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Our most recommended Palermo Cooking classes

Palermo: Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class with Dinner and Wine

1. Palermo: Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class with Dinner and Wine

This pizza making class is a memorable way to spend an afternoon in Palermo, especially if you’re travelling with your family. Guided by a pizzaiolo, first, you’ll stretch the dough and make the base ready for fresh toppings of tomato and mozzarella cheese. And you’ll also discover how to make gelato - both main course and dessert are sorted! Pizza is probably the world’s favourite food, and where better to learn than Italy? As you’re in Palermo, you’ll also see how a traditional “sfincione palermitano”is made. In English, that means thick sponge, so this is a little different to the thin-based traditional Neapolitan pizza you might be used to - not that that makes it any less mouthwatering. Watch your pizzaiolo make the thick, bready dough and pay attention because you’ll pick up plenty of tips that you can use to take home when cooking in your own kitchen! Your pizza chef will show you how to stretch, sauce, bake and slice your creation. But your dough is going to have to rest before you sample your creation. However, we’ve got the time you’d otherwise be waiting filled with two activities. Firstly, anyone over 18 can sample wines. Then, everybody will learn (demostration) how to make chocolate gelato and the cone to put it in. Your chef will also take you through the history of Italian ice cream - perfect! Once everything is ready, you’ll be able to eat your delicious pizza and gelato. However, that’s not the end of the class. You’ll get a souvenir to take home - a digital booklet with recipes so you can make pizza and gelato for your family and friends back home, who are sure to be impressed! An unforgettable afternoon, you’ll learn about Italian culture and its most delicious specialities while enjoying a fun and easy experience with your family.

Palermo: Market Tour and Sicilian Cooking Class with Lunch

2. Palermo: Market Tour and Sicilian Cooking Class with Lunch

One of our best sellers arrives in Palermo! Thanks to this cooking lesson in a small group, you will have the opportunity to learn some of the recipes of the traditional Sicilian cuisine with a professional chef, visiting a picturesque market of Palermo, one of the most beautiful cities in Sicily. During the cooking class you will be assisted by a local trained professional chef, and you will learn to cook some of the most famous recipes of the island's culinary tradition. You will have the opportunity to personally buy local products, chosen according to the season, which will allow you to make some of the dishes of the tradition of Palermo. Together with your personal chef, you will feel Sicilian food expert for a moment! You will start your eXPerience with a visit to a famous market of Palermo, “mercato del capo” where you can discover the culinary delights that this city offers. You will be introduced to the flavors of Sicily, learning how to choose and distinguish fresh ingredients, that you will use during your cooking class. After the market stop, it will be time to put your apron on and start your cooking class! Your professional chef will make you learn to create some of the typical dishes of the culinary culture of Sicily, in the highly entertaining way which is typical of our cooking classes! During you cooking class in Palermo, you will prepare a 3 course meal: just to mention some of the Sicilian specialties that you might prepare during this experience (the menu may vary according to seasonal ingredients available), you may discover the secrets of "arancini”, fried rice meatballs filled with meat sauce and peas, home made Pasta alla norma, to end with the most famous Sicilian dessert: cannoli! You will end this amazing eXPerience by savoring the dishes that you have prepared with your own hands. Get your recipe booklet and be ready to surprise your friends with Sicilian recipes back home!

Palermo: Sapore di Strada Cooking Class

3. Palermo: Sapore di Strada Cooking Class

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Palermo's street food scene through a hands-on cooking class that will awaken your taste buds. Learn the art of preparing iconic Sicilian street food dishes from a skilled chef and experience the thrill of savoring your creations. Experience the excitement of a hands-on cooking class where you'll learn to prepare classic street food dishes like arancine, panelle, and sfincione. Discover the secrets of traditional Sicilian recipes and cooking techniques as your expert chef guides you through each step. Enjoy the satisfaction of tasting your delicious creations, savoring the authentic flavors of Palermo's street food scene. Take home the recipes for the dishes you learned, allowing you to recreate these culinary delights and impress your friends and family. At the end of this mouthwatering experience, you'll leave with new culinary skills and the satisfaction of having explored the world of Palermo's street food. Whether you choose to continue your food adventure in Palermo or explore the city at your leisure, this cooking class will leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for Sicilian cuisine.

Palermo: Authentic Italian Cooking Class at Home

4. Palermo: Authentic Italian Cooking Class at Home

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culinary scene of Palermo with our unforgettable in-home cooking classes. Join us for a unique opportunity to learn the art of Sicilian cuisine from passionate local chefs who will guide you through every step of the cooking process. During our personalized cooking classes, you'll have the chance to explore the rich flavors and traditions that make Palermo's cuisine truly special. From preparing the freshest ingredients sourced from local markets to mastering traditional recipes, you'll gain invaluable insights into Sicilian cooking techniques that have been passed down through generations. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a complete beginner, our classes are designed to suit all skill levels. You'll receive hands-on instruction tailored to your needs, ensuring a rewarding and immersive experience. Our goal is to empower you to recreate authentic Sicilian dishes in your own kitchen and impress your friends and family with your newfound culinary skills. By choosing our in-home cooking classes, you'll not only learn the art of Sicilian cooking but also get a glimpse into the local way of life. As you cook, our chefs will share stories and anecdotes about Palermo's food culture, making your experience even more enriching and memorable. Join us for a cooking adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you with lifelong culinary memories. Book your private cooking class in Palermo today and embark on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of Sicily.

Palermo: Group Pasta and Tiramisu Class at a Local's Home

5. Palermo: Group Pasta and Tiramisu Class at a Local's Home

You can't visit Italy without trying at least one pasta dish... So, we'll teach you two! Learn how to roll 'sfoglia' (fresh pasta) by hand and how to prepare 2 simple different kinds of pasta from scratch with your local host. As the icing on the cake, you will learn to prepare also the iconic Tiramisu. Share your passion for the Italian cuisine as you make new friends in this hands-on cooking class. It's a great way to truly experience Italian culture. This experience is held by Cesarine, the oldest Italy’s network of home cooks available in more than 500 cities all over the country. Cesarine stands for "home cook", they are passionate and welcoming local hosts that open the doors of their own homes to curious travellers for immersive culinary experiences. The Cesarine serve only local specialties from their family cookbooks to tell the great story of their traditional regional cuisine.

Palermo: Half-Day Cooking Class & Market Tour

6. Palermo: Half-Day Cooking Class & Market Tour

Embark on a half-day journey that will familiarize you with the ingredients, techniques, recipes, and tastes of Sicilian food!  With your group of no more than 8 people, travel from an apartment in the heart of Palermo to Market Vucciria or Capo. Here you will purchase fresh and seasonal ingredients needed for the meal. Then return to the apartment and get started. You will be guided by a chef who will help and oversee as you work. In true Sicilian tradition, begin with a starter, followed by a primo (pasta), a second (which includes fish or meat), caponata (a vegetable stew salad of eggplants, celery, green olives, and capers), and a typical Sicilian cake. Along with your meal, you will taste Sicilian wines, specifically chosen to pair with your courses. It is a great chance to start to cook like a Sicilian, and prepare the classic dishes in a very easy and enjoyable way!

Palermo: Cooking and Limoncello Class

7. Palermo: Cooking and Limoncello Class

Your tour will begin as you travel to a beautiful market to buy your ingredients. From there, you will travel to your host's kitchen where you will take part in a class to create a Sicilian menu of three dishes, plus the famous Sicilian Limoncello. Once having arrived back home, a glass of cold Sicilian white wine will be your welcoming pass to begin your amazing experience. Your lunch will consist of the plates you prepare together with your group, which will be comprised of 3 courses, a great selection of Sicilian wines, and of course Limoncello. You will discover the secret to making the best Limoncello, and at the conclusion of your experience you will receive a bottle to take home. All the recipes belong to your host's family, which your chef will share with your group, providing recipes as well as secrets.

Palermo: Private Pasta-Making Class at a Local's Home

8. Palermo: Private Pasta-Making Class at a Local's Home

Immerse yourself in a private pasta-making class at the Cesarina's home, learn the secrets of the region's most famous pasta dishes and taste the fruits of your labor accompanied by a glass of local wine. During the lesson the Cesarina will reveal the tricks of the trade for three authentic regional pasta recipes. Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test.  Each participant will have a workstation equipped with utensils and all the ingredients to make the dishes. Taste everything you have prepared with a selection of red and white local wines.

Palermo: Sicilian Cuisine Social Cooking Class & Dinner

9. Palermo: Sicilian Cuisine Social Cooking Class & Dinner

Take a half-day cooking class with a local chef, Antonio, for a typical experience in a Sicilian home. Learn to prepare delicious dishes and learn recipes to make at home. Possible dishes may include fish or meat, with vegetarian options available with advance notice. Top off your lesson with a 4-course dinner of the foods you helped to make, accompanied by wine, coffee, and limoncello. Enjoy our outdoor kitchen location for a fantastic experience in the middle of nature. Emergency number +39 335.5994022

Palermo: Arancina Tour in CruiserCar

10. Palermo: Arancina Tour in CruiserCar

Immerse yourself in the flavors of Sicily with the Palermo Arancina Tour, a food lover's dream come true. Join us on a journey through the vibrant streets of Palermo as we delve into the world of arancina—the beloved street food that has become an icon of Sicilian cuisine. During this guided tour, you'll have the opportunity to taste an array of arancina variations, each one bursting with unique flavors and fillings. Sink your teeth into the classic ragu-filled arancina, savor the creamy delight of the spinach and ricotta arancina, or indulge in the flavors of the sea with a mouthwatering seafood arancina. Let our expert guide lead you to the best arancina spots in Palermo, where you'll experience the true essence of this Sicilian delicacy. But it doesn't stop there. As we explore the city's bustling food markets, you'll gain insights into the local culinary traditions and the freshest ingredients used in Sicilian cuisine. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the markets, as the scents of local produce and spices fill the air. To enhance your experience, we've curated a selection of refreshing beverages to enjoy on board our comfortable CruiserCar. Sip on chilled local wines, savor a refreshing Limoncello, or quench your thirst with Sicilian citrus-infused water—all while immersing yourself in the sights and sounds of Palermo.

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This was one of the best excursions we have ever taken. Patrizia hosted us in her wonderful apartment in a beautiful area of Palermo (roughly a 30 min walk from the cruise terminal) and the event began with her providing us wine and local market cheese. Of note, we were running behind due to a delay in arrival at port. However, Patrizia was very accommodating and went to the market prior to us arriving so we could get started asap. After getting to know our host and other couple involved in the cooking, we began to make our 4 course meal. We learned a great amount about Sicilian cuisine, some of the ingredients involved, and how each dish was best prepared. Our meal consisted of a tomato based starter spread with bread, from scratch pasta with eggplant, chicken with filling, and for dessert, a pear filled pie. Overall, the meal was beyond filling, delicious, and the company, wonderful! Highly recommend and bought Patrizia’s cookbook to try some of her Sicilian recipes at home!

After traveling for nearly two months, this was hands down the best, most authentic experience of our journey. Velia's English wasn't perfect, but we still had excellent conversation (with some help from Google translate) as she took us through the market and patiently showed us how to prepare the meal. She's an excellent cook, and very jovial and kind-hearted. As one example, at one point during the preparation she asked me for my help to squeeze a clogged tube of anchovy paste. I accidentally squeezed so hard that the tube exploded all over her kitchen and face! Her immediate response was uncontrollable and infectious laughter! She was laughing so hard that we had to stop for a moment to catch our breath before cleaning up and carrying on with the meal. The food was amazing, and my wife and I learned so much. By the end of the meal we were sharing stories and we both felt sad to leave. I highly highly recommend this experience!

What a fantastic experience we had during this cooking class with Patrizia. As it was mid-December, there were just two of us, so it was lovely to have Patrizia and her kittens all to ourselves. It was also so nice to spend time in her lovely home with views of the cathedral. From the cheese and wine starters to the amazing pasta and stuffed chicken to Patrizia's homemade limoncello, every moment of this experience was a treat. I recommend this class wholeheartedly!

The best experience we have had in 10 weeks Italy touring! I can’t say enough: about Patricia as a chef and a host, about her lovely venue, about the tastes of the food we made. Our cooking evening made me love Palermo and we wait with expectancy to return:). And, I asked to buy her cookbook, so I can bring a piece of this evening home to share with my family! Thank you, Patrizia

Such a great experience! This was my favorite part of my trip and it was worth every Penny. An unforgettable time!