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Portland, Oregon Bike tours

Our most recommended Portland, Oregon Bike tours

Bike Portland: Bridges, Neighborhoods, Poetry, and Roses

1. Bike Portland: Bridges, Neighborhoods, Poetry, and Roses

Enjoy more time riding, with occasional stops for gardens, one-of-a-kind markets, art collectives, sculptures, bridge viewpoints, and river beaches. This tour begins in the inner Eastside neighborhoods, where you will be fitted for an easy-to-ride bike and helmet, ready for a low-key 7-10 mile ride (12-16 kilometers). Your guide will lead your group into the southeast Portland neighborhood of Ladd's Addition where you’ll visit several of the city's quadrants, ride over two bridges, and along the Willamette River. You will visit semi-secret beaches, examine unique modes of transportation, see public art of every shape, color, and texture. This ride is both like a poem and filled with poetry: you will read poetry written on murals, on sidewalks, and carved into rocks. Along the tour, you will have the opportunity to photograph and explore public art, poetry, parks and beaches; and learn about all of the modes of Portland's transportation up close.

Portland: Food Carts of the Eastside Bike Tour

2. Portland: Food Carts of the Eastside Bike Tour

Meet your tour guide in the thriving industrial district, where you'll be fitted for a bike and helmet before heading out on a culinary experience through some of the more than 60 food cart pods in Portland. Sample favorites spanning a range from Oregon farm-to-table delights, to snacks appropriate for late-night cravings. As you set out, your guide will learn about your food preferences and you will visit the first permanent food cart pod, anywhere. Take a neighborhood ride of between 8-12 miles (13-19 km) to three more favorite food cart pods. Learn about the fascinating tale of how Portland came to be the epicenter of the food cart craze. Bike up a gentle hill to the Hawthorne neighborhood, part of Portland's hometown story and the heart of all that's delicious, funky, and hippie. Delve into the city's foodie history, dating back to the early 1900s, and stop at a special coffee food cart made in a unique vehicle to savor a caffeinated beverage. Your guide will select food for the group to sample at each pod, including samples from carts that were favorites as the scene was being established, and others that have come more recently to be major characters in the Portland food scene. Each dish will tell a little bit more of the food cart story. You'll have the option to purchase beer or dessert before the group starts the ride back to the meeting point; a downhill coast to allow full stomachs to settle. Once back, you will be offered a map of the carts visited during the ride, and others to try beyond.

Portland: Guided Bike Tour with Brewery Visits

3. Portland: Guided Bike Tour with Brewery Visits

Discover some of Portland's best bike routes and breweries on a brews cruise bike tour. Join your guide as you head out on the city's bike-friendly streets and peddle through downtown. Enjoy two stops at local microbreweries to sample their craft beers. Get some exercise and avoid the hassle of driving as you explore some of Portland's oldest neighborhoods with your guide. Learn how the city rose to fame as an international craft beer destination and how the culture of collaboration and experimentation allows so many breweries to coexist in Portland. Take a sneak peek behind the scenes at a microbrewery and learn about the brewing process. Discover how locally sourced, world-class ingredients like Willamette Valley hops and Mt. Hood’s pure snowmelt are transformed to make some of the best beer in the world. Along the way, visit Lone-Fir Cemetery, Portland’s second-largest arboretum, where you'll pay homage to one of the original brewmasters of the world, followed by a cycle through Portland’s flagship Laurelhurst Park.

Portland: Cannabis Culture Guided Bike Tour

4. Portland: Cannabis Culture Guided Bike Tour

Meet your guide at the local operator’s bike store in one of Portland’s uniquely funky neighborhoods then head out onto the city streets where your cannabis adventure awaits. On the tour, learn about how Oregon has been a forerunner in cannabis legalization since the 1970s as you take part in a 14.5 km bike ride through the city, visiting dispensaries, head shops, and local hot spots along the way. The experience introduces you to the history of Portland as it influences, and has been impacted by, the story of hemp and cannabis, from the 1800s to the present. Visit two hand-picked dispensaries where you’ll learn what the differences are between strains like sativa, indica, and hybrids, as well as why the aroma of marijuana buds can be a clue to what might be best for you. Enjoy the opportunity to shop for cannabis and edibles, or just learn more about Oregon’s finest farms and strains. Next, wander through the world of art glass and see the spectrum of glass art from purely functional to true works of artistic genius (but still smokable). You can also shop for stunningly crafted wooden pipes, then if you’ve got the munchies, explore the best choices for late-night (or late-afternoon) cravings. In just three hours, experience Portland’s culture and history, and shop for cannabis more confidently, along with a beautiful ride through the city’s neighborhoods that locals call “hippie central.”

Essential Portland: 2-Hour Guided Bike Tour

5. Essential Portland: 2-Hour Guided Bike Tour

There is no better way to explore Portland’s beautiful riverfront views, historic neighborhoods, and vibrant culture than on this casual urban bike tour which allows you to avoid city traffic, get some exercise, and see attractions up close. Make your way to the downtown meeting point, where you can pick out bikes and get ready to experience the sights of Portland. Riding through the heart of China Town and into Tom McCall Waterfront Park, the first stop on the tour is at the Japanese American Historical Plaza, where great views of the ever-changing cityscape await. Continuing on, you will have the opportunity to experience world-class bike paths and scenic skyline vistas en route to the city’s green neighborhoods and successful commerce spaces. The tour then moves onto the smooth paths of Portland’s Park Blocks where you will be able to visit the city's newest park providing a look into the future of community spaces. Finally, the Portland City Bike Tour would not be complete without a cruise through the Pearl district, known as a hotspot for incredible food, beer, and craft culture.

Portland: The Simpsons Bike Tour

6. Portland: The Simpsons Bike Tour

At the intersection of cartoon storytelling, history, and culture, find the real truth behind The Simpsons. Portland street names make many appearances in The Simpsons, beginning with Evergreen Terrace — the street creator Matt Groening grew up on. But the city boasts more than just the namesakes of many characters; it is the context in which the show was created, and the cultural manifestation of the show's impact on American lives. Come along on a 14-mile bike ride that explores physical ties to the show, like the Bart Simpson drawing etched into the sidewalk near Groening's high school, and the streets that give many characters their names. The ride also connects to the culture of the city as it has influenced, and been influenced by, the show. Visit the donut culture in the city, entirely developed during the show's run, as well as the skateboard culture, which had its origins around the time the show began. Like no other tour, you will examine the great (and weird) true stories behind the origins of Krusty the Clown, Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, Jebediah Springfield and Manhattan Shelbyville, Moe's Tavern, and Lisa's flirtations with vegetarianism and Buddhism. Full of photo ops, fun facts, prank calls and of course donuts, this tour tells a story of a city and its most famous TV offspring... The Simpsons.

Portland: Guided Foodie Bike Tour

7. Portland: Guided Foodie Bike Tour

Come hungry and join your guide as you discover Portland's local foodie hotspots. Learn about the city's bustling culinary scene and the "localvore" philosophy that drives it. The first stop on your tour is a local coffee shop. Learn about this incredible business, its dedication to sourcing beans from women-owned cooperatives, and its passion for creating the very best coffee. This coffee shop even makes its own chocolate, a must-visit for any foodie. Discover Portland's food truck scene and taste the incredible flavors served up by some of these gourmet street vendors. The city has over 500 food trucks, creating fierce competition that drives the quality and creative delivery to delicious new heights. Continue your tour as you journey through more craftsman neighborhoods towards your last stop. Indulge your sweet tooth, topping your experience off with a visit to what is considered home to some of the best ice cream in the city. Enjoy the unique taste of the wonderful flavors created from the store's own handmade ice cream base, the perfect ending to your foodie adventure.

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We arrived early in Portland and scheduled this tour for early afternoon. Unfortunately, we arrived at the beginning of a horrific heatwave and were just beaten by the heat. Thankfully, these folks recognized that it was not healthy and rescheduled for 9am the next day. Love that they really have the best interest of everyone in mind. Bryan was an awesome guide. His love of history really came through. We loved the other family on the trip with us and we were all more interested in being on the bikes and seeing as much as possible so we skipped the food stops that they bake in along the way. Despite the heat, this was a perfect way to get to know Portland. The poetry and rose gardens were so sweet. Loved crossing over the bridges and getting to know the different neighborhoods. Too slow for me at times but it's good that they ensure that nobody is left behind. The bike was comfortable and the experience fun and awesome. Super slow and easy ride. Flat 99% of the ride.

Really enjoyed our tour led by Vincent! This was an awesome ride - a great way to see different parts of the city up close. I loved that we had time to stop and smell the roses, take in the beautiful views of the rivers and bridges, eat ice cream, and enjoy art! Vincent was very knowledgeable and passionate about Portland. We encountered sights we would not have discovered or appreciated on our own. The bikes were in great condition and the ride was smooth and scenic. Very glad we did this tour!

Dustin our guide was very knowledgeable, funny and witty. We enjoyed the bike ride, the weather was just amazing. The food was really good. Overall it was an outstanding day with an amazing guide and awesome food!

Dustin and Vincent were excellent tour guides. This ride in particular was a solid blend of good views, good eats, and history.

We did a fairly easy ride of 7-8 miles and stopped frequently to hear about the city. Bikes were comfortable too.