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Rome: Colosseum Arena Access and Ancient Rome Guided Tour

1. Rome: Colosseum Arena Access and Ancient Rome Guided Tour

Walk in the footsteps of gladiators and stand on the Arena Floor of the Colosseum. Follow your guide to enter the ancient stadium of the Colosseum. Go ont to the restricted access area where you can walk through the gladiator gates and stand on the reconstructed arena floor. See the scene of the famous games and gladiator battles which is open to you for a whole new viewpoint in the Colosseum. Your incredible guide will tell you all about the styles of gladiators, the famous battles, and the other games and entertainment that took place in this magnificent stadium. Head to the vantage point from where the spectators would have sat and cheered for their favorites to win. Learn from your guide not only the amazing history of this monument, but also where to get the best photo opportunities for you and your family. Follow your guide into the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill to see the very heart of Ancient Rome. Ascend Palatine Hill to see the ruins of the palaces. View Circus Maximus and the Stadium of Domitian before heading over to the Farnese Aviaries to see the Forum laid out below. Descend into the Forum. Walk in the footsteps of Romans and emperors as your guide takes you past the Temple of Romulus, the Temple and House of the Vestals, and Julius Caesar’s Temple. See the Senate House, and learn about how the Forum functioned in the Romans’ day-to-day life.

Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill Guided Tour

2. Rome: Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill Guided Tour

Explore the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill on a guided tour. Enter the Colosseum, admire the vast building from every angle, notice where the building has crumbled from past earthquakes, and tread in the footsteps of ancient Romans. Walk up to Palatine Hill and take in breathtaking views of the ruins from the top. Upon entering Palatine Hill, you'll see the House of Augustus and witness a vast collection of frescoes that would give you a deeper insight into Ancient Rome and its rulers. Visit the Roman Forum, a place that used to be the site of triumphal processions and elections and the venue for public speeches in ancient Rome. See the Temple of Romulus, an architectural wonder located within the Roman Forum. Hear fascinating stories about these sites from your tour guide.

Rome: Immersive Underground and Piazzas Tour

3. Rome: Immersive Underground and Piazzas Tour

Immerse yourself in the city's history starting from Piazza Navona, one of the most charming and popular squares in Rome. The most beautiful parts of Piazza Navona are its three fountains, designed during the papacy of Gregory XIII. Erected in the center of Piazza Navona, the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi was designed by Bernini in 1651. After a look over Piazza Navona, you'll enter into the subterranean world beneath the streets of this square which is built over the site of the Stadium of Domitian. The stadium was used almost entirely for athletic contests, and for a brief period following fire-damage to the Colosseum in 217 A.D., it was used for gladiator shows. From the Stadium of Domitian you will go back on the street to move onward to the Pantheon. According to Roman legend, this is the place where at his death, the founder of Rome, Romulus, was seized by an eagle and taken off into the skies with the gods. From the Pantheon to the Secret Bath of Neptune you will have just the time to take a breath before entering into the Basilica of Neptune, built in Rome by Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa in honor of Neptune. Next, travel to the Trevi Fountain and throw a coin in the water, adhering to tradition. Following the fountain, you'll enter into the subterranean world of Vicus Caprarius, also known as the City of Water. In this underground archaeological area of Vicus Caprarius you will find an intricate labyrinth of ancient remains: the remains of a domus of the imperial era; the castellum aquae of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct.

Rome: Trevi Fountain and Navona Square Underground Tour

4. Rome: Trevi Fountain and Navona Square Underground Tour

Experience the true beauty of Rome’s squares and discover what lies hidden in the city’s underground world on a walking tour with a local guide. Make a wish as the Trevi Fountain, then descend below street level to the Stadium of Domitian and learn about ancient artifacts. After meeting your guide in Spagna Square, start your tour in front of one of Rome's most famous fountains, Bernini's Barcaccia Fountain. Reach the city’s iconic Trevi Fountain, and choose to make a wish by throwing a coin into it. Travel to the hidden part of Trevi Fountain, passing through the domus aqueduct. Go underground to learn the story behind the Vicus Caprarius (City of Water) archaeological area to see how the water that flows from the Trevi Fountain filters through the ancient masonry. Explore findings discovered during the excavation, including amphorae (ancient Roman jars) and coins, before heading back outside to Rotonda Square to see the Pantheon. Continue to Navona Square, where you can see the famous Quattro Fiumi Fountain (Fountain of the Four Rivers). This square also has a hidden treasure: the Stadium of Domitian. Explore it by descending 5 meters below street level. Learn about the development of the site into the current square and the evolution of ancient Roman sports. Round off the tour by admiring artifacts from the days of the Roman Empire found during archaeological excavations.

Rome: 3-Hour Highlights and Underground Guided Walking Tour

5. Rome: 3-Hour Highlights and Underground Guided Walking Tour

Discover the most important landmarks in Rome on a walking tour with a professional art historian and local guide. Begin at the Spanish Steps and make your way to Trevi Fountain and the ruins of Vicus Caprarius which lie beneath. Learn about art and history as you explore Rome's famous 2,000-year-old temples including the Pantheon. Your guide will take you underground so you can see what life was like for some of Rome's oldest inhabitants. Browse artisan shops along the way to Piazza Navona, and admire Bernini's and Borromini's masterpieces including the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi, then head underground to see the remains of the ancient Stadium of Domitian. End your tour in Campo de Fiori square, a stone's throw from Trastevere, where you can unwind in authentic wineries and tavernas or enjoy some of the best nightlife in the city.

Rome: City Center Hidden Highlights Guided Walking Tour

6. Rome: City Center Hidden Highlights Guided Walking Tour

- Explore the heart of Rome on a guided walking tour. See top attractions like the Piazza Navona square, the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon. Admire an old aqueduct at the Vicus Caprarius museum and see the Stadium of Domitian. - Meet your guide at fountain of Bernini in Piazza Navona and begin your guided tour through the center of Rome. Listen as your guide tells you an introduction and points out highlights in the square. - Hear your guide clearly with the provided headsets. - Continue to the stadium of the emperor Domitian where you can see this ancient athletic venue which seated 15,000-20,000 viewers. Make your way to the well-preserved Pantheon which was once a Roman temple before being converted to a Catholic church. -Travel to the Saint Ignazio church to admire its stunning 3D frescos. Stroll to the Baroque Trevi fountain. Visit the underground excavations of the old aqueduct and the water city of Rome at the Vicus Caprarius museum. Finish your tour at La Rinascente. 

Rome: City Center Walking Tour

7. Rome: City Center Walking Tour

Discover the beauty and history of Rome's city center on this guided walking tour. Follow your guide to see highlights like the iconic Trevi Fountain and the La Barcaccia fountain in Spagna square. Cool off with a delicious gelato.  Meet your guide at the Altar of the Fatherland in Piazza Venezia. Listen to an introduction on city of Rome from your local guide. Your guide will tell you the secrets of the square and the Imperial Forum. You will Head to Spagna square to see the Spanish Steps and Bernini's famous fountain: "La Barcaccia." Capture a picture of the Trevi Fountain. Listen as your guide tells you the secrets behind each corner of the city. Make your way to the ancient Pantheon temple. View the well-preserved dome and learn about how this temple evolved over time.  Stop for a sweet gelato before making your way to the most famous square in the city at Piazza Navona. See the Neoclassical architecture of the Braschi palace and the Fountain of Neptune by Giacomo della Porta, who was an apprentice of Michelangelo. 

Rome: Walking Tour with Stadium of Domitianus

8. Rome: Walking Tour with Stadium of Domitianus

Your tour will begin at the Area Sacra of Largo Argentina, where your professional, local guide will be waiting for you. Travel back in time as you discover the Roman temples of the Area Sacra, discovered during Mussolini's dictatorship. The Area Sacra is known as the sacred area of Roman cats and is home to four temples. Follow your guide towards one of the highlights of Rome, the Pantheon. Built in the 1st century AD and a second time during Hadrian's reign, the Pantheon was the temple dedicated to all Gods. As you continue your tour, pass by the Church of Sant Eustachio, built in memory of one of the first Christians in Rome. Close by, you'll find Piazza Navona, one of the most beautiful squares in the city, also known as the Stadium of Domitianus. Follow your guide below the modern pavement to explore what is left of this huge stadium. Seize the opportunity to live as a Roman athlete for a day, while discovering the structure of one of the largest stadiums of the Roman Empire.

Rome: Private Tour of Navona Square with Undergrounds

9. Rome: Private Tour of Navona Square with Undergrounds

Get an insider’s view of Rome’s most famous square on a walking tour of Piazza Navona and its undergrounds with a local guide. Begin your urban walking adventure by meeting your guide at the square where you will fully immerse yourself in its history and archeology. Stop to admire the Fountain of Four Rivers and learn more about Bernini's creativity. Then, go below street level to the underground ruins and learn about Piazza Navona's fascinating past. Travel back in time to Ancient Rome and discover the ancient origins of the square’s name and peculiar shape.

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George was a fabulous tour guide. I was grateful for and impressed by his comprehensive, detailed and well-rounded narrative way of telling the history.

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