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Parco degli Acquedotti

Parco degli Acquedotti: Our most recommended tours and activities

Rome Off-the-Beaten Path 3.5-hour Walking Tour

1. Rome Off-the-Beaten Path 3.5-hour Walking Tour

Your 3.5-hour tour begins in Rome’s Jewish Ghetto, one of the most important, but greatly ignored neighborhoods in the city. With roots dating back to the mid-16th century, the area was integral to the development of Roman culture and cuisine, and home to important landmarks such as the Teatro Marcello, which is also known as the Jewish Colosseum. Next, you’ll make quick stops at the famous Mouth of Truth (stick your hand in and tell a lie if you dare). Then you’ll leave the city proper in search of the Appian Way, the most frequented thoroughfare of ancient Rome. Walk along the original paving stones as your expert guide tells you stories about the thriving Empire. From the veneration of Emperor Augustus to the crucifixion of Spartacus, this road played a central role in many of Rome’s greatest events. Your trip outside the walls will take you past the Park of the Aqueducts. Marvel at the giant structures that once provided Rome with fresh running water on demand. Afterwards, head off the beaten path to to Tiber Island, the boat-shaped island which has connected both sides of the Tiber River since antiquity. Onwards, experience some of the lesser-known spots in bohemian Trastevere, starting with a visit and tasting at a historical bakery. Pop into the church of Santa Cecilia, a magnificent complex built upon a 5th-century Basilica, before heading to Testaccio Market, where you'll try a typical roman pasta with a soft drink included.

Rome: Appia Antica and Aqueducts Private E-bike Tour

2. Rome: Appia Antica and Aqueducts Private E-bike Tour

If you are looking to get away from Rome for a while and breath fresh air, then join this Private Bike Tour of the Appian Way with a visit to the Park of the Aqueducts and a Picnic Lunch. You can choose from a menu of freshly made food for a sit down lunch at a natural spring just outside of the city, where the remains of Roman temple can be seen. But first you need to navigate the basalt blocks of the ancient Appian Way, of which we cover approximately 3/4 miles before turning towards to the Park of the Aqueducts. Cycling from Rome out into the countryside is quite an experience and will remain an amazing memory when you see the rolling fields and trees of the Appia Antica Regional Park. On our way back into Rome, we can stop to visit the Catacombs. Whilst the entry ticket is not included in the price there is not any extra charge from us if you want to include this site.

Appian Way, Aqueducts Park, Tor Fiscale and Caffarella Park

3. Appian Way, Aqueducts Park, Tor Fiscale and Caffarella Park

This half-day bike tour through the Roman countryside begins when you get on the bike path that runs parallel to the Lungotevere. Leave the bustling city behind to travel along the ancient Appian Way. You’ll be traveling along a path whose history dates all the way back to 312 BC! During your journey, you will take breaks to explore the historical sites along the Appian Way, enjoy the beautiful sights, and continue your ride to the Roman burial sites. Follow your expert guide to gain first-hand experience of the ancient aqueducts of Rome in the Parco degli Acquedotti. This tour will provide a deeper understanding of the history, nature, and art of the Eternal City - what the Roman poet Tibullus called Rome in the 1st century BC. Then you will head to Parco della Caffarella and the Parco Tor Fiscale. Here, you will be immersed in the lush nature of the Roman countryside while exploring the historical remains of Ancient Rome. Pay attention to your guide as he fascinates you with the many rich stories of Ancient Rome. Make sure to utilize the free time allotted for taking pictures before heading back to the meeting place, where the tour will end.

Rome: Running Tour in Park of the Aqueducts

4. Rome: Running Tour in Park of the Aqueducts

Combine exploring the famous of the Park of the Aqueducts with this fit and fun activity. Discover the pleasures of the Parco degli Acquedotti. Admire seven of the grandiose Roman aqueducts which supplied the city, while running with your guide. Explore a space that stands within the Appia Antica Regional Park in a green area of 240 hectares. Take part in an activity in which anyone can participate, even running novices. Have fun on a unique tour which is not a race, but a way to combine sport and culture in an enjoyable way.

Rome: E-Bike Tour of Appia Antica, Aqueducts, and Caffarella

5. Rome: E-Bike Tour of Appia Antica, Aqueducts, and Caffarella

When the Italian economic miracle ignited during the '50s, owing to the funds of the Marshall Plan and the creativity of its citizens, a large part of the country's historical, archaeological and environmental heritage became endangered and at risk of extinction, progress, modernity, and economic growth. In the case of Rome, the greatest threat came from the housing industry that was gulping down the countryside around the city's center at impressive speed. If it were not for the obstinate determination of one man, Antonio Cederna, a great Italian archaeologist, urbanist, journalist, and politician, who made it his life's mission to preserve it from uncontrolled building speculation and waged a personal war on the potent housing industry of his time, the Appia Antica, the first highway ever to be built, would be no more. Thanks to this great man, to whom the Appia Antica Archaeological Park is dedicated, we can still admire the unique beauty and the great treasures of Europe's first highway, which led from Rome to Brindisi and whose construction began in 312 BC by the Roman Censor Appius Claudius Caecus. Our electric bike tour will begin from our company's venue, situated in front of the Circus Maximus, the largest Stadium ever to be built, that could hold 300.000 spectators for the chariot races held in it. On the way to the Ancient Appian, we'll visit more "modern" places, like the Garden of Oranges and the Cavalieri di Malta Square, view the majestic Caracalla Baths, a suitable introduction to the Roman water system, a topic that'll be thoroughly covered once the tour reaches the Aqueducts Park and from there on to Porta San Sebastiano, where our guests will familiarize with the fortification of Rome and the Aurelian Walls. Along the way, we'll ride past incredible places such as the Church of Quo Vadis, the Catacombs of Saint Callistus, the Residence of Maxentius, the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, the Tumulus of the Curiazi, and Villa Dei Quintili, all of which are concentrated in the first few miles of Via Appia Antica and which will be explained by our knowledgeable tour guides. Our cross-country archaeological e-bike ride will then proceed to the breathtaking scenery of the ancient Roman Aqueducts, which supplied the city with an unsurpassed amount of water, and then, following the Almone River down into the Caffarella Valley, where you can encounter horses, sheep, goats, and pigs, literally at a stone's throw from the city's center. Finally, the grace of the Nymphaeum of Egeria, which presumably belonged to Herodes Atticus's villa, in the vicinity. The tour is a unique combination of sightseeing, naturalistic and archaeological tourism, and cross-country e-bike riding. Our company-owned fleet of state-of-the-art, quality electric bikes completes the puzzle of a genuinely sustainable and environment-friendly experience that will most certainly be the highlight of your visit to Rome.

Rome: Appian Way and Aqueducts Park e-Bike Tour

6. Rome: Appian Way and Aqueducts Park e-Bike Tour

Appia Antica Way in the section between the curch of the "Domine Quo Vadis?" up to the Aqueducts Park If you already did the classical sightseeing of the city and want more, you're on the right track. The huge protected area of the Regional Park of the Appian Way opens its gates to welcome you with all its 4500 hectares. The local guide will show you how easy it will be to ride an ebike and give you an introduction of the area before starting off the guided tour. Just 2 km away from Circus Maximus there's a green lug crowded with churches, catacombs, tombs and remains of the Roman Empire flanking the famous Regina Viarum, the Queen of all roads as the roman poet Statius mentioned in his work "Silvae". Once conceived to fulfill military purposes and then used by traders, pilgrims, intellectuals and travelers from all over the world, the Appian Way still preserves all its natural and archaeological beauty. Starting from via Appia Antica number 60 at EcoBike, you'll go past the Domine Quo Vadis Church, where, according to legend, the Apostle S. Peter, fleeing from the persecution of Nerone against Christians had the miraculous encounter with Jesus, that, while disappearing, left his footprints on the pavement. Then, you can stop off at the catacombs of Saint Sebastian or Saint Callixtus and, on your way back you can decide if to visit one of the two independently by paying on site € 10 each one with the tour. Next landmark? The private circus of the emperor Maxentius, the best roman circus preserved all over the world. Enter for free into the complex consisting of the circus, the villa and the mausoleum of his son Valerio Romolo. The film Ben-Hur directed by William Wyler and with Charlton Heston was shot here, in particular the scene of the chariot race. On the same side, uphill, on a lava plateau dating back to more than 260000 year ago, stands the Tomb of Cecilia Metella that with its giant body which seems to dominate all of the Park, the local guide will narrate to you the history of this noblewoman whose we have little information except for her family. The strategic point where the tomb was constructed was later on used as a fortress during the Middle Ages by several families, among them the name of Caetani sticks out. They took advantage of the position to control all of the area and build an actual self-sufficient village with a private fence so that passers-by had to pay a duty to transit there. A unique archaeological itinerary encompassing the highlights of the Regina Viarum, starting from the “Domine Quo Vadis” Church up to the Quintili Nymphaeum to proceed into the stunning Aqueducts Park. A bike ride among sepulchers, thermal baths, aristocratic villas up to the real jam of the Roman engineering.

Rome: Private Appian Way & Albano Lake Full-Day E-Bike Tour

7. Rome: Private Appian Way & Albano Lake Full-Day E-Bike Tour

Escape the hustle and bustle of central Rome for a full-day mountain bike tour in the surrounding countryside and follow a route through pristine nature and landscapes that have inspired some of Italy’s best known artists. The moderately difficult 50-kilometer route will take you past some of Rome’s most historic sites, such as Trajan's Baths, the Ninfeum of Egeria, Villa dei Quintilli and Caracalla’s Baths. Departing from near the Colosseum, bike through Caffarella Park to the Aqueduct Park, named after the historic aqueducts that run through this part of the Appian Way regional park. Because of its idyllic ambiance, Aqueduct Park is often used as a film location. Take the train from Capanelle to Castel Gandolfo, before hopping on your mountain bike to explore the surroundings of Lake Albano. Stop at a local restaurant with a wonderful view of the water and relax as you enjoy a traditional lunch of Italian cuisine. Lake Albano is also known as Castel Gandolfo Lake, after the castle and the Pope’s summer residence that overlooks the lake. After lunch, head back to Rome, cycling a nice descent to set you up for the Appia Antica. Relive the glory days of the Roman Empire as you bike along cobblestone streets that date back 2,300 years. Pass ancient tombs and ruins from the Roman Republic.

Rome: Appian Way Bike Tour from CIA Airport

8. Rome: Appian Way Bike Tour from CIA Airport

Roma caput mundi: the Italian capital is the cradle of Roman culture par excellence. From the union between the glorious past and modern sustainability comes the unusual experience for your Roman holiday, the experiential transfer of the Appian Way: Fly & Pedal through centuries of history of the Roman Empire. You will enjoy a unique and healthy experience: an electric bicycle tour through the glories of Ancient Rome. Did you know that the enchanting Appia Antica is 200 meters away from the Ciampino Airport? We are ready to welcome you as soon as you get off the plane to immerse you in Ancient Rome. In 5-hour maximum by electric bike you will arrive in the center of Rome. This guided tour will make you touch the Roman wonders that only the freedom of the bicycle can make you discover. We will ride together between stories and anecdotes about the Roman Empire, admiring the Roman Aqueducts or visiting the Catacombs (you will have several options). The tour starts from where you are, wether it’s the airport or the hotel: we will deliver the bicycles to your home while we take care of your luggage. You will only have to get on the saddle and enjoy the experiential transfer of the Appian Way. No traffic, no hit and run: you will take home a fantastic memory of an unusual experience, steeped in millennia of history.

Other Sightseeing Options in Parco degli Acquedotti

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Fascinating tour with a great tour guide

Amy was an amazing guide. She had an undergrad degree in Ancient Roman History and had lived in Rome for years. She knew details, timelines, and also shared her love and care for the city and all of its monuments, statues, roads etc. The day of our tour there was a cycling competition, which blocked off several routes, disrupting the various sites we were to see. Amy and the driver Fabio worked hard to find ways around and in the end we were able to see everything. I highly recommend the tour and her.

Little gems outside the city

This tour wasn't what we expected. It was even better. We had an excellent guide by the name of Giacomo. He made this tour very interesting and he passed his enthusiasm to the group. We learned a lot of interesting facts, stories and legends. The sites are small hidden gems that you will not see walking around the city. I highly recommend this tour with this particular tout guide.

We had a great off road tour with Alberto, very friendly & knowledgeable, very local tour , one tip use the battery assist on the bike straight away

Marta was fabulous! Knowledgeable, funny, and caring. An excellent tour to among other things get away from the throngs of other tourists Thank you

Julia was very personable and full of interesting facts.