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Rías Baixas: Boat Trip, Mussels, Wine, and Winery Visit Tour

1. Rías Baixas: Boat Trip, Mussels, Wine, and Winery Visit Tour

Stop at O Grove Town, the perfect village for spending time in tranquility, and experiencing the sensations of the real and genuine Galicia. Enjoy the rural atmosphere away from tourism and have a pleasant break and Galician meal. Take a walk through the vineyards of the very prestigious Albariño. Have the opportunity to learn about the production of this excellent wine as well as engage in a tasting of three wines of the denomination Rias Baixas in good company.  Next, stop at the shrine of “la Lanzada.” Get a full overview of this mystical place, established in the 9th century, and take a beautiful walk. Cross part of the bay of Poio, and see beauty contained on a giant rock upon which it is built. See the granaries that surround it, the houses overlooking the sea, and the several stone crosses typical of Galicia, called Cruceiros, which are on the site. Tour the characteristic streets and squares of this place, and have the possibility to take a real and authentic journey through time, as well as visit an area of great ecological value.  Next stop at the island of Toja, famous for the production of soap and for its hot springs, located in an area called Red Natura 2000. Discover a small museum of the old soap factory and a chapel completely covered with shells. End with a tour of the sea, during which you will admire and face directly the production of mussels, oysters, and scallops, making different stops to contemplate the watering holes.  Taste steamed mussels in great quantity accompanied by one of the best local Albariño wines (Condes de Albarei) and shots of Crema de Orujo.

From Santiago: Ribeira Sacra Tour & Boat Trip

2. From Santiago: Ribeira Sacra Tour & Boat Trip

After being picked up by the bus at the meeting point in Santiago, you will head with our guide to the southern part of Galicia, mainly to the province of Ourense. As a big start for this tour, you will explore deeper Ribeira Sacra zone, by enjoying a boat trip and ride, through the famous Sil river. Through this boat trip, you can clearly observe the known as "heroic viticulture" which means the vineyards that surround the Sil River pass. You will continue the tour, visiting one of the most incredible sight view in the area, from which you can enjoy spectacular views of the Sil river and its long shores, full of vineyards. With all those moments and views, you continue the tour, reaching one of the most known villages of Ribeira Sacra, called Allariz. This is the wright place and time to enjoy and experience the authentic gastronomy of Ribeira Sacra at some of its available restaurants. After lunch and rest, it will be the time to explore and discover, the impressive monastery of San Pedro de Rocas including all its surroundings and landscapes. With all that, it will definitely be your best experience visiting Ribeira Sacra and you best tour you do to this zone.

From Santiago: Ribeira Sacra History & Art Trip with Cruise

3. From Santiago: Ribeira Sacra History & Art Trip with Cruise

Fill a day with wine, art, gastronomy, and natural beauty. Visit an amazing monastery, magical viewpoint and a medieval town on this guided day tour of Ribeira Sacra. Enjoy a boat ride along the Sil River between the hills where grapes are grown , sometimes at vertical cliffs. Discover Galician cuisine and roman & celtic culture. Start your tour from the Plaza de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela. Local guides join you in the air-conditioned minibuses. First stop will take place at an small valley just beside the Sil River, where we´ll find an small dock between a huge oak forest and vineyards. Driveing down Sil River valley for a leisurely cruise. More vineyards cover the slopes along the river, sometimes at vertical cliffs. Thats the reason for the name "heroic viticulture", done along centuries at this valleys. The guide will explain a lot of interesting things about this special wine production systems. One of the most spectacular viewpoints of Galicia will be waiting at the south side of the Sil River. Amazing views of vineyards wich have been built at impossible places, and the Sil River, always quiet. Views of many kilometers of chessnut and oak forests, vines and very tiny villages. Discover the oldest monastery of Galicia!, first monks arrived there on VI th Century and lived into a cave. Now, the cave and the monastery of San Pedro de Rocas can be visited and there we´ll find an interesting museum with a lot of interesting history and stories about the area, the way of living of the monks and typical jobs of the Ribeira Sacral Lunch time at the most beautiful town of the province and one of the most spectacular ones of Spain: Allariz. There are lots of nice restaurants waiting for us and offering the best meals of this region. After lunch, guided visit to the old town of Allariz, where we´ll find tiny streets, beautiful squares and spectacular medieval buildings, all it crossed by a beautiful river with a medieval bridge. Allariz has lot of history and it has lot of interesting traditions. The town has been used many times for filming important movies because of the beauty of its streets, buildings and squares.

Santiago de Compostela: Massage Treatment

4. Santiago de Compostela: Massage Treatment

Enjoy a massage treatment as a great way to experience the healing power of touch and to maintain good health. You can choose a stimulating massage using special oils and creams to work on the full body. Alternatively, choose an unloading massage performed through slow and deep exercises to help improve muscle recovery, or a relaxing massage to help relieve tension and improve your mental state.  A foot reflexology session is also available. This uses a therapeutic technique based on the stimulation of certain points on the feet. This can be perfect if you have spent many days trekking the Camino de Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela: Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience

5. Santiago de Compostela: Cheese and Wine Tasting Experience

After arriving at the meeting point, you will meet the guide and go together to an authentic and local restaurant located in the old town of Santiago de Compostela. You will have the chance to experience Local Galician wines and cheese. You will be served 3 different Local wines (red and white) and three different cheese portions, in a very decorative way, to enjoy a special Galician tasting experience. You will also be offered a detailed explanation regarding each product and its characteristics. Sure you will have the chance to meet local people also, enjoy a lovely experience, and explore Galician authentic restaurants. After the wine and cheese tasting is finished, you can enjoy your own time at the restaurant or even buy any products that you wish.

Rias Baixas Tour from Santiago de Compostela

6. Rias Baixas Tour from Santiago de Compostela

The itinerary through the Rías Baixas from Santiago de Compostela will begin with a guided visit to a traditional winery in the region, where you can taste the exquisite local wines. It will be a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the production of these magnificent wines and delight in the tasting experience. The next stage of this Rías Baixas excursion is a relaxing boat ride with the option to taste mussels. During this ride, you will uncover the secrets of mussel, oyster, and scallop farming in the "bateas." On board, you will have the opportunity to enjoy plenty of mussels, accompanied by local wine, refreshments, water, and a touch of orujo cream. Joining the boat ride is optional. After the boat experience, it will be time to explore O Grove. We will take a brief tour of the harbor and the initial part of the historic center. After the guided tour, you will have 1 hour and 30 minutes to savor the wonderful Galician cuisine and explore the place at your own pace. O Grove also holds curiosities, such as an impressive collection of sculptures that will surprise you during your stay in the village. Without rushing but without stopping, we will continue towards A Toxa. Being the most famous of the Galician Atlantic islands, this island went from being a grazing area to the discovery of its beneficial thermal muds. You will learn about its evolution and experience up close why it has become a dream destination. However, this is just a taste of the surprises that this small Galician island has prepared. There will also be the opportunity to contemplate the iconic La Toxa Bridge, built in the 19th century to connect the O Grove peninsula with the island, a milestone that marked a before and after in local history. Back on the bus, we will delve into the history of the A Lanzada hermitage, where wine, the sea, and secrets that will enrich your experience to the fullest converge. Did you know that the A Lanzada hermitage has a deep relationship with the fertility and fecundity ritual, linked to the bathing of the nine waves? We have reached the moment to introduce you to a destination that has become a true tourist icon in Galicia. Our journey through the Rías Baixas from Santiago de Compostela leads us to the charming village of Combarro, where granaries and picturesque streets mesmerize visitors. The image of the granaries overlooking the sea has contributed to raising the popularity of this small gem called Combarro. And so, this fascinating excursion culminates, returning to the Galician capital. If you have any doubts about joining the Rías Baixas excursion from Santiago de Compostela and require more information, we will be delighted to provide you with all the assistance you need.

Santiago: Gastronomic Night Tour

7. Santiago: Gastronomic Night Tour

This Santiago night experience includes many activities to live the evening atmosphere in Santiago through restaurants, pubs and typical Queimada. You will be doing all of this with an expert local guide. The tour takes around 4-hours starting with a special tour to discover the city by night and hear about the legends and stories of spirits and witches.  Later, have dinner in a typical Galician restaurant tasting the most famous dishes. Dinner includes entrées, drinks and the choice of fish or meat as a main meal. At the end of the dinner, a surprise awaits you. You will experience one of the most mystical Galician experiences - Queimada, a burning drink that was, and still is, known because of its magical properties to take away the bad spirits.

From Santiago de Compostela: La Coruña and Betanzos

8. From Santiago de Compostela: La Coruña and Betanzos

Get ready to live an unforgettable adventure in beautiful Galicia! Our excursion starts at Plaza de Galicia, in the heart of Santiago de Compostela. From there, we'll head to the beautiful coastal city of La Coruña, where incredible views and a fascinating history await us. Our first stop will be the Tower of Hercules, the oldest Roman lighthouse in the world, offering stunning views of the majestic Atlantic Ocean! You can climb up to its viewpoint and feel like a true Roman explorer. Next, we'll embark on an exciting walking tour through La Coruña, discovering its most iconic monuments and charming streets. The Church of San Jorge, the Church of Santiago, the Mirador, the Jardin de San Carlos, and the Riazor Beach are just some of the places we'll visit on this thrilling adventure. But the fun doesn't end here! We'll head towards Betanzos, an impressive medieval city, known as the "Betanzos of the Knights". It was one of the seven provincial capitals of the former Kingdom of Galicia, and its old town is declared a Historic-Artistic Site. The city is famous for its Gothic architecture and for being the birthplace of "The Best Spanish Omelet". It's a unique opportunity to taste this delicious dish, which is contested every year in a competition featuring expert chefs from all over Spain. Don't miss the chance to experience a unique adventure in Galicia. Book now and discover the beauty, history, and delicious cuisine of these two impressive cities!

Rias Baixas Tour; Arousa and Toxa islands, Combarro & boat

9. Rias Baixas Tour; Arousa and Toxa islands, Combarro & boat

We leave Santiago de Compostela at 9:30 The first stop is Padrón, a town closely related to the Camino de Santiago (Portuguese Way) and with the history of the arrival of the Apostle to Galicia. We visit the church of Santiago (where the "Pedrón" is located), the Alameda and there is time for a coffee. Then you reach the island by crossing one of the longest bridges over the sea in Europe. Once there you can choose between taking a walk through the natural park with the guide, having a drink sitting by the sea or taking a dip in one of the fantastic beaches on the island! After an hour and a half on the island, the next stop will be Cambados. Once there, you cross the town's main square, Fefiñans, with its impressive "Pazo" and the interesting church of San Bieito. In this town you will have free time to taste local products in one of the many restaurants and also to try the famous wine of the area, the Albariño. Before entering the Ría de Pontevedra, the route visit the island of A Toxa. This island was the first vacation resort in Europe back in the late nineteenth century, it is also known for the soaps that were made here with the mineral salts of the water springs. You will see the historic "Gran Hotel LaToja", the old soap factory and the curious "Capilla de las Conchas" (completely covered with scallop shells). Already in the next estuary, the inlet of Pontevedra, the route reaches the town of Combarro. This is a wonderful example of popular architecture. We will walk through its granite alleys between granaries and stone crosses. There is an option to try mussels and local wine on the ship that sails from Combarro. The Marina of Combarro is the place where this activity starts. You'll seeing the mussel farms, the towns of Combarro and Marín from the sea and the island of Tambo. The return is around 7:30 p.m.

From Santiago: 5-Day Private Tour of Northern Spain

10. From Santiago: 5-Day Private Tour of Northern Spain

Day 1: Santiago de Compostela Your local guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you on a 4-hour visit of Santiago de Compostela, including the cathedral. Enjoy free time for lunch before the driver will picks you up and leads you for a visit to the Costa da Morte on the Galician coast. Stay overnight at your hotel. Day 2: From Santiago to Oviedo Your driver will pick you up at your hotel in Santiago de Compostela and drive you towards Oviedo. On your way, discover the coastal regions of Galicia and Asturias, including the As Catedrais beach, Ribadeo, Mirador La Regalina observation deck, and the Lighthouse Cabo Vidio. Enjoy a lunch break in Cudillero. After lunch, drive to Oviedo where you will meet with your local guide and enjoy a guided visit to its old town. Sleep in Oviedo Day 3: From Oviedo to Santander Your driver will pick up you up at your hotel in Oviedo and drive you towards Santander. On the way, stop to visit the Holy Cave of Covadonga and basilica followed by a lunch break in Llanes. Take a scenic drive through San Vicente de la Barquera and stop in Comillas to enjoy a guided visit to the El Capricho de Gaudí. Sleep in Santander. Day 4: Santander and Santillana del Mar Your guide will pick you up at your hotel to show you the nice city of Santander and its bay on a 3-hour tour. Take a lunch break in Santander, after which you will go to one of the nicest villages in Spain, Santillana del Mar. Enjoy some time to walk around and visit the Neo-Cave of Altamira in the Altamira Museum. Day 5: Santander to Bilbao Your driver will pick you up at your hotel in Santander and drive you towards Bilbao. Meet with your local guide and enjoy a guided tour of the city and a 4-hour visit to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao. Take a lunch break in Bilbao and have free time to visit the so-called "Hanging Bridge" linking Portugalete and Las Arenas. The final drop-off will be at your hotel in Bilbao where the tour will end.

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A good way to spend the day. The time accompanied. Ana, the guide, was very good with her comments. And the boat ride, it is true that you can eat all the mussels you want, and they are very good! At the last stop, it is worth visiting the town over the bridges from the square, and the ice cream parlor between Horreos, in the square, very good. Very good driver too! Thanks.

Our guide Laura was excellent. Lots of great information about the history of Santiago and some interesting tales. The food at the end of the tour was excellent, tasty local dishes. I would recommend this tour.

Great trip for the family! Unlimited fresh muscle on the boat, probably ate 2kg per person. It is a great opportunity to learn about Galician traditions.

Enjoyed the trip, especially the boat ride with mussels and drinks, it was so delicious! The view during the boat ride is beautiful!

Tour maravilloso!!! Vale la pena hacerlo!!! La guía excelente!!!