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Discover the history, architecture, food, & culture of the greatest cities in the world on an unforgettable walking tour with Sidewalk Food Tours. Our enthusiastic guides lead private and group tours along the streets while covering a variety of themes & experiences, from savory food stops to local history and culture. It's amazing where your feet can take you. Our walking tours give you close-up views of the treasures and hidden gems in a city of secret hideaways. Be it that dinky "mom and pop" restaurant, hard-to-find delectable food truck, or an "off the beaten path" spot for a photograph with your friends & family, Sidewalk Tour Guides take you to the places the locals want to keep for themselves.

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Quartiere Francese, Chinatown di San Francisco, Mission District, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, Lower Manhattan, Manhattan, Greenwich Village

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New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Francisco, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York, New York, New York

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