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Miyar is a portmanteau Hindi word that conjures images of camaraderie. It also adorns the name of a beautiful and pristine valley in the Himalayas. Association with camaraderie and pristine nature would perhaps best describe Miyar Adventures. We strive to bring you close to the marvelous majesty of nature. We strive to do it in the friendliest possible way. Friendly to yourself and friendly to the nature. From local climbs in the North West to some of the most dazzling (and dizzying) peaks of the globe, we accompany you as a trusted companion while you chase and summit the dreams of a lifetime. It is our duty to ensure that you are safe, not hassled and have fun each time you climb with us. Mission: Miyar aims to make climbing accessible and enjoyable to the adventure-seeking irrespective of their age and climbing background. All we ask is the will to do it. At the same time we are passionate about climbing and try to ensure that there is enough bite in each of our trips for the seasoned climber as well. Passion: We appreciate that each trip you make is as much about discovering yourself as it is about discovering the world. Discovering possibilities that stretch afar. Discovering facets not yet fathomed. Discovering limits before you go beyond. We plan our trips ensuring that this valuable process of discovery is not hindered. We do this by giving a lot of personal attention to your disposition, tastes and preferences in the weeks and months that build up to the trip. While the destination and schedule remains the same, we try to adapt the little details of our trip to best suit the customers traveling with us for that particular trip. We love this process of understanding and adapting through our interactions. And we sincerely hope that you enjoy the results.

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