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Reykjanes Peninsula Small group activities

Our most recommended Reykjanes Peninsula Small group activities

From Reykjavík: Fagradalsfjall Volcano Hike with Geologist

1. From Reykjavík: Fagradalsfjall Volcano Hike with Geologist

Visit a volcano that began erupting on began on March 19, 2021, with a geologist/volcanologist. Uncover interesting geological features about the development of the eruption and the lava field with this Fagradalsfjall tour from Reykjavík.  Be picked up in Reykjavik and drive through old lava fields as you travel to the eruption-side of the volcano. Begin with an overview of the volcanic history of Reyjanes peninsula and view the first signs of a new eruption at this place. Discover how the hot the lava field is forming new land. Let your guide show you how the composition of the lava influences the appearance of the rocks. Head up to the crater viewpoint to see panoramic views of the volcanic landscapes below. Return to Reykjavik with a drive through hot springs, lakes, and mountains in the Reykjanes peninsula.

From Reykjavik: Volcano Site Hike with Reykjanes Tour

2. From Reykjavik: Volcano Site Hike with Reykjanes Tour

Set off on a thrilling trip to the currently erupting volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula with a local guide. This area is renowned for its dramatic lava landscapes, with conic volcanoes, fields of jagged basalt, geothermal areas, and geological marvels. Start with pickup from your hotel in Reykjavik. Stop at the Seltun Hot Springs, where you can see a natural hot spring. Visit the Reykjanes Lighthouse, and the Bridge Between the Continents where you can walk and literally be in two places at once between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. Next, embark on a light hike to visit the volcano area where the 2021 Fagradalsfjall and 2022 Meladalur volcanos erupted. If the volcano actively is erupting, nothing compares to the majesty of an erupting volcano. Flaming craters and fissures, gleaming rivers of molten rock, and a glowing field of lava make the time you will spend here unforgettable. Some sections of this hike are moderate instead of easy. The distance is 1.3 miles (2.1km). After enjoying this incredible site, you’ll head back to Reykjavik with drop-off at your hotel.

From Reykjavik: Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Flight

3. From Reykjavik: Fagradalsfjall Volcano Helicopter Flight

In our Fagradalsfjall helicopter tour, you’ll meet your pilot and receive a briefing on this spectacular journey when you arrive at Reykjavik’s domestic airport, which is at a convenient place. You’ll next walk onto the tarmac to your modern, sleek helicopter, which will be waiting for you to take off. Only five or six seats per craft will be available, ensuring a spectacular perspective and an intimate interaction with the volcano. Please remember that eruptions are a natural occurrence that may or may not be active during your visit. This eruption has occurred on the 19th of March, 2021. Relatively, this eruption is small-sized and has taken place on Reykjanes Peninsula. Its geographical location can be traced in Geldingadalir Valley some 20 miles away from Reykjavik. Before this eruption, the Reykjanes peninsula witnessed such eruptions in the 14th century AD. More Interestingly, some 50000 earthquake jolts have taken place following this eruption. It is a catastrophic scenario in the area. The experts of seismology maintain that this volcanic eruption is no less than a surprise. The reason is that meanwhile, the volcano eruption takes place, there was no seismic activity. Without such seismic activity, the eruption seems unlikely. However, the volcano erupted at this site, proving it to be a surprise for the seismic studies. A major benefit of a flying tour like this one is that you will be able to obtain the best view, away from the masses who have come here on foot, giving you a much more intimate experience while enjoying the best view. Remember our Heli tour will not provide you with landing at the site just to ensure the safety of our passengers. You’ll get some beautiful views of the environment surrounding Iceland’s capital as you loop around to the Reykjanes Peninsula, including the verdant Mount Esja and dazzling Faxafloi Bay. The total duration of the tour is approx. 45-60 minutes. Showing you the simmering crater, flowing lava stream, and the extensive lava field. We feel our passengers will get the best experience inside our helicopter. Be sure that our company is supposed to show you the lava scenes during this Icelandic helicopter tour. If the natural occurrence of lava does not take place during our flight, we are not responsible to carry on another flight or assume a new schedule. All of our flights are weather-dependent, and we must follow the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management’s rules and regulations to make our Icelandic helicopter tour for volcanoes secure

From Reykjavik: Day Trip to Glymur and Hvammsvik Hot Springs

4. From Reykjavik: Day Trip to Glymur and Hvammsvik Hot Springs

Only accessible by hiking, the second-tallest waterfall Glymur is an amazing and rewarding location to visit in Iceland. The hiking path leading to the waterfall offers fabulous views of the surrounding landscape of Hvalfjordur which is widely known as one of the most beautiful locations in this part of Iceland. The trail includes many fun challenges of crossing the river, walking through a cave and steep at parts, but they only make reaching the top more gratifying. During the drive to Glymur you will be able to admire views of often overlooked but stunning Mosfellsdalur valley, lush and scenic lowland. We will also drive by Mosfellheiði, an extensive moorland area between the Mosfellssveit district and the lake Þingvallavatn. A shield–volcano from a warm period of the ice age, covered by basalt lava, some of which also reached the Reykjavík area. Glymur will not be the only waterfall visited, we will make a quick stop at Þórufoss waterfall, which was future in the Game of Thrones! After the hike you will rest in located in the heart of untouched nature of Hvalfjörður, Hvammsvik Hot Springs one of the most unique baths in Iceland. You can soak in one of eight pools filled with fusion of hot geothermal water and cold ocean water, or dive directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Trust us, relaxing in hot water surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes is the perfect reward for finishing the hike! Hike details: Distance: 7 km (4.3 miles) Duration of the hike: Difficulty: Moderate The trail gets steep at some parts and follow high cliff, so it is not suitable for people with fear of heights. Please note that safety is always our priority. The hike requires moderate fitness level as well as proper footwear and clothing. Our guides have a right to refuse to let you join the tour if you are not wearing suitable shoes or clothes.

The Ultimate Northern Lights Tour with Private Photographer

5. The Ultimate Northern Lights Tour with Private Photographer

Admire the stunning, ever-changing lights of green, blue, and pink that adorn the night sky on this small group tour to see the Aurora Borealis, also known as the "Northern lights." Enjoy this astronomical phenomenon alongside some traditional Icelandic drinks and snacks.Departing from Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, drive to a calm and quiet spot that the expert team has picked out after extensively studying the weather forecasts. Learn different facts about the Aurora Borealis that will make the Northern Lights phenomenon even more magical.  Enjoy some of Iceland's most famous and traditional snacks and drinks such as Dried Fish, Twisted Doughnut, Flat Bread with Icelandic Butter, Slowly Smoked Lamb Meat, Fermented Shark, Icelandic shnaps, Homemade Hot Cocoa and other mouthwatering treats. In the case that some unforeseen circumstance makes the Northern Lights impossible to see, you are invited to join another tour free of charge within a two-year period.

Other Sightseeing Options in Reykjanes Peninsula

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What people are saying about Reykjanes Peninsula

We never do tours but the idea of a small group being led by an actual geologist caught our attention, and I honestly cannot praise this experience enough! Don’t get me wrong, seeing an active volcano is amazing but having a volcanologist guiding you through what you are seeing is next level! Jasmine is so informative & knowledgable. She spent time individually with each member of our group to answer our questions, giving a truly personal experience. Without her expertise we would’ve missed out on so much. We came away with a new found fascination for volcanos.

One of the most memorable hiking experiences I’ve ever had. So lucky to have such informative and sweet guide with us. The views were fantastic and the landscape was beautiful. I’ve learned so much today from our lovely guide, thank you Agnes for giving me this amazing memory. Hope to see you again next summer.

If you want a true adventure this is the activity ! Spectacular landscapes to see and take wonderful pictures. Specially nice on October \November

I had the best time! Our tour guide ( Michael ) was superb! Very funny and very knowledgeable! Would definitely recommend this tour A++

Julien was very accomodating and helpful throughout the hike!