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Las Vegas: Bodies...The Exhibition Entry Ticket at the Luxor

1. Las Vegas: Bodies...The Exhibition Entry Ticket at the Luxor

Step into the Bodies...The Exhibition and learn more about the inner workings of the human form. The exhibition features 13 whole-body specimens and more than 260 organs and partial body specimens. Be fascinated by these real human bodies that have been carefully dissected, before being preserved through cutting-edge processes. Check out the form to see how your own organs and systems work. Get an up-close look inside the skeletal, muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems in great detail. Learn about how humans can impact their own bodies in different ways. See authentic human specimens demonstrating the effects of over-eating and inactivity on the body's organs. See a healthy lung side by side with a black lung ravaged by smoking in this and educational engaging exhibit.

Las Vegas: Fantasy Burlesque Show at Luxor Hotel & Casino

2. Las Vegas: Fantasy Burlesque Show at Luxor Hotel & Casino

Enjoy a night of music and dancing, with tickets to Fantasy at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Experience one of the most popular burlesque shows in Las Vegas, along with vocals performed by Lorena Peril. The production showcases 15 high-energy numbers, set to music by top artists. Be taken on a wild adventure as you watch a variety of acts – from solo numbers and an aerial performance, to a burlesque striptease.

Las Vegas: Ticket for Blue Man Group Show

3. Las Vegas: Ticket for Blue Man Group Show

Experience the loud, the bright and the blue with entrance to the Blue Man Group show. Attend a unique and acclaimed performance which combines art, music and comedy. With over 30 years of experience in bringing people together, the Blue Man Group are famous the world over. Experience one of the most sought after shows on the strip. Transcend the conventions of Las Vegas, and feel like a kid again. Ride ride the rainbow wave of sound, light, paint, drums and comedy in this acclaimed performance.

Las Vegas: Discovering King Tut’s Tomb Exhibit at the Luxor

4. Las Vegas: Discovering King Tut’s Tomb Exhibit at the Luxor

Experience the world of King Tut in this immersive virtual experience. Learn about ancient Egypt with the 'Discovering King Tut's Tomb' exhibit at the Luxor. Follow the footsteps of Howard Carter on his greatest adventure. Marvel at the beautiful art and artifacts found in the tomb and learn about ancient Egyptian history, culture, and people. This unique experience will take you back to one of history’s most important discoveries, 100 years after Howard Carter made it. Gain insight into the archaeology of ancient Egypt as you step inside one of the world’s greatest historic events: the 1922 discovery of King Tutankhamun’s tomb. For nearly 100 years now, Tutankhamun and his tomb have served as symbols of the excitement of discovery. Now, The Discovery of King Tut presents this fascinating subject in an entirely new way. Using media and objects, the exhibition reconstructs the magnificent burial site down to the finest detail, creating an immersive experience that sets new standards in museology. In the first area of this two-part exhibition, travel back thousands of years to the time of King Tutankhamun. Take in a wealth of information about the wider culture of ancient Egypt, and gain insights into the Egyptians’ belief in the afterlife. Then, follow the story of Howard Carter as he worked to uncover the lost tomb of King Tutankhamun. Experience for yourself the challenges and triumphs of one of history’s most significant archaeological discoveries. Have the chance to step inside a fully three-dimensional, astonishingly accurate recreation of the excavation site, the legendary tomb, and its treasures exactly as they were at the moment of their discovery. Experience a historic scene only ever witnessed by Howard Carter and a handful of others. Using painstakingly produced replicas created by expert Egyptian craftsmen in consultation with renowned Egyptologists, The Discovery of King Tut allows you to enjoy these priceless Egyptian treasures without ever harming the fragile originals. With the 2022 centenary of Howard Carter’s momentous discovery fast approaching, there has never been a better time to revisit the story of Tutankhamun.

Las Vegas: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor

5. Las Vegas: Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor

Discover the wonder and tragedy of the world’s most famous ocean-liner, the Titanic. Visit the world-renowned Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at the Luxor and see 250+ artifacts recovered from the Titanic's wreck site, as well as recreations of some of the most famous rooms from the ship. Visited by more than 25 million worldwide, witness a captivating exhibition unlike any other as you explore the first and last voyage of the Titanic. Experience an immersive and emotional look at the famous ocean liner and the night she sank. See the Titanic in all her splendor is brought to life with full-scale, accurate recreations of the first and third-class cabins, as well as the iconic Grand Staircase, made famous in the James Cameron film. Travel back in time as you walk the decks, peer into her cabins, and meet passengers and crew. View over 250 artifacts reclaimed from the wreckage, including luggage, ship equipment, champagne, and more. Marvel at the largest piece of Titanic's hull ever recovered. These actual artifacts, recovered from the bottom of the North Atlantic, tell the tale of the legendary Titanic’s short journey from construction to destruction and final discovery on the bed of the Atlantic Ocean.

Las Vegas: America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live!

6. Las Vegas: America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live!

Discover some of the best acts from the hit franchise “America’s Got Talent” (AGT) with this show ticket. See thrilling acts, marvel at talented magicians, and hear stunning vocalists at Luxor Casino. Sit down and enjoy a fast-paced, high-action variety show featuring show-stopping moments ranging from thrill acts and magicians to vocalists and acrobats, all performed by past AGT superstars. Start with an over-the-top opening number, setting the tone for an immersive spectacle that never lets up. Return again and again to see America’s Got Talent presents Super Stars Live as the show adds new acts and welcomes limited-engagement special guests.

Las Vegas Strip: Carrot Top at Luxor Hotel & Casino

7. Las Vegas Strip: Carrot Top at Luxor Hotel & Casino

See Carrot Top's famous comedy show at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. After winning the American Comedy Award for Best Male Stand-Up, Carrot Top took his show on the road and finally found his home here in Las Vegas. Since then, he had been making audiences around the world laugh for more than three decades. As one of the most recognizable and iconic comedic entertainers, the King of Props induces sidesplitting laughter with his current take on pop culture, music, and headlines of the day in a continually evolving show. Carrot Top's wacky personality is what makes his show great. He describes himself as a combination of George Carlin, Steven Wright, and Gallagher. His humor ranges from clever props to dark, adult comedy, so make sure you strap in for all his comedy gold. Get the chance to meet Carrot Top in person with a meet-and-greet. Select this option after purchasing your show ticket.

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What people are saying about Luxor Hotel & Casino

This is a unique experience and an opportunity to see and understand the human body in unprecidented ways. The exhibits are explained well by the accompanying information; not something to rush trhough, thought provoking and fascinating.

This show was fun and energetic and I loved that they involved the audience. I went with my 17 old who absolutely loved it too.

We had a great time, artifacts are amazing, decks and promenade made us feel we were on the ship…experience of a lifetime.

Very entertaining. A lot of audience participation. Great for adults and kids.

Everything worked great. Only the castle tour is too crowded.