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New Taipei City Family-friendly activities

Our most recommended New Taipei City Family-friendly activities

Taipei: Family Walking Tour

1. Taipei: Family Walking Tour

Experience a rewarding adventure with your family on this exclusive walking tour of Taipei. Listen to a local professional guide explain the many famous cultural and architectural sites in Taipei. Stroll through the city center with your family on this two-hour tour at an easy pace. Have fun learning about Taipei's fascinating history and hearing stories that both the adults and kids are sure to enjoy.

Keelung: Heping Island Geopark Ticket

2. Keelung: Heping Island Geopark Ticket

Heping Island Geopark is a popular tourist destination located in the northern part of Taiwan, specifically in the Keelung City area. It is a natural park that features a stunning landscape of geological formations, rock formations, sea erosion landforms, and fossils. The park covers an area of about 71 hectares and is known for its unique and breathtaking geological features. Visitors to the park can explore its various attractions, including the famous Elephant Rock, Mushroom Rock, and Candlestick Rock, all of which are formed through natural erosion processes over time. The park is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, including various species of plants and animals that are endemic to the region. Visitors can take a stroll along the park's numerous hiking trails and observe the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the area. The Heping Island Geopark is recognized as a UNESCO World Geopark and is highly regarded for its unique geological features and educational value. The park offers various educational programs and guided tours for visitors, including workshops, lectures, and field trips, which aim to promote environmental awareness and conservation.

New Taipei City: Golden Museum (Gold Ecological Park) Ticket

3. New Taipei City: Golden Museum (Gold Ecological Park) Ticket

Enjoy a day of discovery with entry to Jinguashi Gold Museum in New Taipei City. Discover the region's rich gold mining history, and explore the museum's tranquil setting. Gold BuildingThe 1st floor features a model of the Benshan tunnels, mining equipment, and an introduction to Jinguashi’s World War II Allied P.O.W. camp. The gold-themed 2nd floor has a gold brick that you can actually touch. In addition, you can also have a gold panning experience on the third floor.  Metal Art BuildingExhibits include the museum’s classical collection of traditional gold ornaments and metal craft pieces and a profile of Taiwan’s gold and metal artists. Through exhibits and the use of digital technology, you can further understand the aesthetics and creativity behind Taiwan’s metal crafts. Four Joined of Japanese-Style ResidenceThis is one of the few remaining Japanese buildings of this type in Taiwan, and its delicate wooden structure and layered wall boards, have made it a popular location for filming movies. The internal space has been turned into a display and living art experience space. Gold Refining BuildingThe 1st floor has a small special exhibition hall and a theatre showing Kin-San’s Life in a Mountain Town. The film introduces mining in the early times and what life was like then. On the 2nd floor, you can enjoy the fun of gold panning through a multimedia interactive experience. Benshan No.5 TunnelThe Gold Museum specially renovated the old Benshan No.5 Tunnel allows you to walk through a mining tunnel and to understand the environment in which miners worked. Jinguashi Crown Prince ChaletBuilt in 1922 to host Crown Prince Hirohito during a planned visit to inspect the mining industry in the Jinguashi area, the Crown Prince Chalet is a typical high-class Japanese building with Western design features. The north side of the Chalet has a lovely Japanese garden, while the south side has a miniature golf course and an archery field. When you walk into the garden and are surrounded by Japanese architecture, you can feel and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. The Good EarthThe Good Earth is inspired by Mother Earth Gaia as a metaphor for the abundance of the mine. The permanent exhibition “Clairvoyance of the Mine” highlights its unique depth by illustrating the interaction between its unique minerogenetic geology, its ecology in the coastal hills, and its mining culture. • Please redeem your tickets with museum staff at the entrance get the hand stamp for enter the Four Joined Japanese-Style Residence,Metal Art Building, Gold Refining Building and Gold Building

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