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Wild Bays of Krk Island: A private half day boat tour

1. Wild Bays of Krk Island: A private half day boat tour

Your boat trip starts from Punat harbour. During a 30 minutes panoramic boat ride you will see the neighbouring island, the distant Krk city and Krk islands unique rock formations. First, we will show you the beaches you can choose from. Each of us is different - some will stay shorter at the bays and want to spend more time cruising with the boat. Some will change more beaches, while others will snorkel and sunbathe on the same beach for the available 2,5h. Luckily, this is your personal trip and we will help you to enjoy the way you want it.

Punat: Explore the North Adriatic

2. Punat: Explore the North Adriatic

Embark on an unforgettable boattrip adventure, where the shimmering azure waters of the Adriatic Sea beckon you towards an exciting four-hour journey. Setting sail from the quaint coastal town of Punat, you'll be taken on a mesmerizing voyage, immersing yourself in the beauty of Croatia's pristine islands. As the boat gently glides through the gentle waves, the soothing sea breeze carries a sense of anticipation and excitement. The knowledgeable captain, an experienced seafarer, welcomes you and the other guests warmly, ensuring everyone is comfortably settled into their seats. The boat itself is a model of reliability, designed to provide the smoothest and safest trip possible. The first highlight of the trip is an ethereal wild beach on the island of Krk, accessible only by boat. As the boat nears the coastline, you'll be captivated by the untouched beauty of this hidden gem. The crystal-clear waters beckon invitingly, offering the perfect opportunity to take a refreshing dip in nature's own private pool. Swimming here feels like a secret shared with the sea, surrounded by pristine cliffs and lush greenery. After the rejuvenating swim, the journey continues to Plavnik, the largest unpopulated island in Croatia. Plavnik boasts untouched nature and a sense of tranquility that instantly envelops you upon arrival. The boat glides along the coastline, allowing you to marvel at the breathtaking scenery, with secluded coves, rugged cliffs, and an abundance of wildlife. If you're a nature enthusiast, this part of the trip will be a feast for the eyes and a chance to immerse yourself in the untouched beauty of Croatia's landscapes. We also visit the charming island of Kormat. Here you'll have the unique experience of feeding seagulls as they swoop and glide around the boat, catching bits of food mid-air. Children will be enthralled by the playful birds, and it provides an excellent opportunity for some memorable photos to cherish later. Throughout the journey, the boat's crew provides informative and entertaining commentary, sharing fascinating insights into the history, culture, and ecology of the islands. You'll learn about the ancient legends that surround these lands, and how they have shaped the lives of the locals who call these islands home. As the boat trip concludes and you head back to the port of Krk, you'll carry with you the beauty of the Adriatic and the enchanting memories of this remarkable experience. Whether it's the exhilaration of swimming at a wild beach, the awe-inspiring views of Plavnik's untouched nature, the joy of feeding seagulls, or simply the relaxation and bonding over drinks, this boattrip is an adventure you'll cherish for a lifetime. So come aboard and let Croatia's coastal wonders weave their magic on you!

Discover Krk: Kayak tour around Košljun isle

3. Discover Krk: Kayak tour around Košljun isle

This tour is perfect for active vacationers who enjoy water activities. Join us as we paddle around the Košljun islet, swim, jump into the sea, and capture unforgettable moments. The tour starts with a briefing at our meeting point in Dunat 50. Once the group is ready, we head to Galapagos beach, where your guide will explain the equipment and tour rules. After packing our kayaks, we paddle towards Košljun, exploring its Roman underwater drywalls. We take a short break to learn about the islet and its legends. Then, we proceed to the "old small harbor" near St. Mikul on the Prniba Peninsula for a playful and adventurous experience. Your guide will introduce the peninsula's attractions and there you will have the opportunity for swimming, diving, jumping into the sea and having fun with your friends and family. Don't forget to capture beautiful memories. Finally, we paddle back to Galapagos beach, where you can continue swimming and relaxing.

Krk : Sailing along the coasts of island Krk and Plavnik

4. Krk : Sailing along the coasts of island Krk and Plavnik

The trip starts in Krk harbour. As you sail along the coast of Island Krk you approach the Fox bay situated near Stara Baška where you will have a 1 hour stop. You can either swim to the beach or use our dinghy as transportation so you can take your things with you to the beach. After Fox bay your next stop is near Island Kormati to sightsee the small island of seagulls. It is a short 10 minute stop. Then you visit the Island Plavnik where we make two stops. First you have a 30ih minute stop at the cave, you have to swim inside to see it or you can stay on the ship. Afterwards we go to our second and last stop on Island Plavnik where you sightsee the endangered species know as the Griffon Vultures, also a short 10 minute stop. Upon your return you will see the panoramic view of island and town Krk.

Swimming and Snorkeling with Captain Bobo on Plavnik Island

5. Swimming and Snorkeling with Captain Bobo on Plavnik Island

The second largest uninhabited island in Croatia, with its many natural attractions, is desirable for those who want a little more action. You will see vultures, the largest birds in Europe, with a wingspan larger than 2.5 meters. You will swim in the narrow passage between the rocks and explore the Love cave. You will enjoy bays and beaches of untouched nature, and maybe meet dolphins and feed dears.

Swimming and Snorkeling with Captain Bobo on Wild Bays(3,5h)

6. Swimming and Snorkeling with Captain Bobo on Wild Bays(3,5h)

A relaxing half-day excursion (3,5h), with less boat ride and more swimming and snorkeling in the perfect clear sea, and sunbathing on the most beautiful beaches of the northern Adriatic, ideal for all those who are trying to avoid crowds at public beaches. After only 40 minutes of panoramic boat ride from the port of Punat, along the coast of the most beautiful part of the island of Krk, in the direction of Stara Baška, we reach the amazing bays, accessible only by sea. I'll show you each of them; Fox bay, Bishop bay, Golden bay, Long bay, Cornels bay. We will select some of them, where no other boats, or there are not many, and we will stop next to the beach, and take a swimming break. I have a small dinghy that you can use to transport your belongings and small children to the beach. Also, we can take a swimming break next to some of the caves. Most often we have two stops, but sometimes three, or just one, depending on your preference, the current situation in the bays, or weather conditions. Overall, we have about two hours for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing.

Hidden Bays of Stara Baška, Island Krk

7. Hidden Bays of Stara Baška, Island Krk

Early in the morning is the meeting on the public beach in Punat, followed by introduction of guests with basics of kayaking. Kayaks are placed into water and the kayak adventure begins! This experience takes you south of Punat, along the beatiful and secretive coastline, where can be found few beatiful bays and beaches on which the break to chill out or take a swim in cristal clear water will be made. Kayaking continues south, following coastline, exploring hidden bays and charming cliffs. The adventure ends with a lunch in an old village - Stara Baška. The kayaking adventure ends in Stara Baška, where guests will be transported back to Punat, with dinner waiting for them in a local family place, with the experience of tasting local cusine!

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What people are saying about Punat

Awesome! Had a really nice day, sailed along beautiful places, stopped at beautiful locations, heard beautiful stories, and super nice staff! The captain was a very sweet man, he had a lot of passion for his work and he conveyed that to us well! Nice to see. For me and my partner our best day of the whole holiday! Wow!

Very nice tour guide, great tour! The guide plans the trip so that you are almost alone at the bathing spots and not with all the other tourist boats at the bathing spot and the cave. The tour is definitely worth the money & even went on for half an hour longer!

Highly Recommended. The captain in particular guides you through the day in a pleasant, entertaining manner and with lots of information about Krk and Croatia. It was great that he adapted the tour to avoid the crowds at the stops. I would book again at any time.

Very nice experience! The guide was very kind, and he took us to places that if you didn't have a boat would not have been reachable. We even saw dolphins swimming! Super recommended and really affordable price!

Very nice tour! Several stops to jump into the beautiful blue sea, seen a lot and collected super cool memories. You must have done it if you have the opportunity!