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Krk: Golden Beach and Plavnik Cave Cruise with Welcome Drink

1. Krk: Golden Beach and Plavnik Cave Cruise with Welcome Drink

Blend natural beauty, wildlife encounters, and serene relaxation on this 4-hour cruise from Krk. Start your tour off right with a welcome drink before embarking on a cruise to Plavnik Island, the largest uninhabited island in Croatia, and the island of Kormat. Board a comfortable boat in the charming city of Krk and sip on your welcome drink on they way to Plavnik Island. As the boat sails towards the island's northern shores, keep an eye out for the elusive wild dolphins that sometimes grace these waters. Stop at a fish farm nestled on the tranquil north side of Plavnik Island where dolphins like to hunt. This visit offers more than just an insight into the aquaculture practices of the region; it's a chance to observe the marine ecosystem in action. Leaving the fish farm behind, the boat gracefully navigates along the coastline of Plavnik Island, revealing breathtaking vistas of its rugged cliffs and untouched landscapes. Nature enthusiasts are in for a treat as the journey takes them to a white-headed Griffon vulture habitat. Get a unique perspective on these magnificent birds, as they soar above the island's rocky terrain. Bring your camera along to capture the essence of this truly wild experience against the backdrop of the shimmering Adriatic Sea. Make your way to Plavnik Cave, an enchanting enclave that beckons with crystal-clear waters and hidden secrets. Anchor near the cave's entrance, allowing you to plunge into the inviting sea and explore the cave's interior. Enjoy the ethereal blue hues of the water are illuminated by sunlight filtering through the cave's openings, creating a surreal ambiance that invites exploration and leisurely swims. A hidden beach within the cave adds an air of mystery to this tranquil stop, making it a haven for those seeking solace amid nature's wonders. Resuming the journey, the boat charts a course towards the island of Kormat, where a unique spectacle awaits. Passengers become active participants in a show of nature's elegance as seagulls swoop and dive around the vessel. The air is filled with the joyous cries of the gulls as they chase morsels tossed into the wind. The final destination, eagerly awaited by all, is the renowned Golden Beach. This picturesque space is a symbol of Krk Island's allure, boasting a sandy shore encircled by towering cliffs that stretch over 20 meters into the sky. As the boat anchors nearby, passengers disembark onto the sandy shore. Relish in the sun's warm embrace with ample time to indulge in photography, capturing the beauty of the surroundings, or to unwind on the sand or waves. Begin the journey back towards Krk city. Gather on deck, cherishing the last moments of you maritime adventure as the sun begins its descent, casting a golden glow over the sea.

Island Plavnik and Golden Beach cruise, optional gril picnic

2. Island Plavnik and Golden Beach cruise, optional gril picnic

Meet your boat at the end of the hourbour in the historic town of Krk and embark your cruise. Feel the wind in your hair and enjoy stunning scenery of island Krk with a traditional welcom drink while moving away from the shore. While sailing to island Plavnik, which is declared a zoological and botanical reserve, you can enjoy an maestic view. Get your cameras ready as we cruise along the fish farm in search of dolphins. With a little luck, you'll be able to enjoy their friendly spirit. Passing by a Old historic lighthouse that marks the east side of the narrowest opening of the Channel, we slowly approach beneath impressive white stone cliffs, where the nests of white-headed Vultures are located. This marvelous creatures have a key role in the ecosystem, there wingspam can be up to 3m. With beautiful impressions of Griffon Vultures, we sail to our first stop, Krusija bay. This beach is also known as the Green Lagoon. Take your time exploring the underwater world with our snorkeling masks; you'll encounter various fish and colorful seabed. In the forest with high vegetation you can find a small park to relax and enjoy the gentle sound of the sea; this is the true oasis for your soul. Take a light stroll along the stone path that takes you through the centuries-old oak forest to the top of the island. Although it was never inhabited, you can come across an old stone house and an chapel, that gives soul to the entire island. While you enjoy the charms of this island, we have taken care of lunch for those who are feeling hungry. The crew on the boat will be preparing the finest traditional meal for you. You can choose fish, meat or vegetarian dish with side dish.Stay refreshed with access to bar throughout the journey, where you can choose wine, beer, water or juice's. Enchanted by the rich nature, we are leaving the island Plavnik and sailing to our final stop, but in the meantime, don't miss the spectacular seagull feeding show on the Kormati Islands. Small and insignificant islands for us, but a crucial location for these wild creatures. Take a piece of fish, extend your hand, and immerse yourself in a new delight. And here we are at our final but not least important stop. The bay we eagerly awaited throughout the journey, Golden Beach. Far from the city noise and hustle, there is a small cove with a beautiful pebble and sandy beach, a true hidden oasis of untouched nature and tranquility, that reminds us of just how small we are in comparison to Mother Nature. The towering impressive cliffs, reaching up to 30 meters, with their composition that gives a golden tint, adding their beauty to the entire bay. Bask in the sun, cool of in the sea and marvel at the breathtaking view that will leave you awestruck.Take our snorkeling masks and indulge in exploring the underwater cave. As our trip comes to an end, we'll make sure that even the last moments are spent in the wonderful summer atmosphere with some good music and a sip of drinks.

Wild Bays of Krk Island: A private half day boat tour

3. Wild Bays of Krk Island: A private half day boat tour

Your boat trip starts from Punat harbour. During a 30 minutes panoramic boat ride you will see the neighbouring island, the distant Krk city and Krk islands unique rock formations. First, we will show you the beaches you can choose from. Each of us is different - some will stay shorter at the bays and want to spend more time cruising with the boat. Some will change more beaches, while others will snorkel and sunbathe on the same beach for the available 2,5h. Luckily, this is your personal trip and we will help you to enjoy the way you want it.

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Awesome! Had a really nice day, sailed along beautiful places, stopped at beautiful locations, heard beautiful stories, and super nice staff! The captain was a very sweet man, he had a lot of passion for his work and he conveyed that to us well! Nice to see. For me and my partner our best day of the whole holiday! Wow!

Very nice tour guide, great tour! The guide plans the trip so that you are almost alone at the bathing spots and not with all the other tourist boats at the bathing spot and the cave. The tour is definitely worth the money & even went on for half an hour longer!

Highly Recommended. The captain in particular guides you through the day in a pleasant, entertaining manner and with lots of information about Krk and Croatia. It was great that he adapted the tour to avoid the crowds at the stops. I would book again at any time.

Very nice experience! The guide was very kind, and he took us to places that if you didn't have a boat would not have been reachable. We even saw dolphins swimming! Super recommended and really affordable price!

Very nice tour! Several stops to jump into the beautiful blue sea, seen a lot and collected super cool memories. You must have done it if you have the opportunity!