgia, St. Nino (4th century), rest. The monastery is popular among tourists and pilgrims. Originally built (9-11 centuries) at the burial place of St. Nino, the temple was not preserved to the present day. A three-nave cathedral was built in its place in the name of St. George. The temple is the center of Sighnaghi eparchy. Have lunch in a cozy atmosphere. Head to Sighnaghi - a "city of Love". This is the only city in Georgia, that has completely preserved the fortress walls. The name of the city comes from the Turkic word signakh (signak), meaning fortified place, shelter. In Sighnaghi, according to a local legend, artist in love Niko Pirosmani covered the square in front of the hotel, where his beloved woman lived (French actress Margarita de Sevres), with flowers. Come back to Yerevan, full of brilliant memories from the tour!

From Tbilisi: 2-Day Guided Tour of the Racha Region

4. From Tbilisi: 2-Day Guided Tour of the Racha Region

Visit 4 of the most beautiful locations in the Racha region of western Georgia over a 2-day trip. Explore hidden villages, admire the spectacular Georgian countryside and finish your trip with wine tasting. Start your tour at Shovi, one of the most beautiful villages in the region with panoramic views of the mountains. See the many historical churches, caves, and castles in Racha as you explore this quaint area. As you stroll, your guide will tell you facts and anecdotes about the town. Continue to Nikortsminda and see the famous Nikortsminda Cathedral. Head just outside the village and marvel at the centuries-old ice caves up to 20 meters deep. Next, visit the serene Shaori Lake with breathtaking views of the distant mountains and forests. Finish your tour with some local wine tasting and experience the flavors of Georgia as you sample the traditional cuisine.

From Tbilisi: 8-Day Trek in Svaneti

5. From Tbilisi: 8-Day Trek in Svaneti

Day 1: Tbilisi to Mazeri Start the day with a drive to Svaneti. On the way, stop at Enguri Dam, which is one of the highest arch dams in the world. Afterward, continue to the region of Upper Svaneti where you can admire exceptional mountain landscapes composed of well-preserved villages with unique defensive tower houses, examples of ecclesiastical architecture and medieval arts. Day 2: Mazeri to Ushba Waterfalls  In the morning, begin your hike from the village of Mazeri, following the Dolra River upstream. Pass by mineral water springs, a small church, and beautiful meadows. Then, ascend slowly through beautiful pine forests until you reach the border post from where your last ascent starts. Afterward, return to Mazeri, where you will spend the night. (difficulty: moderate, walking distance: 14 kilometers, duration: 5 hours) Day 3: Mazeri to Mestia  Start the day with another spectacular hike to Koruldi Lakes through the Guli Pass. After taking on the challenge of the Guli Pass, descend into another valley where you will reach the Koruldi Lakes. Relax here and take in the spectacular alpine views before continuing to Mestia for the night.  (difficulty: hard, walking distance: 16 kilometers, duration: 8 hours) Day 4: Mestia to Zhabeshi  Today, hike to the village of Zhabeshi, where you will meet the Mulakhi community. Today's route is easy and follows an off-road and well-marked trail. Spend the night at a guesthouse in Zhabeshi with shared facilities. (difficulty: moderate, walking distance: 16 kilometers, duration: 6 hours) Day 5: Zhabeshi to Adishi  Enjoy a hike up the slopes of Tetnuldi mountain, passing ski resorts and forests of birch trees and rhododendron bushes. After passing an alpine river, relax in the picturesque mountainous meadows of Adishi, where you will find ancient stone houses. (difficulty: moderate, walking distance: 10 kilometers, duration: 6 hours) Day 6: Adishi to Iprali  Rise early and cross a roaring Adishi river to climb up to the Chkhunderi pass. From here, admire majestic panoramic views of the picturesque Adishi Glacier. Afterward, hike to the villages of Khalde and Iprali, where you will spend the night. (difficulty: hard, walking distance: 17 kilometers, duration: 8 hours) Day 7: Iprali to Mestia  In the morning, trek through traditional Svani villages. After passing by the villages of Kala and Davberi, trek through forests to reach Ushguli from above. (difficulty: moderate, walking distance: 10 kilometers, duration: 5 hours) Day 8: Mestia to Tbilisi  After breakfast, begin the journey back to Tbilisi, stopping at the Chalaadi glacier along the way as you follow the Mestiachala river upstream. (difficulty: easy, walking distance: 5 kilometers, duration: 3 hours)

Tbilisi: Cave and Nature Reserve Guided Tour

6. Tbilisi: Cave and Nature Reserve Guided Tour

You will be picked up at your accommodation in Tbilisi and enjoy comfortable transport on this guided tour of Western Georgia. Your professional driver and guide will provide Georgian snacks and water on this Eco-friendly tour, and will be able to tell you about the history and culture of the region. Your first stop will be Prometheus Cave, where you can explore the 11km formation and marvel at its size, stalagmites and stalactites (good luck working out which one is which). From there, you will head to Sataplia Nature Reserve which is a conservation site for Sataplia Cave and the dinosaur footprints and fossils found in the area. Learn about raptors and various herbivores from your guide, then examine the heart shaped rock inside the cave. You will have the opportunity to try a traditional Georgian dinner before being dropped off at your accommodation.

Georgia: 2-Day Private Guauri Ski 1-Night Kazbegi Hotel

7. Georgia: 2-Day Private Guauri Ski 1-Night Kazbegi Hotel

Enjoy a 2-day trip to Kazbegi. Stop for a panoramic view of the Great Caucasus Mountains, see the Gergeti Trinity Church, and stop at the Gudauri Ski Resort. Day 1Meet your guide at 9:00 AM and begin your day trip towards Kazbegi. Pass by the old capital of Georgia and visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of Jvari Monastery, built in the 7th century. After enjoying the fascinating history of the site, head to Jhinvali Dam, made during the Soviet Era in Georgia. Continue to the 17th-century Ananuri Castle, where you can explore late feudal era life in Georgia. Next, drive past the Gudauri Ski Resort and stop at a panoramic overlook of the Great Caucasus Mountains. Jump back in the vehicle and continue to Kazbegi. As you visit the village, learn how its culture, people, landscapes, and delicious food have turned this small town into one of Georgia's top tourist destinations. Head up the clouds and to the top of a mountain to visit the Gergeti Trinity Church, built in the 14th century. After your visit, drive back down and check into your hotel. Day 2 Check out of your hotel by noon and drive back towards Tbilisi. On the way, stop at the Gudauri Ski Resort. You can use the ski lifts or try your hand at paragliding. If you prefer to relax, remain at the hotel at the resort and take in the scenic views. After your free time in Gudauri, drive back to Tbilisi and finish your tour at your accommodation.

Winter Hike in Kazbegi: Snowshoeing

8. Winter Hike in Kazbegi: Snowshoeing

Our two day tour to will take you to Kazbegi region where you will explore the Truso valley and Gergeti area. Our snowshoeing guides are fully qualified and experienced mountain guides so you can have fun whilst staying safe. Day 1 : Tbilisi-Ananuri-Gudauri-Kobi-Truso Valley-Kazbegi In the morning, we will meet you at your hotel and drive to the north-eastern region of Georgia- towards Kazbegi. On our way, we stop at Anunuri Castel Complex which is a mediaeval architectural complex unites two churches, several towers and defense walls. Then we drive across the military highway and arrive in Truso valley. We get off our transport and start hiking near village Okrokana. First we hike on a snow-covered road in Kasara canyon. After 4 km, the canyon will be finished, and we will be in an open vast valley of Truso. Hike to Zakagori fortress, and then go back to the car. Overnight at the guesthouse in Kazbegi Day 2 : Kazbegi-Gergeti Trinity Church-Sabertse Pass-Gergeti-Tbilisi In the morning, we will hike to the Gergeti Trinity Church. A famous and must-see place in Georgia. After the church, we will start the ascend towards Mount Kazbegi. We walk on the mountain ridge, and after 4 hours of hiking, we will reach the Sabertse pass at 3000m, from the fascinating views over Gergeti Glacier and mount Kazbegi will be in front of you. In the afternoon, get back to the car and drive to Tbilisi.

Hiking in Georgia: Snowshoeing Trail

9. Hiking in Georgia: Snowshoeing Trail

Day 1: Tbilisi-Borjomi-Likani to Chitakhevi Ranger Station Walking Distance 8 kilometers, duration 7 hours Visit the Borjomi mineral park where the first mineral water was bottled in Georgia, drink its mineral water from the spring or bottle it yourself. First, you will walk into Likani gorge, and start ascending to the mountains to Chitakhevi Ranger Station. At the shelter, make a fire and rest from a day of beautiful natural sights. Day 2: Chitakhevi Ranger Station to Likani-Tbilisi Walking Distance 8 kilometers, duration 6 hours In the morning, you’ll wake up and start exploring the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, located in the central part of Georgia and the eastern part of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. In total, the mountain range makes up more than one percent of Georgian territory. This day trail goes along panoramic views through coniferous forest and runs down to the settlement of Likani.

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