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Things to do in Klagenfurt

Our most recommended things to do in Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt: Exciting Outdoor-Escape-Game and Blackstories

1. Klagenfurt: Exciting Outdoor-Escape-Game and Blackstories

Explore Klagenfurt in a fun and thrilling way. Uncover the hidden secrets of the city with an interactive audio guide on your phone that will challenge you to decipher clues and riddles to solve the mystery. Start exploring in Klagenfurt's city center and let the app guide you through the city to new clues. Discover your surroundings at your own pace, create your own route and have fun with your friends or family. As part of this unique outdoor experience, help the local police investigate what happened to a missing former police officer and bestselling author. Collect clues, listen to police files, and witness reports. Work towards solving the mystery by tackling a new clue at each location you stop at. This is your independent city exploration and hike with plenty of entertainment through our app.

Klagenfurt: App-Based Exploration Game

2. Klagenfurt: App-Based Exploration Game

Explore Klagenfurt through an unusual, but fun adventure. Take part in an interactive smartphone game with your partner that will help you get to know each other a bit better. Unlock clues to your next destination by taking on tasks and answering tricky and funny questions about each other. Begin your game in the city center and allow the app to guide you from there. You will receive funny instructions about how to move through the area and you can design your own route. Challenge yourself and your partner by acting as a team to solve even the trickiest questions and situations. Enjoy a special outdoor date and create long-lasting memories as a couple. Step away from mainstream or traditional tours to focus on creating your own adventure. Take advantage of the bonus tasks and riddles to keep playing even after the game is over. We recommend: Play this outdoor adventure only in a team of two persons.

Magical Christmas Tour in Klagenfurt

3. Magical Christmas Tour in Klagenfurt

Experience Austria in a different perspective filled with holiday lights illuminating the Christmas Markets in Klagenfurt. Discover a wide variety of Austrian traditions, customs, and a wide range of seasonal products, including the traditional Glühwein. Visit the most beautifully decorated places and markets. Feel spellbound with the charming atmosphere in the streets which you can only experience this time of the year!

Klagenfurt: Fairytale Outdoor Game App

4. Klagenfurt: Fairytale Outdoor Game App

Get to know Klagenfurt while playing an outdoor game. Download the app to your phone, then meet your friends or family in the center of the city. Walk to different sites, receive clues, and solve the assignments to unlock the stories. Go on a tour that is interactive, fun, and perfect for families. Start by meeting in the city center. Follow a route across the city that is off the beaten track, and check off tasks as you go. Have fun asking and answering interesting hypothetical questions and listen to the fascinating forgotten fairy tales of the Grimm brothers.  As you search for clues, marvel at Klagenfurt’s famous sights from the outside. Avoid large crowds and get to pick and choose where you go next. Once you have finished, use the app at home to solve bonus tasks and riddles.

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