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Naples National Archaeological MuseumCulture & history

Our most recommended Naples National Archaeological Museum Culture & history

Naples: National Archaeological Museum Ticket and Pemcards

1. Naples: National Archaeological Museum Ticket and Pemcards

Visit the Naples National Archeological Museum with your day admission ticket and marvel at one of the world’s finest collections of Greco-Roman artifacts. Charles III of Spain founded the museum in the mid-18th century.  The museum hosts extensive collections of Greek and Roman antiquities. The core of the collection comes from the Farnese Collection and includes engraved gems and the Farnese Marbles. You can also see the museum’s best-known collections as well as new displays including the history of coins and the celebrated Secret Cabinet. Please note: the Egyptian section is closed until March 31, 2023.

Naples: National Archaeological Museum of Naples Guided Tour

2. Naples: National Archaeological Museum of Naples Guided Tour

See the best of the Archeological Museum of Naples in the company of a guide on a walking tour. With skip-the-line entrance privileges, make the most of your time. Admire the art and artifacts from Pompeii, Herculaneum, and more up close. Start the tour at the museum's ticket office and be led by a professional guide and archaeologist. Cruise past the long waiting lines with your skip-the-line entry tickets. Discover the hidden treasures of one of the oldest and richest museums in the world. See the Farnese collection with ancient statues of Hercules, the 2 Tyrannicides (tyrant slayers), the majestic group of Toro Farnese, Greek gods, and Roman emperors. Get up close to some of the best-preserved frescoes and mosaics from nearby Pompeii and Herculaneum. Walk in the gallery's wings to admire the Roman collection with artifacts that survived the Mount Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD. Be inspired by the finest masterpieces of classical art along with artifacts, coins, and wall paintings from throughout ancient history, learning about their origins from your guide.

Naples: National Archaeological Museum Tour & Audio Guide

3. Naples: National Archaeological Museum Tour & Audio Guide

The National Archaeological Museum in Naples is one of the most famous and visited museums in Italy, among the oldest and most important in the world for the richness and uniqueness of its heritage. Imposing in its architecture and collections, a protagonist of cultural life in the city, the museum is an essential stop to experience an initiatory journey into the world of antiquity. Visiting the Mann means touching one of the cornerstones of the history of Italian and Western culture. Lose yourself in the rooms that house the group of masterpieces from the Farnese Collection . Let yourself be dazzled by the finds from Herculaneum and Pompeii , including splendid frescoes and mosaics , statues , precious and everyday objects. Visit the splendid Egyptian Section or one of the many temporary exhibitions scheduled throughout the year. Marvel inside the Secret Cabinet, which welcomes the "obscene" finds, testimony of ancient customs in terms of eroticism. We will provide you with a handy audio guide to download directly to your cell phone and the priority entrance ticket to enjoy the beauty of MANN to the fullest and in full autonomy. You will be contacted by our team to download the smart audio guide.

Naples Archaeological Museum 2-Hour Guided Private Tour

4. Naples Archaeological Museum 2-Hour Guided Private Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the Naples National Archaeological Museum, located at the northwest corner of the city’s original Greek wall. The 2-hour tour will introduce you to one of the world’s greatest archaeology collections, including extraordinary masterworks of art discovered in Pompeii, Herculaneum, Stabiae, Oplontis, and related villas. At its core is the Farnesian collection of sculptures and other objects, such as the mosaic of Alexander the Great from the House of the Fauno in Pompeii. See silvers from the House of Menandro in Pompeii, and a number of Roman frescoes excavated from the Vesuvian area. Wander the gallery containing the Farnese Collection to admire the legendary statues of Hercules at rest, as well as 2 Tyrannicide and the majestic group called “Toro Farnese.” Your guide will explain the use of everyday objects, most notably the beautiful silverware from the Villa of Menandro and the so called “Blue Vase” from a tomb in Pompeii.

Naples: National Archaeological Museum self guided tour

5. Naples: National Archaeological Museum self guided tour

Itguides app offers you the more accurate audio guide of the Archeological museum of Naples with 85 point of interest each one with audios, photos, and hypertext. Discover the 3 meters tall resting Hercules! Admire the grace and erotic pose of the Venus Callipigia. Look for the Mosaics of the House of Fauno and see Alexander during is battle against the persian king. don't forget the Egyptian collection and the famous "Gabinetto segreto". More that a simple audio guide , with photos, map and hypertextual descriptions.

National Archaeological Museum of Naples Private Guided Tour

6. National Archaeological Museum of Naples Private Guided Tour

The National Archaeological Museum of Naples (MANN) is one of the richest and most important museums in the world. Along with your expert archaeologist private guide, explore this trove of knowledge and make your way through the fascinating stories and artifacts of our ancient history.   Your guide will take you on an immersive trip through time: you’ll be spectators at the Battle of Osso, stand in front of the mosaic of a portrait of Alexander the Great, pass by Pompeii frescoes with still-clear colors, and stroll among the huge classic sculptures of the Farnese Collection. This museum accommodates new discoveries from excavations, as can be seen through its large section of Pompeii and Herculaneum antiquities.   Perfect for history pros and beginners alike, this tour through the MANN is a must-do on your trip to Naples.

Naples: City and Lapis Museum Tour with an Archaeologist

7. Naples: City and Lapis Museum Tour with an Archaeologist

Naples is one of the oldest cities in Italy and preserves the world's largest underground path: between Greek cisterns, Roman aqueducts, and WWII air shelters, 45% of the city's underground is practically empty. There are different ways to access the underground of Naples, and the experience will take you through a real hidden gem. Embark on a real archaeological journey in the undergrounds (the tour is the LAPIS Museum path). The tour starts from piazza San Gaetano, the ancient Greek-Roman square, where you'll walk through streets and local culture to understand the "underground cults of Naples." Admire a gothic church and peer through its glass floor at the remains of a previous ancient mosaic. Next, go 40 meters below the crowds of Naples through a doorbell in one of the oldest churches of the city: Santa Maria Maggiore. The church, built on a Pagan Roman temple dedicated to Diana, still features Roman structures. Keep journeying downwards to see the Greek cisterns carved into the tough stone. Once you arrive at the lowest point of the route, walk through the tunnels to reach the tanks used for the collection of water in Roman times. This trail was also used in medieval times as a secret passage by the Templar Knights and in 1943 as an airplane retreat. Many of the bathrooms, kitchens, and memorabilia are still preserved to this day.

Naples: National Archeological Museum Tour with Michele Arpa

8. Naples: National Archeological Museum Tour with Michele Arpa

Visit the National Archaeological Museum of Naples with local guide Michele Arpa. Learn about new archaeological discoveries, hear in-depth explanations of the items you see, and connect with the ancient inhabitants of Pompeii through Michele's love of Naples, history, and art. Meet Michele at the Archaeological Museum and head inside. Begin with the collections of frescoes and mosaics from Pompeii and Herculaneum, preserved by the enormous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. As you stroll through the collections, hear about daily life in Pompeii and Herculaneum. Continue to the Villa dei Papiri collection, objects taken from the residence of the Pisoni family, which included Cesar's father-in-law. See the papyrus scrolls with writings on Greek philosophy, charred by the lava. Marvel at the statues of the Dancers and the Runners, ready to start a race. Head to the statues of the Farnese collection, belonging to the family of the first Bournob King of Naples: Charles II. Enter the statues room of the Baths of Caracalla and see the Hercules and Farnese Bull statues and the Farnese cup. Travel around the world and back in time with a stop in the Egyptian collection, the Magna Graecia collection, and the Prehistory and Protohistory collection before finishing your tour.

Naples: National Archaeological Museum and Pompeii Tour

9. Naples: National Archaeological Museum and Pompeii Tour

In a tour of 1,5 hours with an expert tour guide, you will discover why the Archeaological Museum of Naples is one of the most important spot in Italy. The sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum around the Vesuvius Volcano, and Caracalla's Baths, close the eternal City of Rome, are visited by millions of tourists a year and the travellers knows perfectly that the best place to really enjoy and understand the Roman Time is the Museum of Napoli. You will start admiring the impressive collection of Pompeian permanent carpets, the expensive mosaics. Then, the "Secret Room", a funny and in the same moment a cultural cabinet, hosting stuff and frescos from a different culture. Later you will admire and understand the huge collections of objects in gold, silver, glass or bronze and the mythological wall decorations, the frescoes and the famous portraits from the roman domus, houses. Finally, the statues part of the Farnese Collection, directly from the archeaological sites around Rome.

Tour: Pompeii Ruins & Archaeological Museum in Naples

10. Tour: Pompeii Ruins & Archaeological Museum in Naples

Explore Pompeii, and immerse yourself in the details and stories of Roman society and daily life in the moments before the eruption of Mount Vesuvius buried everything under a deep layer of ash. Discover one of the largest and most important collections of ancient wonders in the world at the National Archaeological Museum in Naples. Meet your friendly, professional guide at a location of your choosing before traveling in comfort to Pompeii. Enjoy an immersive and informative guided tour around the key archaeological sites including the Marina Gate, Curia, Forum, and Thermal Baths. Marvel at the Temples of Jupiter, Apollo and Venus, and be moved by the haunting plaster casts of the eruption's victims. Journey back to Naples and pause for lunch at an excellent local pizzeria, before moving on to the National Archaeological Museum. Discover one of the world's greatest collection of classical artworks, artifacts and curiosities uncovered from around sites in the local area and around Italy. Reveal these objects' histories with the help of your professional guide. Finally, enjoy a comfortable transfer back to your accommodation.

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This place surely is rich. It is very nice to combine it with visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum. I think it makes more sense to first go to Pompeii & Herculaneum... and then see the artefacts in MANN museum. (Many that were found from the same places.) It offers you more specific context into the history. Plus the art is MAGNIFICENT! Even though the visiting time is adviced to take less by some reviews, I advice you: if you are really interested take the whole day for it. There is a lot of stuff to see, and I think it takes quite a bit of mental effort if you really want to know what statue is what. I would make a coffee brake in the caffeteria in between. Truly a magnificent collection and great complimentary for the archeological sites near by!

Very interesting experience. Francesco, our guide, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work, involved us with explanations and anecdotes making the visit to the museum pleasant even for our 12 year old daughter. Highly recommended! Thank you

Levio was very informative regarding the items from Pompeii. We really appreciated his experience and expertise. We highly recommend the tour. Grazie mille.

It would have been very helpful to get a map of the musium so that we could plan our stay and choose where to go.

We enjoyed walking through the National Archeological Museum.