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Dresden: Guided Tour of the Church of Our Lady

1. Dresden: Guided Tour of the Church of Our Lady

After meeting your guide in front of the Church of Our Lady, or the Frauenkirche, you’ll head right into the marvelous structure for a thorough tour. After being all but completely destroyed by bombing during World War II, the ruins of the church were left standing for decades. However, after the reunification of Germany, an ambitious campaign was mounted to reconstruct it. After over a decade of construction based on George Bähr’s original plans from the 1720s, the Church of Our Lady was restored to its former glory in 2005. Ever since, its ornate interior and expansive cupola have beckoned visitors to see its glorious tale of rebirth. During your tour, you’ll gain exclusive access to the church’s gallery, and pick up countless insights into the structure that stands representative of Dresden’s progress as a whole.

Leipzig: 360° Panorama NEW YORK 9/11 Exhibition Ticket

2. Leipzig: 360° Panorama NEW YORK 9/11 Exhibition Ticket

Experience “NEW YORK 9/11 – War in Times of Peace” the latest 360° panorama presented by artist Yadegar Asisi at the Leipzig Panometer. This highly topical work of art will transport you back to the attacks of September 11, and illustrate the impact they had around the world. Follow a chronological journey through the past 20 years since that fateful day. Five installations visualize some of the less visible consequences: the suffering caused in war-torn Middle Eastern countries, the huge follow-up costs of the war on terror, and the fates of the refugees and witnesses. At the end of these installations, you'll encounter the 32-meter-high NEW YORK 9/11 panorama setting the scene of the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11, 2001, at 08:41, five minutes before the attacks took place. In the knowledge of the tragedies that followed, you'll find this starting point rife with tension as you stand in the midst of the morning bustle of multicultural Manhattan, a seemingly utopian snapshot. The panorama artwork is accompanied by authentic background sounds and music by the composer Eric Babak, who has composed the respective panorama soundtracks since the first panorama, EVEREST 8848. “NEW YORK 9/11 – War in Times of Peace“ is the fourth anti-war project by Yadegar Asisi and continues his examination of the world with a particular focus on the wars of modern times.

Zwinger Dresden: Entry Ticket

3. Zwinger Dresden: Entry Ticket

Pre-book your entry ticket to the Zwinger in Dresden and gain access to the Zwinger’s Old Masters Picture Gallery, the Sculpture Collection, the Porcelain Collection, and the Royal Cabinet of Mathematical and Physical Instruments. Explore Dresden Zwinger’s various galleries and collections and marvel at an ensemble of gardens and a fountain, considered one of Germany’s most important Baroque architectures. The name Zwinger refers to the original position of the complex, between the inner and outer fortress wall.

Gruseltour Leipzig: A Haunted Guided Tour

4. Gruseltour Leipzig: A Haunted Guided Tour

Spend 1.5 hours experiencing the haunted side of Leipzig on a guided walking tour. Enter a world of grisly legends, creepy secrets of the past and goose-bump-inducing events. Discover why Leipzig was such an important destination for those who believed in ghosts. Hear about a city bustling with gravediggers who would bury people alive. Your guide will also tell you about the so-called evilest man that ever lived, who, when he visited this beautiful city, left a bad impression on Leipzig that lingers until today. The secrets of the past will be revealed to you and your guide will introduce you to the demons of the night in Leipzig.

Royal Castle Dresden: General Admission Ticket

5. Royal Castle Dresden: General Admission Ticket

Pre-book your admission ticket to Residenzschloss, also known as the Dresden Castle or Royal Palace, and get to know this historic site. Enrich your experience with a complimentary audio guide to help you understand the German history behind the castle. With a single ticket, gain access to Residenzschloss’ Neues Grünes Gewölbe (New Green Vault), the Turkish Chamber, the Renaissance Wing, and the Armory. Entry to the Historisches Grünes Gewölbe (Historic Green Vault) is not included. Further explore publicly accessible places such as the extensive art library, various lecture and study halls, as well as the tower known as the Hausmannsturm (available in the summer months), which affords visitors who climb its 327 steps a spectacular view of Dresden.

Dresden: City & Semperoper Guided Walking Tour

6. Dresden: City & Semperoper Guided Walking Tour

Discover the historic city of Dresden on a guided walking tour and visit the iconic Frauenkirche. Enjoy a guided tour of the elegant Dresden Zwinger gardens and see where royalty once lived on a tour of Dresden Castle. Explore the history of music on a tour of the Semperoper opera house.  Begin your trip at Dresden Castle and head to the most famous landmark of the entire city: Frauenkirche. Marvel at the elaborately restored church from the outside and have a look at its splendid interior. Continue to the Procession of Princes, a crucial part of Saxon history, and to the Stables Courtyard of Dresden Castle. Get an idea of what these impressive buildings look like inside and see the Taschenbergpalais. Undoubtedly, a walking tour through Dresden would not be the same without seeing the Zwinger. Hear interesting and entertaining stories about Augustus II the Strong, before the tour ends at the theater square with its cathedral. Next, explore the famous Semperoper, the Saxon State Opera, and court opera, on a guided tour. Learn the history behind each turn as you tour the magnificent rooms.

Dresden: Gala Concert in the Dresden Zwinger

7. Dresden: Gala Concert in the Dresden Zwinger

Enjoy a classical concert in the Wallpavillon of the Dresden Zwinger Palace. Decide which performance of which composer's pieces you'd like to hear and enjoy masterpieces at a concert of waltz dreams or listen to Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Mi, 23.11.22 Winterträume Do, 24.11.22 Italienische Nacht Fr, 25.11.22 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 26.11.22 Winterträume Mi, 30.11.22 Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Do, 1.12.22 Walzerträume Fr, 2.12.22 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 3.12.22 Winterträume Mi, 7.12.22 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 9.12.22 Klänge der Romantik Sa, 10.12.22, Winterträume Mi, 14.12.22 Winterträume Do, 15.12.22 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 16.12.22 Italienische Nacht Sa, 17.12.22 Winterträume Mi, 21.12.22 Klänge der Romantik Do, 22.12.22 Winterträume Fr, 23.12.22 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Di, 27.12.22, 17:00 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Di, 27.12.22, 19:30 Winterträume Mi, 28.12.22, 17:00 Winterträume Mi, 28.12.22, 19:30, Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Do, 29.12.22, 17:00, Italienische Nacht Do, 29.12.22, 19:30, Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 30.12.22, 17:00, Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 30.12.22, 19:30, Winterträume Fr, 6.1.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 7.1.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 14.1.23 Winterträume Sa, 21.1.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 28.1.23 Slawische Klassik Sa, 4.2.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 11.2.23 Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Di, 14.2.23 Valentinskonzert Sa, 18.2.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 25.2.23 Winterträume Fr, 3.3.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 4.3.23 Italienische Nacht Fr, 10.3.23 Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Sa, 11.3.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 17.3.23 Klänge der Romantik Fr, 24.3.23 Frühlingsstimmen Sa, 25.3.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 31.3.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 1.4.23 Frühlingsstimmen Do, 6.4.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" So, 9.4.23 Walzerträume Mo, 10.4.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Mi, 12.4.23 Klänge der Romantik Fr, 14.4.23 Frühlingsstimmen Sa, 15.4.23 Slawische Klassik Mi, 19.4.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 21.4.23 Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Sa, 22.4.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Mi, 26.4.23 Walzerträume Fr, 28.4.23 Italienische Nacht So, 30.4.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Mi, 3.5.23 Frühlingsstimmen Fr, 5.5.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 6.5.23 Jubiläumskonzert - 10 Jahre Dresdner Residenz Konzerte Mi, 10.5.23 Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Fr, 12.5.23 Slawische Klassik Sa, 13.5.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Mi, 17.5.23 Klänge der Romantik Do, 18.5.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Fr, 19.5.23 Walzerträume Sa, 20.5.23 Italienische Nacht Mi, 24.5.23 Slawische Klassik Do, 25.5.23 Mozarts kleine Nachtmusik Fr, 26.5.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten" Sa, 27.5.23 Frühlingsstimmen Mi, 31.5.23 Vivaldi "Vier Jahreszeiten"

Leipzig: 1.5-Hour Historical Walking Tour in German

8. Leipzig: 1.5-Hour Historical Walking Tour in German

On this exciting walking tour, discover facts about Leipzig with live German commentary. Learn why the Central Train Station was made up of two halves, hear the interesting story about the fountains, discover how Greenlanders end up in Leipzig, and find out what is interesting about Shakespeare’s stockings. This tour is ideal for visitors who want to discover the city in an entertaining way. During the tour, see the Opera House, the Gewandhaus concert hall, the university, the Mädler Passage, the Old Town Hall, and St. Thomas Church. Along the way, your tour guide will recount anecdotes and legends from the city’s history.

World of Panoramas: Dresden's Baroque Era

9. World of Panoramas: Dresden's Baroque Era

Experience a trip through time to Dresden's heyday. Enjoy a fascinating world of panoramas. In 2003 and 2006 respectively, Asisi created the world's largest panoramas in Leipzig and Dresden. Both are in the historically-protected former gasometer. The focus of Yadegar Asisi's 360° Panorama of the Baroque halcyon days of Dresden is the daily life of citizens, shopkeepers, fishermen, servants and craftspeople in the Saxon town. He compresses the time from around 1695 to 1760 into an artistic snapshot of the Baroque era in Dresden. Immerse yourself in the past and see the scenes with historic characters like Peter the Great, Johann Friedrich Böttger, the inventor of porcelain, Johann Sebastian Bach or the court jester Joseph Fröhlich. See the arrival of the Sistine Madonna in 1754. Forgotten everyday moments with woodsmen and washerwomen along the Elbe, as well as sedan bearers, comedians and many more make this a real artistic representation of the era. The night variation also offers a glittering view. On display until 6th of January 2019.

From Prague: Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland Day Trip

10. From Prague: Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland Day Trip

Choose from a hiking tour, a fantasy highlights tour and a winter tour, and discover Prague in a unique way. Visit National Parks, ancient castles, or snow-covered landscapes. Learn about your surroundings from your local expert guide. Your guide will pick you up from your Prague accommodation early in the morning. Enjoy the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle while learning about Czech culture, history, and the main highlights on your way to the national park. Taste snacks and enjoy beverages throughout the entire day.  Enjoy an abundance of time to admire the filming sites of the 'Chronicles of Narnia' movie in a group of a maximum of 10 persons. Spend an unforgettable day in the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park, one of the unique natural reserves in Europe, by choosing one of the following Tour options:  Hiking Tour Choose this tour if you want to see the main highlights of both National Parks. Visit two countries in one day. The first destination is the magnificent Bastei Bridge. Feast on the breathtaking views of the Elbe river canyon, surrounded by unique sandstone rock formations. Then enjoy the rolling landscape full of tiny German villages and famous table mountains. The following hike brings you near the main symbol of Bohemian Switzerland — the Pravcicka Gate — the largest sandstone arch in Europe. After tasting the rich local cuisine (lunch included), sail on gondola-style boats through the soothing Kamenice river gorge (a 12-hour, 10-kilometer active hike). Fantasy Highlights Tour This tour brings together the two main fantasy filming sites of the region. Visit Saxon Switzerland and walk across the magnificent Bastei bridge and visit Neurathen Castle ruins. Cross to Bohemian Switzerland and adore the amazing views from the Sneznik lookout tower. Enjoy a tasty lunch (included) in a local restaurant and continue to experience Narnia while hiking through the sandstone labyrinth of Tyssa Walls (a 10-hour, 9-kilometer moderate hike).  Winter Tour Go on this tour for an active winter visit to the region. Marvel at the beauty of snow-covered sandstone towers. Stroll across the Bastei Bridge to reach the medieval ruins of Neurathen Castle. Enjoy the Pravcicka Gate during the season pictured in Narnia. Hot beverages and lunch in a local restaurant (included) will help you regain all your energy (10-hour, 7-kilometer moderate hike).

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Wanted to get away from the city for a day and experience gorgeous nature. This was perfect. Took the fantasy highlights tour, which had the fun element of seeing countryside used in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. We made three different stops and each place had a hike through beautiful rocky forested landscapes with scenic vistas. The last stop was a favorite with all of us, as we wound our way through countless rock formations with names like The Sofa, Gorilla, Rock City, and even Decapitated Mayor! Our guide Edward and our driver Joseph were both great. Edward was entertaining, informative, and made sure we were all doing fine with the hikes. I would rate the activity level as between moderate and strenuous. One of the hikes was long and steep, with many inclines and quite a few stairs before you arrived at the top. It was totally worth it, but make sure you bring your energy and good walking shoes with traction!

Great trip, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though it was pouring with rain, we had a great time and the sites were incredible. Joseph and Paul answered all of our questions and shared a lot of information. Thank you!

This is such a great way to see a city with teenagers - thoroughly recommend and looking forward to doing another one.

Quite realistic and well narrated in English. We were the only 2 participants, so was almost like a private event.

Wonderful rendition of classical masterpieces. Especially the Violin Solo of Vivaldi Four seasons.