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Province of Cádiz, SpainNature & adventure

Our most recommended Province of Cádiz, Spain Nature & adventure

Jerez de la Frontera: How the Andalusian Horses Dance

1. Jerez de la Frontera: How the Andalusian Horses Dance

Marvel at the equestrian skills of Spanish horses and riders at a unique "How the Andalusian Horses Dance" ballet at the Fundacion Real Escuela Andaluza Del Arte Ecuestre (Foundation Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art) in Jerez de la Frontera. Accompanied by quintessential Spanish music and 18th-century style costumes, the choreography uses movements based on classical dressage, Doma Vaquera (country-style riding), and traditional equestrian chores. Each show consists of 6-8 different choreographies, scheduled by the school according to the following repertoire: Doma Vaquera: Doma Vaquera is a Spanish riding discipline, based on traditional cattle herding. The horseman rides his horse around the arena using only one hand, first trotting and later galloping, changing the rhythm and performing pirouettes and arreones (breaking into a gallop). Classical Dressage: See different choreographies, such as “The Colts,” “Airs on Horseback,” “Pas de Deux,” “Passage and Piaffer,” “Domino on Horseback,” “Airs Above the Ground” and “Fantasy.” The horses carry out advanced exercises to classical music. Carriage Driving: Marvel as the horses demonstrate their ability to draw carriages. These horse-drawn carriages were originally used for transport, but are now relegated to sport and exhibitions, using classical harnesses and driven by coachmen who dexterously demonstrate exciting skills. Work in Hand: Admire the skill of a horse that obeys its rider even when the horseman is not in the saddle. They will carry out classical Haute École dressage exercises, such as levades, caprioles, courbettes, piaffe (between pillars), and the Spanish walk. Carrousel: See a group of horses and riders perform advanced equestrian exercises in unison, providing a fitting end to the performance. V Schools 50th Anniversary Galas On the 30th of June and the 1st of July at 9 p.m., the Four Equestrian European Schools will be performing together for the first time: Austria, France, Spain & Portugal. The brand-new Abu Dhabi International Riding School will be joining to this event developed under supervision and training of our Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. This will be a historical event in which each School will provide an exhibition of its best and most outstanding numbers. To accommodate the great expectation generated, 4000 seats will be enabled in the stands that will be installed on the outdoor arena of the Royal School, located next to the “Álvaro Domecq” riding arena, as well as a space for leisure and catering. You can buy your tickets by selecting the corresponding option on the mentioned dates.

Tarifa: Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

2. Tarifa: Whale & Dolphin Watching in the Strait of Gibraltar

Embark on a whale-watching cruise from Tarifa. Go through the Strait of Gibraltar and enjoy the multitude of aquatic species in this international biosphere reserve. Keep an eye out for common, striped, and bottlenose dolphins. Hop aboard in Tarifa and cruise through the Strait of Gibraltar. Take in sweeping views of the coast. Try to spot pilot, fin, and sperm whales as you go along. Watch as these whales play and frolic in their natural environment. Take a whale-watching adventure with a high likelihood of seeing a whale or dolphin. Know that if you don't see any species of cetacean, you will get a second chance. Travel with a company that actively supports sustainable practices. Approach animals with caution to avoid disturbing them. Feel comfortable knowing that this tour provider uses the distance and speeds outlined by Spanish Legislation and the ACCOBAMS regulations.

Barbate: Dolphin and Whale Watching in Cape Trafalgar

3. Barbate: Dolphin and Whale Watching in Cape Trafalgar

Embark on an exciting whale watching adventure in Trafalgar, departing from the Barbate marina. This captivating experience takes you into the heart of the Atlantic, where you'll discover marine life in its natural habitat. As you sail through the crystal clear waters, prepare to be amazed by the presence of whales, dolphins, and other fascinating species that call these waters home. The journey begins at the Barbate marina, where you'll board the boat and set off on an unforgettable expedition. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera ready as you witness the awe-inspiring sight of whales gracefully gliding through the water and dolphins leaping in playful joy. This remarkable adventure offers an up-close encounter with these majestic creatures. Learn fascinating facts about their behaviours, habitats, and conservation efforts from the knowledgeable guides on board. As the cetaceans approach the boat, feel a surge of excitement and wonder, as their curiosity draws them nearer. These magical moments create unforgettable memories and provide a unique connection to the natural world. The adventure culminates with a return to the Barbate marina, where you'll disembark with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the sea. Reflect on the incredible sightings and the privilege of being a witness to nature's spectacle. From the marina, you have the freedom to continue your exploration of Trafalgar's natural beauty or retreat to your accommodation, carrying with you the cherished memories of this unforgettable whale watching journey.

Tarifa: Guided Snorkel Tour in the Strait Natural Park

4. Tarifa: Guided Snorkel Tour in the Strait Natural Park

The activity will begin at the meeting point, Calle Segismundo Moret, en el "Monumento de Atún y viento". Previously we will have asked all the participants their weight, height, and foot number to have their snorkel equipment ready, this is a mask, snorkel tube, booties, fins, and 5 or 7 mm neoprene in very good condition and from the best brands of MARES diving equipment. We will equip ourselves and leave your personal belongings in our van, under and key. The instructor will give you a theory on how to use the snorkel equipment, finning, posture... and the particularities of our natural park, its biodiversity, and marine species. We will go snorkeling, the activity in the water will last from 40 to 50 minutes, depending on the participants. Once we get out of the water, we head back to the meeting point, take off our snorkel gear, and grab our personal belongings. We only need a towel and a bikini or swimsuit to carry out the activity. We are a diving company that has been in Tarifa for 6 years carrying out diving activities and for some time now we have included the Snorkeling activity since we have realized that this activity is highly appreciated by clients since it is calm and relaxing and easy. Without any entry-level fitness, it is only necessary to have a basic level of swimming. It is for the whole family, for couples, groups of friends, events, bachelor parties or to do alone with an instructor. For all ages from 8 years. If you are in the area you cannot miss this wonderful activity. Please, you are at the meeting point 10 minutes before the activity. It,s difficult to park in the area. We recommend that you come before the activity to look for parking or directly parked the car in the public parking "Colegio Guzman el Bueno"

El Rocío: Doñana National Park Horseback Riding Tour

5. El Rocío: Doñana National Park Horseback Riding Tour

We will leave our facilities at the La Aldea campsite and head towards the Doñana Park. You will be able to see flora and fauna such as deer and various birds and the famous Iberian lynx. Enjoy a pleasant horse ride along the seashore, we will visit its dunes (with its spectacular viewpoints to the sea) and returning through the interior of the Natural Area of Doñana where you can observe closely the native fauna and flora Later, we will go to the Aldea El Rocío. El Rocio is the only town in Spain with sandy streets because the most common transport is the horse.We will pass by the hermitage and return to the starting point.

Jerez: Yeguada de la Cartuja Carthusian Horses Tour

6. Jerez: Yeguada de la Cartuja Carthusian Horses Tour

Head to the historic state of Fuente del Suero in Andalusia to see the world’s best known stock of Cartujano horses. From ancient times, these noble beasts played an important role in Spanish culture, and the Yeguada de la Cartuja stud farm, next to the Monastery of La Cartuja, is the perfect location to breed them, thanks to the climate and fertile lands. The region was made famous when the Carthusian Monastery became the undisputed center for breeding Jerezano horses in the 15th century. The tradition has continued uninterrupted to this day, and the stud farm boasts more than 200 of the thoroughbreds. You will taken on a guided tour of the farm to learn about its dedication to the preservation and improvement of the Cartujano breed. See free running colts and mares, free running stallions, a dressage exhibition, the current batch of foals, and more Watch the grace and power of the prestige breed, and discover why they are the national pride of Spain.

Barbate : Parque Natural La Breña y Cabo Trafalgar

7. Barbate : Parque Natural La Breña y Cabo Trafalgar

2-hour route through the Natural Park, observing its magnificent cliffs and the typical fauna and flora of the area as it passes through the strait. Navigation at Cape Trafalgar knowing its history from Roman times to the present day. Highly recommended unique experience.

Costa del Sol: Day Trip to Ronda and Setenil

8. Costa del Sol: Day Trip to Ronda and Setenil

Travel to Andalusia, one of the most wonderful regions in southern Spain. Meet your expert tour guide in the Costa del Sol and hop on the coach to Setenil de las Bodegas. Stroll around the charming town, known for its mesmerizing white houses built into the surrounding cliffs. See the beautiful town of Ronda, learn about the culture and history from your guide as you walk. Visit the iconic bullring Plaza de Toros de Ronda and enjoy the museum. You will get to know the most romantic Ronda, inspiration for poets and painters, stroll through the Plaza de España, visit the most famous bridge in Spain, El Puente Nuevo from where you will photograph the spectacular Tajo de Ronda that separates the city in two halves. Feeling hungry? No worries, you have time to grab food or explore the city at your own pace. You will return by coach to the Costa del Sol with amazing memories and priceless photos.

From Cadiz: Gibraltar Day Trip with Guided Top Sights Tour

9. From Cadiz: Gibraltar Day Trip with Guided Top Sights Tour

Pick up at different departure locations and way to Gibraltar. Country border crossing and transfer to the centre of this British colony. With the Rock Tour you will do a guided tour by bus (estimated time 1.5h). The first stop will be in Punta Europa, the southernmost place in Gibraltar. You will be surprised because of the views of the Strait of Gibraltar (and if the weather is OK, of Ceuta and Morocco). Next stop will be in the most famous place of the Rock, “Caves of St Michael”, made up of different areas. being the most spectacular the Hall of the Cathedral, name due to the forms that have similarities with pipes of a musical organ of a Cathedral. After that, you could see the monkeys and take photos of them, as well as the whole city (all this will be accompanied with a local guide). We’ll have free time to have lunch, go shopping and visiting the city on your own.

From Jerez: Gibraltar Full Day Tour

10. From Jerez: Gibraltar Full Day Tour

Explore Gibraltar with a local guide to experience the incredible sights, sounds, and culture of the area on a day trip from Jerez. Say hello to the cheeky barbary apes when you visit the Rock of Gibraltar, and enjoy views across the sea to Africa. Join a morning excursion from Jerez to the Spanish border, enjoying the fabulous view of the Rock of Gibraltar as you approach. Explore the main attractions of Gibraltar with a local guide, visiting the nature reserve to see the Pillars of Hercules, St. Michael's Cave, and of course the famous barbary apes. Descend from the rock to stroll along the main street, shopping for souvenirs and bargains before returning to Jerez.

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I did enjoy the show, however a large corporate group arrived late and spoiled it for me and my guests. They walked through the line of seats to get to theirs whilst the horses were performing, they kept getting up, talking on phones and has no regard for fellow spectators.

Do not miss this experience of a lifetime .... it is like a ballet of Andalusian Equestrians who move with both gentleness and strength. Breathtaking ... the trainers and horses communicate expertly! Bravo!

Absolutely lovely display of horsemanship and equestrian athleticism. Such beautiful horses....lucky to catch one of the last performances of the head rider before his recent retirement!

We went to see the Anderlusion horses on Thursday. Even if you don’t like horses this trip is a must from start to finish even the music is amazing, a big 5 star rating from us

Excellent venue and amazing show. Close to central Jerez.