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Sylhet: Ratargul Swamp Forest and Bisnakhandi Day Tour

1. Sylhet: Ratargul Swamp Forest and Bisnakhandi Day Tour

Start your day early in the morning as you meet your private tour guide in your hotel lobby. Departing from Sylhet, your journey begins with a leisurely drive by picturesque rice paddies fields. After arriving at Ratargul Swamp Forest, you will board a boat to explore one of the few freshwater swamp forests in the world. The forest is naturally conserved under the Department of Forestry (Govt. of Bangladesh). The evergreen forest is situated by the River Goain and linked with the Chengir Khal canal. Most of the trees that grow here are Koroch trees. The forest goes under 20-30 feet of water during the rainy season. For the rest of the year, the water level is about 10 feet deep variously. Continue to Bisnakhandi where many layers of the Khasi Mountain meet at a single point from both sides. Flowing from above is a high waterfall. Adding to its charm are dark clouds hugging the mountains during the rainy season. Flowing underneath towards Bholaganj is a branch of the Piyain. Along the stream, flowing from high up in the mountains, come huge boulders that are deposited and mined in Bisnakhandi. The absence of such nuisances make the rainy season the perfect time to visit the beautiful Bisnakhandi that coalesces the charms of high mountains, sinuous rivers, graceful waterfalls and dancing clouds. At approximately 5.00 pm, you'll arrive back at your hotel in Sylhet where the tour will end.

Srimangal Day Tour: Tea Capital of Bangladesh

2. Srimangal Day Tour: Tea Capital of Bangladesh

Prepare for a day of observing beautiful landscapes and creatures.  At 8.00 am your guide will pick you up from your Srimangal Hotel, then head onwards to Lawachara National Park and Khashia village. After a few hours, you'll have some lunch and, then visit the beautiful Madhabpur Lake. Madhabpur tea estate is another prime spot in the  Kamalganj area. The estate offers great natural sceneries with all the tea plants standing in line on the hillocks. The lake is huge and it has small hills all around it. The water here is awesomely cool and refreshing. Rare blue lotus and water lilies decorate the banks of the lake from time to time, adding to the lake's charm and elegance Then it's on to Baikka Beel Wetland bird sanctuary, another area of great natural beauty on the eastern part of the Hail haor - a large wetland encompassing about 100 hectares, and about 20 km from Sreemangal town. You can see the blue horizon meeting the blue haor (wetland bowl shaped ecosystem) water here. Baikka Beel was declared to be a sanctuary for fish in 2003. The widespread empty wetland nearby is simply amazing, and this beautiful scenario stretching over miles creates an unbelievable feeling, and is the living place of numerous birds and fishes. As soon as you enter this haor area, you'll be engrossed by the sweet chirping of various birds. In the evening you'll head back to Srimanga, and after enjoying a cup of seven layer tea at Nilkantha Tea Cabin, you will return to your Srimangal hotel.

From Srimangal: Adventure Tour Trekking to Hum Hum Waterfall

3. From Srimangal: Adventure Tour Trekking to Hum Hum Waterfall

The team (an experienced driver and legitimate tour guide) will pick you up at your hotel around 6.00 am, then drive you to Madhabpur. From there you have to walk at least 4 hours through hills and rivers to reach the fascinating Hum Hum Waterfall, discovered in 2009, where you'll feel delightfully entrenched in nature. The height of the fall is about 135-160 feet. Bamboo sticks will be used as support when you  start walking through here for about 30 minutes, when you'll reach a natural fountain (locally called chara or nala), where you'll have to walk through water. The water level height can vary from ankle to thigh level. Then, to reach Hum Hum Waterfall, it's a 3-4 hour trek through muddy paths and jungle. In the jungle, you'll see unlimited wondrous and breathtaking sights. Remember though, leeches are waiting there eagerly for you, so be sure to wear a good repellant. While trekking, you will find areas full of water and stones, so tread carefully. Trek up to the Waterfall and feel spectacularly re-juvenated in its cold fresh water, before trekking back and driving back to the hotel. Note: Srimangal Adventure Tour is for people who love adventures and challenges. It is packed with different high level endurance activities. Only people who are physically fit are advised to take this tour.

Sylhet Day Tour: Jaflong & Lalakhal

4. Sylhet Day Tour: Jaflong & Lalakhal

Take a private full-day tour of Sylhet to get to know the city’s incredible history in more intimate detail. The popular 8-hour tour includes all transportation, English speaking tour guide and the services of a personal driver throughout the day. Following a hotel pick-up, your first stop will be Jaflong, one of the most attractive and wonderful natural destinations in Sylhet, situated by the River Mari with clear water through the valley of hills.  You can watch the stone collection from the river in Jaflong. Explore also the lifestyle of Tribe Khashia. Continue to the Lalakhal Boat Trip. Lalakhal is a nice big river which flows from India. This river is shared with India and Bangladesh. Its origin is in the Meghalaya state of India. This river carries a huge amount of sediments and stones from the upstream to Bangladesh, and local people lift those stone for business purposes. The journey to the Lalakhal through Shari River is really a wonderful experience. Here, you will see the mountain range of Meghalaya from the Lalakhal Boat Trip through the Shari River. The water is surprisingly clear and blue. By evening your guide will drop off you at your Sylhet hotel.

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It was just awesome

It was just awesome. These hours were like flying. We have seen Tea garden, Lawachara National Park, Madhabpur Lake and Baikka Beel Wetland. All attractions were very interesting. The guide Mahbub spoke English very well. He was very patient with us and very informative.