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Piazza della Minerva

Piazza della Minerva: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rome Highlights Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt and Walking Tour

1. Rome Highlights Self-Guided Scavenger Hunt and Walking Tour

Get to know Rome at your own pace on this interactive scavenger hunt walking tour played on your phone. Decipher riddles, interact with the most important attractions of the city, and unlock interesting facts and legends. An ideal outdoor activity for first time visitors, couples, groups, families, and children. Can be used as a great team-building activity. To get started, simply download the app and go to the starting point at Castel St. Angelo for your first challenge (download link and login credentials received after booking). Choose to start the tour at any time. At each stop, learn about the attraction and solve a location-based riddle that can only be solved if you reach the specific location. Use logic, imagination, observation, and team spirit to unlock the correct code and reveal the next destination of the city sightseeing game. Use your imagination, logic, observation, and team spirit in order to solve riddles at each attraction. The app's integrated maps will help you to navigate to each new place. Along the way, learn about the city and places you visit.Start your tour from Castel St. Angelo, then visit the centre of Rome and one of the most famous squares in the world, Piazza Navona! Visit Piazza della Rotonda with the beautiful Pantheon overlooking it, and explore Piazza della Minerva with the magnificent church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva. Photograph Sant'Andrea della Valle and bury yourself in Piazza Venezia as you get lost in its chaos. Then the imposing Forum of Trajan awaits you. Still the famous Capitoline Hill designed by the one and only Michelangelo continues your beautiful journey in Rome. Admire the Colosseum one of the attractions that everyone knows having or not having been to Rome. Pause whenever you want to take a break or spend some more time sightseeing. As you explore, you may also run into some of the city's hidden gems along the characteristic, narrow streets.

Rome: Raiders of Rome a Treasure Hunt in the Eternal City

2. Rome: Raiders of Rome a Treasure Hunt in the Eternal City

We all know Rome is awesome, but for kids it can be a little heavy-going. Well, here you don’t have to compromise. Let your little ones loose on a scavenger hunt, with our local guide leading the adventure. With their scavenger kits and treasure maps they’ll be seeking out treasures while you soak in the sights – the Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and many unmissable others that you can take in at your own pace. While the kids are busy with their Indiana Jones adventure kits stickers, and maps, you’ll have time to revisit your own childhood. Play the parts of Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, and Matt Damon in Rome’s famous piazzas and create family memories that will stay with you forever. Of course, all that running around is thirsty (and hungry!) work. So at the end of the tour, there’ll be time for a pizza or gelato stop. Buon appetito!

Rome: Gourmet Wine and Dine in a Luxury Restaurant

3. Rome: Gourmet Wine and Dine in a Luxury Restaurant

Experience the taste sensations of Italy at a fine dining wine and dine adventure in Rome. Meet your guide in the Piazza della Minerva near the Pantheon, and head to your reserved table in a nearby restaurant. You will be greeted by the restaurant owners with a smile and warm handshake, as if they were inviting you into their own living room. The cellar floor is generally the set of our aperitif (except if under maintainance or restoration works). Anyway, the food and wine pairing dinner takes place at the street floor, in the amazing halls of the restaurant. You will feel as friends in their home. Let’s meet Tina, the chef and mamma in the kitchen and her son Alessandro. Meeting the friendly and professional staff of Casa Bleve for a memorable and emotional evening.They can’t wait to offer you the best wine and food pairing, a mix of tradition and style. While your host will explain you how to appreciate wine and the amazing game of the food pairing. Enjoy the specialties of the house, such as prosecco paired with cold meat and goats, tome or pecorino cheese. Sample cheeses from Lombardia, Piedmont and Tuscany. Follow with a typical pasta course, such as paccheri al cacio e pepe (cheese and black pepper), a main course of beef or fish, and a selection of Italian patisserie for dessert. Experts local foodie guides and sommeliers will guide you in the amazing world of food and wine pairing. Discovering traditions and history of wine in Italy in a amazing and memorable dinner. Tasting four amazing wines in combination with food specialties. Your friendly guide will share with you the art of pairing food and wine in a dinner. Because this is really the best game in the world. From the aperitif to the dessert, in Italian style, be ready for a trip through senses discovering differences and highlights of Italian cuisine.

Rome: City Introduction in-App Guide & Audio

4. Rome: City Introduction in-App Guide & Audio

Walk through a beautiful route of the city, discover hidden gems and visit 10+ of the most important attractions and spots. Learn some introductory information about each place and interesting stories about the city in general. Download the ‘World City Trail ‘app from the store and login. Read the instructions and head to the starting location. Unlock photos of the exterior and the interior of the location. Listen or read some information regarding the attraction and continue walking to the next checkpoint. Note what you liked and did not like and create your bucket list for the next days! Start your walk any time, without a schedule. Pause it for lunch, have a drink, visit an attraction of your choice, and continue later or even another day. With the maps feature, you will never get lost. After downloading the app, start your tour at Castel St. Angelo, then visit the center of Rome and one of the most famous squares in the world, Piazza Navona. You will then continue to the Piazza Della Rotonda with the beautiful Pantheon overlooking it, and explore Piazza Della Minerva with the magnificent church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. Admire the Sant'Andrea Della Valle and bury yourself in Piazza Venezia as you get lost in its chaos. Next, you will see the imposing Forum of Trajan and the famous Capitoline Hill designed by the one and only Michelangelo. The icing on the cake of this unique tour will be the Colosseum, where you will end the tour. During the tour, choose to pause the app at any time to take a break or spend some more time seeing the sights.

Rome: Self-Guided City Discovery Game

5. Rome: Self-Guided City Discovery Game

Discover Rome as never before with this original interactive game experience. Using your cell phone, your challenge will start at Piazza del Popolo. Simply open your e-mail link and your adventure will begin. While roaming the streets of Rome, you will have to look for unknown details, get more information of the inhabitants from days passed and will enjoy the beauty of the historic centre of Rome. Curious facts: Get to know more about the city, discover the secrets of the main attractions, and learn about curious facts that you won't read elsewhere. Find monuments and hidden secrets: Our local creator created an interactive walk through the city. Cryptic indications make you wind through the cities streets, inviting you to pay attention to details which you usually won't notice. Once you've arrived at the next stop, you will have to solve a question: open your eyes and mind and use your location to find the right answer! Enjoy: While doing this discovery trail, you will get to know the city from another point of view. Even locals discover new facts while doing secret city trails! Solve 12 location based riddles created by our local creator. These riddles will take you from one location to the next. As you solve each riddle, you will unlock local recommendations and fun facts, as well as fascinating information on the history of the city of Roman Emperors', world-wide known artists and buildings that even after 2000 years still impress you.

Rome: Ghosts and Mysteries Tour & 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

6. Rome: Ghosts and Mysteries Tour & 24-Hour Hop-On Hop-Off Bus

Uncover the ghosts and mysteries of Rome on a guided tour to see the Pantheon and Largo di Torre Argentina. Benefit from an included 24-hour ticket to the Gray Line - I Love Rome hop-on hop-off bus, providing access to 8 stops distributed throughout the city. Ghosts and Mysteries Tour:Famous for its thousand years of history, a city built on the remains of battle, conquest, and assassination, walk through the alleys and squares of Rome and listen out for ancient voices calling to you from the past. Begin your tour at Castel Sant’Angelo, looking from the outside at the famous prison for nobles, artists, and common criminals. Continue along Via del Governo Vecchio to reach Piazza di Pasquino and see the disfigured statue of a Greek hero. Stop outside the Pantheon, the most well-preserved and influential building of ancient Rome, before moving on to Piazza della Minerva, once the site of a temple built by Pompey. Discover the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated at the Largo di Torre Argentina. Imagine yourself at the heart of the Roman empire, before ending your tour in Piazza Mattei.  Hop-On Hop-Off Bus:Ride around the capital city of Italy on an open-top hop-on hop-off bus. Access this convenient transportation for 24-hours, allowing you to visit some of the best sights in Rome. Enjoy great views of the streets of Rome, discovering the daily lives of locals and keeping an eye out for spots to visit if you want to hop-off. Use the handy map to plan your route through the city. Hop-on again easily at one of the eight stops distributed around Rome. Benefit from audio commentary in 13 languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic.

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we started this treasure hunt in Castel Sant'Angelo, at first we didn't understand anything, there was a puzzle to compose but we didn't know how to do it, so we wrote on WhatsApp to the get your guide staff and they replied immediately, we I understood that you have to write the numbers in order and not move the puzzle boxes and from there our hunt started, we made puzzles, guessed riddle etc. etc. we liked it a lot and I would gladly do it again, the only advice I would say is to give a bit simpler clues especially that of the church, x the rest was fantastic

Very nice tour! You see a lot of places you wouldn't get to otherwise :) The puzzles are a bit tricky, but really doable for an adult. You should pay attention to sturdy shoes, we were at least 3 hours on foot.

What an amazing experience! I loved that we went to some beautiful spots of the town that we wouldn’t go otherwise! Totally recommend!

A little hard for teenagers but allows you to discover some nuggets that we would not have seen on our own To do!

Great wine to very good food.

Very good service, and a great tripadvisor. We did get a lot wine to the food, thats very good:)