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Nuremberg: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

1. Nuremberg: Old Town Guided Walking Tour

The prosperous city of Nuremberg provided the ideal basis for an active cultural and intellectual life, as well as a lively arts scene. Even today, numerous buildings, monuments and artworks still reflect the city's former importance. Your guide will provide information and insights on the churches, castle, and fountains you see, as well as on the city itself, past and present. You will also visit the Main Market Square.

Nuremberg: Medieval Dungeons Guided Tour

2. Nuremberg: Medieval Dungeons Guided Tour

Discover a world of crime and punishment while exploring the medieval dungeons below the old city hall. Learn about torture during the middle ages, what kind of punishments were used, and what the prisoners had to endure in the remand prison until they confessed, guilty or not. Being thrown into the dungeon was basically a death sentence in the middle ages. Find out why as you explore the medieval dungeons in the vaulted cellars of Nuremberg's old city hall. From the fourteenth century, the dungeons were used to hold and question prisoners pending judgment. Walk through the twelve small cells, check out the most original furnishings, and visit the torture chamber to gain an insight into what happened here during those dark times.

The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

3. The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Experience a guided walking tour around the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, home to the first National Socialist architecture in Germany. Walk around the remains of the huge structures they built and hear the history behind the grounds from your guide. Visit the historic sites of the Congress Hall, Great Road, and Zeppelin Field. Understand the function and effect of their architecture, the staging of the Nazi Party Rally events, and the basic features of the National Socialist view of history. Learn about the other side of the concentration camp system and hear about mass-scale propaganda shows at Nazi Party Rallies. Discover the current discussion about the use of the site. Finish your tour with a visit to the interior of the Zeppelin Tribune, designed to hold up to 200,000 people. See the hall known as the Golden Hall, featuring golden mosaics.

Nuremberg: Bar and Club Crawl with Free Shots and VIP Entry

4. Nuremberg: Bar and Club Crawl with Free Shots and VIP Entry

Enjoy the best of Nuremberg's vibrant nightlife with a scene-savvy guide on this pub and club crawl. Celebrate your bachelor party, make new friends, or have a thrilling weekend away. Meet your guide and head out into the night. Stop at up to 4 bars and 4 clubs and enjoy complimentary shots. At each club, enjoy VIP entry. Spend the night partying, dancing, and drinking, and let your guide worry about the planning. Whether you're planning a birthday blowout, an end-of-semester party, or just want to meet new friends in Nuremberg, your guide will help you have the time of your life. Choose a private experience or go with a group tour.

Nuremberg: Defensive corridors in the City Wall

5. Nuremberg: Defensive corridors in the City Wall

Discover why Nuremberg was never conquered on this city walking tour with a local guide. Explore its defensive city walls along with the underground corridors at the Imperial Castle. As you walk along Nuremberg's city walls, see the narrow tunnels and high-vaulted chambers dug into the castle rocks. These tunnels and chambers were designed to make Nuremberg the most protected city in the empire. Admire the modern bastions built in the sixteenth century that can also withstand cannon fire. Stroll along a labyrinth of underground corridors designed to enable defenders to shoot at enemies from all sides as they tried to cross the moat. Learn about how the medieval weapons hidden inside the city walls worked and how the city's knights and defenders worked together to keep Nuremberg safe and protected. Please be aware the tour is in German.

Nuremberg: Historischer Kunstbunker WWII Art Bunker Tour

6. Nuremberg: Historischer Kunstbunker WWII Art Bunker Tour

Discover the rescue operation that saved artworks like works of Albrecht Dürer on this guided tour of the Historischer Kunstbunker in Nuremberg's Old Town. Find out which artworks survived the WWII bombings that destroyed 90 percent of the medieval Old Town. Meet your guide at the entrance to the Historischer Kunstbunker and begin your tour of the museum. Gain insight into how the Nazis used this space to preserve pricesless of works like the Altarpiece of Veit Stoss, the automaton clock from the Frauenkirche, and the Codex Manesse. Uncover how this cellar was used to store beer in medieval times. Hear about how Nuremberg was reduced to rubble in WWII and then rebuilt after the war.

Nuremberg Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds Walking Tour

7. Nuremberg Old Town and Nazi Rally Grounds Walking Tour

Discover Nuremberg’s medieval walled Old Town as well as the infamous former Nazi Rally Grounds on this tour. Enjoy views over the city from the Imperial Castle, where Holy Roman Emperors ruled. Explore Gothic churches with inspiring works by talented German artists, and see Third Reich buildings. Enjoy the Hauptmarkt where colorful markets have been held for nearly 700 years. Take in the seasonal markets or even the cozy Christmas markets in December. Get recommendations from your guide on where you can enjoy the best traditional food and beer in the city. After experiencing the Old Town, take a break for lunch in the marketplace before boarding a bus for the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Some of the largest Third Reich buildings left in the world still silently testify to the megalomania of a madman. See where stormtroopers paraded, and where Adolf Hitler inspected columns of SS men and performed pseudo-religious cult rituals before the saluting masses as part of the Nazi propaganda machine. Learn how Nuremberg deals with this dark part of its past today. After the war, at the Nuremberg trials, many of these same men would finally face justice and the gallows before the eyes of the world. The tour ends back at the train station (Hauptbahnhof) where the tour began.

Nuremberg Highlights

8. Nuremberg Highlights

Stroll through Nuremberg's Old Town on a guided walking tour as you learn about the city's history. Visit popular landmarks, such as the Frauenkirche and the Town Hall. Start your tour at the Hangman's House and walk along the Pegnitz River to the Main Market Square. Admire the Gothic spires of the Frauenkirche. Continue through the Old Town to the historic Town Hall. See the medieval Sebaldus Church, one of the oldest in the city. Finally, make your way back through the Weißgerbergasse, which was spared from war destruction. Cross the Maxbrücke, the oldest metal suspension bridge in Europe, ending your tour on the other side.

Nuremberg: Christmas City Culinary Tour

9. Nuremberg: Christmas City Culinary Tour

Find out why the Nuremberg Christmas Market is the best known in the world on a food tasting guided tour. Discover the market’s long history and try traditional Christmas culinary treats. Walk to the Children's Christmas Market, referred locally as the “Christkindlesmarkt”. Discover German Christmas markets and Nuremberg Christmas tradition. Eat and drink and see new stalls as well as historical stalls which have been here since the 3rd century.  Continue over to the International Christmas Market, and end at the Market of the Partner Cities between St. Sebald Church and the Townhall.  As you learn about the history, traditions, and cultural importance of German Christmas markets, eat and drink some culinary delights like sausage, Lebkugel, and hot wine.

Nuremberg: 1.5-Hour Private Tour through Historical Old Town

10. Nuremberg: 1.5-Hour Private Tour through Historical Old Town

Explore Nuremburg, one of the largest German cities during the Middle Ages at the heart of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. Learn more about the famous personality of the city: Dürer was born in Nuremberg, created his work here, and was buried here. Hans Sachs also created his works in Nuremberg and Martin Behaim made the first globe here. Even the first railway line in Germany went from Nuremberg to Fürth. In addition, the first pencils were invented here. Experience an informative tour through the romantic old town of Nuremberg with a knowledgeable guide and discover the main attractions of the city, such as Albrecht Dürer's House, Nuremberg Castle, Tiergärtnertorplatz, and the Hauptmarkt with the beautiful fountain and the Frauenkirche.

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The experience was particularly good, Jason did an excellent job taking us around the Rally Grounds and Nuremberg. Although the weather didn't help us to enjoy the tour more, Jason changed the order of the visits, which turned out to be a better option.

Our walking tour guide Elisabeth was great - very knowledgable, and personable. She was equipped with a notebook full of photographs, maps, and diagrams. Very informative. And she gave us more of her time than the fours promised.

Really interesting tour very a very knowledgeable guide. Worthwhile for anyone interesting in history and art.

Fantastic guide! Beautiful city! Don’t miss this tour!

Hannes was an excellent guide - really fantastic tour