Mount Rinjani: Our most recommended tours and activities

Tetebatu: Rice Fields, Waterfall, & Monkey Forest Day Tour

1. Tetebatu: Rice Fields, Waterfall, & Monkey Forest Day Tour

Tetebatu Walking Tours ( Exploring the green Rice Fields and Countryside which is a magnificent view of Mount Rinjani ). Discover the artistic and rural flavor of Tetebatu on a 6-hour walking tour, and get views of the countryside of Lombok far from the legendary beaches. Encounter a variety of landscapes and small villages, enjoy a traditional Indonesian lunch, and more. Meet the cute black Monkeys in the tropical forest of Mount Rinjani National Park ( Monkey Forest ). Experience the rural life in Lombok and meet the locals on a walking tour of Tetebatu. Visit local houses, taste authentic Lombok coffee, and buy spices produced by local residents' plantations. Walk through the rice terraces and see daily life as the locals work the paddy fields. Swim in hidden waterfalls and feel adventurous along the River. Enjoy an Indonesian lunch at the home of a local, overlooking the fields and temples. Meet the cute black Monkeys in the tropical forest of Mount Rinjani National Park. Start from your hotel at 07:30am. See rice fields, waterfalls, local houses, the majestic view of Rinjani Mountain, Tetebatu rice terraces, enjoy lunch, visit the monkey forest, and return to your hotel.

Best Lombok Private Customize Tour

2. Best Lombok Private Customize Tour

Your Guide also as your driver will pick you up at your Lombok hotel betwen 08.00 am - 13.00 pm, easily identifiable in the lobby with your name on a sign. Share your preferred destinations, and he will suggest the best options for a custom day tour. Once the itinerary is set, your driver will ensure a smooth journey, managing stops and timings efficiently. Feel free to pause anywhere along the way; your driver is there to assist. They'll make your tour safe, relaxed, and well-organized. Choose a comfortable vehicle – Toyota Avanza, minivan Apv, Minibus elf, or Toyota Hiace Commuter – based on your group size. Note that the quoted prices cover hotel pick-up and drop-off in main tourist areas like Kuta Lombok, Senggigi, Mandalika, Bangsal, Pamenang, Teluk Nare, Tanjung, Selong Belanak, Lombok International Airport, Gili Mas Harbour and Lembar Harbour. For 3 Gili Island pick up it is extra charge Usd $50 for max 4 people in one boat ( round trip by speed boat). For hotel pick up & drop off or tour destination outside mentioned zones will be additional fee : Usd $25 Senaru area ( if the tour start from south of Lombok like Kuta Mandalika ). Usd $25 Tetebatu area. Usd $28 Sembalun / Rinjani area.

Mount Rinjani 2-Day Trek to Senaru Crater Rim

3. Mount Rinjani 2-Day Trek to Senaru Crater Rim

Trek through the pristine rainforests of Lombok on a 2-day hike to the crater of Mt. Rinjani. Benefit from porter service for all your camping equipment and personal belongings and camp at the crater rim of Sembalun volcano. Get stunning views of Bali and more. If you stay in Senggigi, bagsal, Mataram,kute Lombok from Senggigi /Mataram area to senaru village 5: 00 am direct Trek (2 hours and 30 minutes drive ) and if you staying in kute Lombok area pick you up at 4:00 am because from kute lombok to senaru aprox 3- 4 hours Drive, (extra cost because meeting point in senaru) If you like you can request pick up Time a day before so you can stay in senaru (so you can talking much with local host). Day 1 After breakfast, you will be transferred to Rinjani National Gate for registration and briefing with your guide. Your trek will begin at 7:00 -7:30 AM where you will walk through dense tropical forest rich in flora, bird life and butterflies. Make your lunch stop at Montong Satas Shelter at 1,500 meters above sea level before continuing your adventure to the rim. You will reach the crater rim (2,641 meters) at 4:00 PM where you will camp for the night. Enjoy the spectacular sunset view over Mount Agung in Bali and the smoke from the volcano on the edge of the lake. Your guide will provide you with dinner. Day 2 After breakfast with a beautiful sunrise, you will leave Mount Rinjani and start to descend back to Senaru Village through the rainforest. If you are lucky, you will see the rare black monkey along the way. The total descend will take about five hours and you will stop at 11:30 AM for lunch. Upon your arrival at Senaru Village, you will be taken to the local operator's office to take shower, enjoy welcome drink and finally the trip is finished .

Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile Waterfall Trekking Tour

4. Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile Waterfall Trekking Tour

Following pick-up, admire the large green mountains, beautiful beaches and coconut trees during your 2.5-hour drive. Drive up through the mountains to begin the hike to the first waterfall. This hike is quite brief and is down a beautiful and easy trail that leads to the Sendang Gile Waterfall. Admire its beauty and take photos to capture your memories. After a short break, venture on to the Tiu Kelep Waterfall. This 45-minute journey involves climbing up a flight of stairs, crossing a bridge and following a dirt path through a lush forest and across running streams. Feel safe as your guide helps you throughout the trek until you reach the beautiful Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Here, take a break and go swimming. Trek back to the starting point to be taken to the Senaru Village, a traditional village where mountain tribal life and the civilization of past centuries still exist. After spending some time there, head back to your hotel.

Batur Volcano Sunrise 4x4 Jeep & Trekking To Summit

5. Batur Volcano Sunrise 4x4 Jeep & Trekking To Summit

The day begin by picking you up from hotel with comfortable new brand vehicle. Arriving at the base point We'll board a 4x4 that'll take us to the vicinity of Mount Batur as the sun's rays begin to greet us behind the horizon. Our 4x4 tour will ascend to 1,350 meters, where We'll disembark and start an exhilarating trek to reach the summit. The approximately 40 minutes hike will lead us to an impressive altitude of 1,717 meters. We'll enjoy a picnic breakfast and admire the beautiful views of Lake Batur, Mount Batur, Mount Agung and Mount Rinjani in the early morning light. Along the way, we'll explore the crater and hot steam on the volcano. Afterward, we'll hop back onto the 4x4 and make our way back to car park. You'll also get a well-deserved hour and a half of relaxation in the soothing hot springg (if add ons selected). On the way back to your hotel have a short visit to local coffee plantation where you will learn how local grow and process coffee by traditional way.

North Lombok: Sendang Gile Waterfall & Senaru Village Tour

6. North Lombok: Sendang Gile Waterfall & Senaru Village Tour

Spend a day exploring Lombok's northern part, visiting pristine natural landscapes and learning about the history and culture of the local. In the morning, first make your way out to Malimbu, a lookout point. From here you can see the nearby Gili Islands and Bali's Mount Agung. Continue to Sendang Gile Waterfall, on the foot and slope of Mount Rinjani. The cool, fresh air and calm hill will provide a comfortable resting point, and you may choose to "freeze" yourself in the inviting cold falling water. Then visit Senaru, a traditional village where mountain tribal life and the civilization of past centuries still exist. Finally, visit Bayan Old Mosque, one of the inestimable historical Islamic heritage sites in Lombok which is believed to have been built upon the Islamic people's arrival in the 16th century.

Mount Rinjani 2 days and 1 night trek to summit

7. Mount Rinjani 2 days and 1 night trek to summit

Day 1 After breakfast, you will be transferred !! Be ready to go to Sembalun village with our special mountain car. The trip to Sembalun village will spend 45minutes to hour. We will arrive at approximately 8.00 am. The registration in Rinjani Information Center (RIC) is 1051 m and Post 1 (Monitoring Post) is1300 m which will take 2 hours. We take a rest for 5/10 minutes at Post 1 (Monitoring Post,) and then continue to Post 2 (Tengengean) 1500 m for about 1 hour. We take short break for 5 to 10 minutes at Post 2 ( Tengengean ) and then continue our journey to Post 3 (Pada Balong ) 1800 m for approximately 1 hour. We take a rest for 2 hours at Post 3, the guide and porters then prepare for lunch, and a hot drink (tea, coffee, hot chocolate or lemon tea). After having a lunch and rest, we continue to Sembalun Crater Rim (Pelawangan Sembalun) 2639M, for 3 hours including a prolonged steep climb. Spending the night by camping at Sembalun Crater Rim, then we can enjoy the awesome views there as sunset, and sunrise for the next morning , Segara Anak lake, Sembalun village, the summit of mount Rinjani half of north Lombok. Day 2 We will wake up at 02.30 am if we don’t miss the beautiful sunrise and have a light breakfast. Start the trek to heading to the Rinjani summit (3672 m) at 3.00 am for approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes. The first stage is a moderate climb for 2 hours, while the second stage is a fairly easy but long trek. The last hour is very steep and difficult (there are many loose stones, and as you take two steps forward, you will slip one step back). From the Summit of Mount Rinjani, you can see all of Lombok island, Bali, Mt. Tambora in Sumbawa and Segara Anak Lake. After sunrise we will go down to the Sembalun Crater Rim and have breakfast. After breakfast and a rest, we will continue to go down to Sembalun village for 4-5 hours, have some lunch in Post 3 or 2 and arrive in Sembalun village (1,150m) at noon. The car is waiting to bring us to Senaru village, the trip is finished

Rinjani Trekking Three Days Two Night Summit

8. Rinjani Trekking Three Days Two Night Summit

This hike is a good choice if you're an experienced or moderately skilled climber. However, it's not suitable for children or beginners unless they're in excellent shape. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Short summary **3D2N Trekking** **Zero Day:** (Usually one day before the booking date) - Flexible pick up at Bangsal harbor and sengiggi one day before the hike starts - Drive to Senaru main office - Check into your accommodation - Short briefing and preparation **Day 01:** - Wake up and have breakfast at your accommodation - Get ready for the hike - Move to the hiking starting point and do some stretching - Arrive at Pos 2, have lunch, take a break, and continue the hike - Arrive at Pelawangan Sembalun (2,639m), enjoy the sunset, have dinner, and stay overnight **Day 02:** - Have a super/light meal before the summit attack - Reach the summit, take photos with the sunrise - Return to Sembalun campsite, get a second breakfast - Pack up and head down to Segara Anak Lake, enjoy the hot springs, go for a swim, and have lunch - Start ascending towards Senaru campsite - Arrive at the campsite, enjoy the sunset, have dinner, and spend your second night **Day 03:** - Enjoy breakfast, pack your belongings, and continue the journey to Senaru Jebak Gawah/starting point - Have lunch at Pos 1 Senaru and take a rest - Pack up and continue the descent to the starting point in Senaru - Arrive at around 2:00 PM at the bottom - We will drop you off at your next destination on Lombok --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's some further information: The journey begins in Sembalun village at 1,100 meters. This path is covered in grassy fields and treats every hiker to wild and beautiful scenery. The sun can gets very strong, so remember to wear a hat and use sunblock. You'll have to hike for about 7 hours to reach the edge of the Sembalun crater or the night camp at 2,639 meters. So, you'll need to have good stamina. On the second day, you'll start your climb at 2:30 AM to reach the peak at 3,726 meters and witness a stunning sunrise along with panoramic views of Lombok. After descending from the peak, you'll get to visit Lake Segare Anak and take a dip in the hot springs. You'll spend the night at the second crater's edge in the Senaru camping area, where you can enjoy the sunset and the beautiful surroundings. The last day, you'll walk along the Senaru trail, which consists of one hour of hillside grasslands and a 5-hour trek through a tropical forest. Finally, you'll reach the basecamp in Senaru village, marking the end of your trekking adventure.

Lombok: Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel Waterfalls Trek

9. Lombok: Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel Waterfalls Trek

Enjoy the cooler climate of Mount Rinjani National Park in central Lombok on an easy trek to the amazing waterfalls of Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu, over 500 meters above sea level. Upon arrival at Benang Stokel, get the chance to go for a refreshing swim in the pool at the base of the cascades. Marvel at the lush vegetation of the tropical forest as you continue your hike. Arrive at Benang Kelambu and discover a stream of water that creates a beautiful curtain-like effect as it flows through the cracks of plants that grow at the top of the cliff and falls from a height of about 35 meters. 

3 Days Rinjani Trekking Tour to Summit, Lake, Toran Trail

10. 3 Days Rinjani Trekking Tour to Summit, Lake, Toran Trail

The 3 Days Rinjani Trekking trek takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, including stunning views of the Rinjani volcano, Lake Segara Anak, and the surrounding valleys and mountains. Departure / Return Location : Airport, Kuta Mandalika, Bangsal Haarbor Departure Time: Approximately 14:30 PM. Wear: Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen. Note: This itinerary is just a suggestion, and it’s essential to be physically fit and acclimatized to the altitude to complete the trek successfully. It’s highly recommended to have a licensed guide and porter for your safety and convenience. Arrival Day The arrival day for a Rinjani trekking package can vary depending on the specific package and itinerary that you choose. However, typically, you will arrive in Lombok one day before the start of the trekking package to allow time for preparation and briefing with your guide. On the arrival day, you will typically be picked up from the airport or your accommodation in Lombok and transported to the trekking starting point, which is usually in Sembalun village. You will then meet your guide and porters, go through a briefing on the trekking itinerary, and check your gear and equipment. Depending on the trekking package, you may also have the option to explore the local area, visit local villages, or relax at a nearby hotel or homestay. It’s important to use this time to acclimatize to the altitude and prepare yourself for the challenging trek ahead. Overall, the arrival day for a Rinjani trekking package is typically a day of preparation, briefing, and relaxation before the trek begins the following day. Day 1 Start early in the morning from Senaru village to Rinjani Trek Center in Sembalun Lawang. Register and have a briefing with the park ranger before starting the trek. Begin the trek from Sembalun Lawang, hike up to the savanna plains and then to the crater rim of Rinjani. Set up camp on the crater rim and enjoy the stunning sunset view over Mount Agung in Bali and the Gili Islands. Day 2 Wake up early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise view before trekking down to Segara Anak Lake located in the crater of the Rinjani volcano. On the way down, you can explore the hot springs nearby and take a dip in the natural hot water. Set up camp near the lake and spend the night there. Day 3 Wake up early in the morning to hike up to the crater rim for a stunning sunrise view. after breakfast, continue descending back to Sembalun village, climbing past the cliff on the previous route to Sembalun rim, descending back to the Pos 3 Sembalun route, passing through lush savannah and rice fields along the way until arriving at Sembalun Village. Note: Usually the track will feel easier and you will probably run downhill after the Rim, and it will definitely feel faster arriving at Sembalun village.

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