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Rome is like red wine: you open the bottle and then you have to smell the different nuances of its grapes, give a little sip, then a bigger one to enjoy it to the end. Thousands and thousands of years of dominance over most of the known world: how was it possible? Of course the geographic position was fundamental. However, neither geography nor the military power cannot be the only factors. There could not have been so much respect without the deep sense of Sacrality that Rome inspired: the Romans, and the non-Romans as well, deemed that Rome had been founded because of the will of the main pagan Gods, that's why from the Gaul invasion of 390 BC, they remained outside the city walls. The so called Barbarians attacked and sacked Rome but still they maintained a sense of respect for what meanwhile became the center of Christianity. In the following centuries most of the city was abandoned, and, like a sleeping beauty, little by little layers of dust covered it: let's rediscover it together

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