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Mexico CityMulti-day trips

Our most recommended Mexico City Multi-day trips

From Mexico City: 2-Day Pico de Orizaba Summit Trek

1. From Mexico City: 2-Day Pico de Orizaba Summit Trek

Depart Mexico City for Tlachichuca, Puebla, where you will take 4X4 to reach the mountain hut in Piedra Grande that will serve as your accommodation for the night. Upon arrival, go on an acclimatization walk and practice using crampons and an ice axe. Return to the hut to have dinner, prepare for the ascent the following day, and get a good night's sleep. Start your trek bright and early before dawn. By the time the sun rises, you will be well-positioned to enjoy incredible views of the valleys surrounding the Pico de Orizaba. Admire the first rays of sun glinting off the stunning glacier that leads to the mountain crater. Follow the glacier to reach the summit at 5,700 meters, the highest point in Mexico and the third-highest in North America. After enjoying the views at the summit, you will descend to the hut where your transport back to Tlachichuca will be waiting for you. Once there, eat a restorative meal before returning to Mexico City.

From CDMX: Queretaro, Guanajuato & San Miguel de Allende

2. From CDMX: Queretaro, Guanajuato & San Miguel de Allende

This captivating tour, complete with accommodation, offers you a chance to explore the most iconic attractions of remarkable cities. Your adventure starts with a breathtaking panoramic view of Queretaro from Mirador Los Arcos, accompanied by fascinating historical insights shared by your guide. Leave no stone unturned as you visit the city's most significant landmarks, including Santa Cruz de los Milagros Temple and Exconvent. Discover the grandeur of the Santiago Apostol Parish and its famed baroque patio. Stroll through the picturesque gardens of Plaza de la Corregidora and conclude your guided tour at the Teatro de la República. After indulging in free time, you'll be whisked away to your comfortable three-star hotel in Guanajuato. As night falls, brace yourself for a captivating nocturnal expedition through the city's enchanting streets. Marvel at the beauty of the iconic Garden of La Paz. Be amazed by the oldest sculpture of the Virgin Mary in the Americas at the esteemed Basilica of Guanajuato. Admire the architectural masterpiece that is Teatro Juárez, inspired by the grand temples of ancient Greece. Complete your Guanajuato experience with a traditional Callejoneada, a delightful journey through the city's emblematic alleys accompanied by the tunas, a lively musical group reminiscent of a Spanish tradition from the seventeenth century. The following day, venture back in time as you explore the picturesque Plaza del Baratillo, a must-see spot that embodies the essence of Guanajuato. Traverse the former birth house of the renowned artist Diego Rivera and immerse yourself in the captivating history and architectural splendor of the University of Guanajuato and the Alhondiga de Granaditas. Before bidding farewell to Guanajuato, you'll have free time to meander through a Handicraft Market, where you can marvel at local craftsmanship and acquire a meaningful souvenir. San Miguel de Allende, a city celebrated for its traditional Spanish Baroque architecture and vibrant cultural festivals, sets the stage for the grand finale of your tour. Begin your journey at the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, an exquisite parish that stands as an iconic symbol of the city. Delve into its captivating gardens, uncovering the rich history and intriguing secrets. Continue your exploration with a visit to the intriguing Temple of San Francisco, a subject of architectural debate among experts. Acquaint yourself with iconic sites such as the Casa de Allende, the School of Arts, and the Civic Plaza.

Mexico City: 2-Day Iztaccihuatl Mountain Summit

3. Mexico City: 2-Day Iztaccihuatl Mountain Summit

On the first day of your tour, you will leave Mexico City for the Paso de Cortes. Once having arrived, you will register before proceeding to the Altzomoni Hut. You will then go for an acclimatization walk to the first pass on the mountain, before returning to the hut to eat dinner and to get an early night's rest. You will wake early on the second day, with departure for the summit scheduled for approximately 2:00AM. After 10 hours of hiking, you will be expected to arrive to the peak (5,220 meters) at around midday. Once at the peak, you will be granted with a break to enjoy the views before returning to the hut and being transported back to Amecameca for a highly-deserved hot meal.

Mexico City: Teotihuacán & Prehispanic Mexico Tour

4. Mexico City: Teotihuacán & Prehispanic Mexico Tour

Uncover the past on a guided tour of the Museum of Anthropology. Hop aboard the public transportation system to ride to downtown Mexico City. Explore the sights like the Palacio Postal and Madero Street on a walking tour. Take a journey to the past with a guided tour of the Templo Mayor museum. Be greeted by your guide at the Museum of Anthropology. Follow your guide through the largest collection of Mesoamerican pre-Hispanic art in the world. Walk through the most relevant rooms and get the most relevant facts. Board a metrobus with your guide and ride to Alameda park, which is the oldest urban park in the Americas. Take a stroll to see the city's most emblematic buildings like the Art Deco and Neoclassical Palace of Fine Arts, the ornate Palacio Postal, the Baroque Iturbide Palace. Admire the 18th-century Baroque palace Casa de los Azulejos and take in the vibe while walking down the busy the Madero pedestrian street. After touring part of the historic center, arrive at the Templo Mayor museum and begin your guided tour.  Step back in time on a trip through pre-Hispanic and colonial Mexico. Visit the most important sites at Templo Mayor. See ancient ruins and listen as your guide reveals the secrets of the main temple of the Aztecs. End your tour at the Templo Mayor. Extend your tour by selecting the 2-day option to also enjoy a guided tour of Teotihuacan.

2-Day Teotihuacan, Guadalupe, Xochimilco & Frida Kahlo

5. 2-Day Teotihuacan, Guadalupe, Xochimilco & Frida Kahlo

Spend 2 days visiting the top archeological and cultural attractions in the Mexico City area. Climb the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, visit the Frieda Kahlo Museum in colorful Coyoacán and enjoy a boat ride in Xochimilco. Detailed Itinerary Day 1: Teotihuacan, Guadalupe Shrine and Tlatelolco Your first day begins with a drive to Tlatelolco, the largest archaeological site in Mexico City. Learn about the importance of this place that was part of the capital of the Aztec empire. See the Plaza of the 3 Cultures where pre-Hispanic, colonial and modern Mexico blend. Continue on to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the most important religious site in all of Mexico and one of the most visited shrines in the Catholic world. More than 20 million pilgrims visit the site every year. From the Basilica of Guadalupe, the tour continues to Teotihuacan, known as the City of the Gods. A professional guide will take you on a journey through the history of this mystical place. Walk among the ruins and marvel at the size of the pyramids. Climb up the stairs at the famous Sun and Moon pyramids and take in the views from the top. After a day of appreciating Mexico’s history, you'll be transferred back to the meeting point. Day 2: Coyoacán, National University and Frida Kahlo Museum Your day starts with a drive to Coyoacán, an area dating back to pre-Hispanic times. Walk along the cobblestone streets and admire the picturesque houses, and then visit Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo Museum. Also, have the opportunity to visit a cooperative shop that helps local Mexican artisans. Learn about the life and iconic work of this famous artist. The house is where Frida Kahlo lived with her husband, Diego Rivera. You'll have an hour of free time in the museum to explore it thoroughly. The next stop is the National Autonomous University, founded in 1551, where you'll visit the UNESCO-listed central campus with art from muralists Diego Rivera and Juan O'Gorman. Continue to Xochimilco, located 17 miles south of Mexico City. This ecological reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates to Aztec times. Take an hour’s ride on a colorful boat known as a trajunera, enjoy festive music from other boats and meet vendors selling delicious snacks you can buy. At the end of the boat ride, you'll be transferred back to the meeting point. 

From Mexico City: Puebla, Taxco & Prehispanic Mine in 2 Days

6. From Mexico City: Puebla, Taxco & Prehispanic Mine in 2 Days

Take 2 of the most popular day trips from Mexico City on consecutive days and explore 3 of the country's most fascinating locations. Travel back in time to the colonial era and marvel at the monuments of Cholula, Puebla, and Taxco. See one of Mexico's grandest cathedrals, get stunning views of the volcanoes of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, get the opportunity to buy traditional crafts, and more. Day 1: Puebla and Cholula Benefit from pick-up at your centrally located meeting point in Mexico City, and journey to the historical cities of Cholula and Puebla. Take a 2-hour journey that passes through mountains and offers breathtaking views of the beautiful Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes. Upon arrival in Cholula, admire the hundreds of churches and visit the impressive Church of Santa María de Tonantzintla, built in an indigenous-Baroque style that stands out for its interior of gold and wealth of decorative elements. Continue to the city of Puebla, located just 15 minutes from Cholula. Popularly known as the “City of Angels,” Puebla is one of the 5 most important colonial cities in Mexico. Enjoy a delicious lunch (not included) to experience the gastronomic variety of the city. Choose from a simple and traditional semita (small, sweet loaves) or the exquisite and laborious mole poblano (a thick, rich, chocolate-tinged sauce).  Then, take a walking tour through the historical center and see the 16th and 18th-century buildings along with the main Plaza de Armas (also known as the "Zócalo"). Admire the cathedral, which began in 1575 under the orders of Philip II of Spain. Take a look at the Church of Santo Domingo with its portal of a pure classic style, and then experience the buzz of the crafts market and find beautiful and traditional Talavera figurines. Sample sweet treats, such as sweet potatoes prepared in different flavors. Return to your original meeting point for drop-off at the end of the day.  Day 2: Taxco and Prehispanic Mine Continue to the colonial city of Taxco, and journey through hundreds of years of history along the cobblestone streets and cozy squares. Feel the strong old-world ambiance that has withstood the passing of time, and discover the Church of Santa Prisca. See and buy art pieces from Mexican artisans. Then, discover an incredible pre-Hispanic mine and find out how the ancient residents extracted precious materials before the conquest.

Climbing 4 Mountains of 4000 meters

7. Climbing 4 Mountains of 4000 meters

The first days we will climb the Cofre de Perote and the Sierra Negra which are the 8th and 5th highest Mountains country highs. To climb these two mountains are walks of a day of moderate difficulty that a person accustomed to exercise can hold without problems, all promotions are different, but with truly impressive views. The last days is where the challenge gets eally interesting since we will go up to the Malinche and the Nevado de Toluca which are the 6th and 4th Highest mountains in Mexico. La Malinche is a mountain with a great diversity of landscapes, since we started in the wooded area with a quiet walk that we will enjoy its sights, aromas and sounds, ahead will change the landscape drastically, because we will leave the forest and begin to have little vegetation, mainly grasses and thistles, and Arriving at the rocky area we will be at the top. To climb the Nevado de Toluca we will go up to the lip of the crater to see the lagoons of the sun and the moon What are the highest lagoons in the world in its type, then we will enter the crater and begin the ascent towards the peak of the friar the point highest of this Impressive Volcano, After to enjoy the best panoramic view of the tour we will go down to surround the lagoon of the sun and return to the starting point. Between each of the mountains to restwe will get to know the most historical sites important of the country we will have guided visits to these places, the sites we will visit will be: the Historic Center of Mexico City and huamantla. End of Itinerary.

From Mexico City: 7-Day Monarch Butterfly Tour

8. From Mexico City: 7-Day Monarch Butterfly Tour

Day 1: Arrival to Mexico City Begin by being welcomed by your professional naturalist tour guide before transferring to the Majestic Hotel. Once checked in, take part in a welcome briefing throughout which you are told more about the activities and security throughout the tour. During this briefing, your guide also tells you fun facts about the monarch butterfly in Mexico. Day 2: Anthropology Museum of Mexico Begin with a visit to the Anthropology Museum, one of the world’s finest archaeological museums with a huge collection of artifacts throughout 23 exhibition halls. Its most famous exhibit is the Aztec Sunstone, a cosmological calendar. Afterwards, head to Valle de Bravo. This magical town, surrounded by mountains, is considered one of the most important tourist destinations in Mexico thanks to its excellent hotels, restaurants, equestrian club, beautiful golf courses, and man-made lake. At the end of the day, check in at the Mesón de las Leyendas Hotel. Day 3: Piedra Herrada Sanctuary On day 3 you head to the newest spot to watch the monarch butterflies. After traveling by horse most of the way, arrive to a fantastic spot there the monarch butterflies are located. This area is wilder than the other sanctuaries, and often provides a more remote nature experience. That evening, stay overnight once more in the Mesón de las Leyendas Hotel. Day 4: Capulin Sanctuary Whilst in the Capulin Sanctuary you can watch the largest and most beautiful prairie of the monarch butterfly region, called Los Tres Gobernadores (the Three Governors). Due to its access position and the hibernation colonies location, it is possible to watch an amazing transition of the vegetation, an attractive sight for those who enjoy nature. Afterwards, travel back to the Mesón de las Leyendas Hotel. Day 5: Valle de Bravo Free Day Life in this region is literally built around the lake. The waters of Valle de Bravo are calm and ideal for sports like sailing, water-skiing, or kayaking. Enjoy a free afternoon, throughout which you can pick an activity to take part in. That evening, stay at the hotel Mesón de las Leyendas for one more night. Day 6: Mexico City Take your time and relax in the morning. Later that day, travel back to Mexico City where you check in at the Majestic Hotel. Day 7: Mexico City On your final day, transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

México: Teotihuacán - Xochimilco - Taxco (3 Day Tour)

9. México: Teotihuacán - Xochimilco - Taxco (3 Day Tour)

Enjoy the Mexican culture in more than 5 places: Basilica of Guadalupe, Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Coyoacán, Xochimilco, Cuernavaca and Taxco. The first day will begin with a brief visit to the most important Sanctuary in Latin America, you will know the true story of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the symbolism that surrounds her and the story of the "Miracle of her Eyes", in addition to tour the seven churches that make up the so-called "Guadalupe Valley" with its ancient basilica and the modern architecture of the current home of Our Lady of Guadalupe. The visit will continue to the site of the ancient Gods, "Teotihuacán"emblematic for its Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and for its beautiful obsidian stone and the maguey cactus. You will know the origins of the Teotihuacan culture which will help you understand why in Mexico there is a cult of death. We also make an explanation and sample of the "agave" from which different materials are obtained such as the well-known "Drink of the Gods" (you will get a free drink tasting) and the needle and thread, which were used to make the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Once the tour is finished you will be returned to your hotel. The second day we will visit the south of the city, where we will make a stop at the UNAM where we will see the "University Olympic Stadium" to appreciate the Diego Rivera mural and the Central Library, one of the most important in Latin America. The next stop in the tour will be Coyoacán´s neighborhood, where Frida Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera lived, and we will walk through the historic center to appreciate the architecture of the 16th century. The tour will continue towards Xochimilco, the last vestige of the city's great lake, where we will learn about the traditions that it still latently maintains today, where we will take a ride in the typical boats of the region called "trajineras". At the end of the ride you can buy crafts, sweets, food or typical toys from the region. And finally return to the hotel. The third day we will head towards Cuernavaca, the City of Eternal Spring, to see the Cathedral and how the French Order introduces the Catholic religion to the native Tlauicas. You will have time to have a coffee and head to the magical town of Taxco de Alarcón. Taxco is a city known as "The Silver Capital of the world" with a "Toledan" architectural style. We will walk through its streets and learn about its legends and religious as well as cultural traditions. We will be able to see the representation of a mine and its silver workshop. Within the tour you will admire the "Jewel of Taxco", which is the church of Santa Prisca, with a baroque style and pink quarry finishes. End of the tour and return to the hotel.

1 Week 3 Mountains

10. 1 Week 3 Mountains

The first day we will climb Malinche, the which is the 5th largest mountain in the country. To climb the mountain it takes a day of acclimatization, that a person accustomed to exercise can bear No problem, all promotions are different, but really with views impressive. The last days is when the challenge turns interesting since we will climb the Iztaccihuatl and Pico de Orizaba, which are the 3rd and 1st largest mountains in Mexico (the 2nd is Popocatépetl, which is an active volcano and cannot be climbed). The Iztaccíhuatl is a beautiful mountain with two glaciers, one located in the belly and the other on the chest, and even though it's not a mountain of a lot of technique, it does require a excellent physical condition due to the height and how long it will take us to reach the top. The Pico de Orizaba, being the tip of Mexico, is one of the highest mountains complete that our country has, since starts with a sandbank, then we will have a rocky area called “el labyrinth” and at the end the magnificent glacier Jamapa that will take us to the top.

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Bernardo was an excellent guide. We were waited on hand and foot by him and a driver/cook from the pico climbing hostel in tlachichuca. He was kind patient and very accommodating to our needs and pace on the climb. He was very knowledgeable and made sure we were safe at all times. Would not have made the summit without him. Please be advised this is a difficult climb due to the altitude especially if you have never been that high. We acclimatized a week in Mexico City as well as hiked nevado de Toluca first and still felt the effects of the altitude. Highly recommend don’t know why people pay American guide companies thousands of dollars for this.

Climbing the Iztaccíhuatl is only suitable for experienced hikers/mountaineers but is totally worth it. You should have high altitude experience and be well trained. Sometimes you reach your own limits here and only make it up with a strong will and good guides. The ascent is very diverse with steep and flat hiking trails, climbing and also passing the glacier with crampons. Since the shape of the volcano resembles a sleeping woman, small peaks have to be crossed before the main peak. The company was great and treated me well. In the end, I have my three guides to thank for reaching the summit. Thank you for that and clear recommendation.

This is definitely recommended for everyone. In two days you will discover a lot of Mexico City. The guides spoke English quite well and knew a lot about the places. Also, the pace was relaxed and you got plenty of free time.

I traveled to 3 cities near by Mexico city and the guides are very nice and helpful. You can see the churches, cathedrals, local market, silver shop and mine

Leticia and LiLy were excellent tour guides. The accommodation communication and punctuality helped me trust them to have and enjoy a good tour.