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Red Cap Walking Tours is your gateway to La Paz, Bolivia! We bring this amazing city, who's staggering height is only surpassed by her incredible beauty and charm, to life through a number of fascinating walking tours. We give you the stories behind the amazing history, culture and customs of one of the world's most vibrant and intersting cities! We want you to love La Paz like we do! And our amazing reviews in guidebooks and online sites show that we really care about our city and her visitors! Our original city walking tour takes us throughout the center of La Paz, focusing on San Pedro Prison, Rodriguez Market, Murillo government square, the witches market, Jaen street and MUCH MUCH MORE! Not your typical list of dates and names tour....we bring the people of this amazing city and their history to life with our entertaining and knowledgable guides every day at 11am or 2pm from Plaza San Pedro. Our delicious Foodie Tour is the first foodie tour in the city and the most popular! Not only do we try some of the best dishes but we focus on the stories behind the plates and the ingredients you can only find here. We believe you can never trully know a place until you eat from it's table. And we invite you to join us nightly on a fantastic tour that will leave your stomach, sould and mind full! Our extended teleferico tour takes us well off the beaten path! We take the amazing teleferico for one of the best views in South America up to El Alto, where you can get your fortune read by a local Shaman (Yatiri), visit the giant black market and many other offf the wall and amazing places that you can only find in La Paz! On Thursday and Sunday we also take you up to the Cholita Wrestling! If you have any other specific tour or interest we love to help you make the most of your time in our city. So contact us as we are happy to help!

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