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RiverRide, The Floating Bus! If you happen to be strolling on the bank of the Danube in Budapest, you may see a bus floating on the water. Don't panic or call the fire brigade or ambulance! This is an everyday sight - in this city. However, in continental Europe, Budapest is the only place where it is. And the reason why is that Riverride's water bus operates here, showing the capital of Hungary from both the land and the water (though not from the air for the time being!). The 12 metre long, 4 metre high amphibious vehicle weighing 15 tons looks like a bus in the water and a ship on land. The person steering the vehicle is a ship's captain on the waves and a bus driver on land. The ship's horn, anchor and life jackets are useless on land, but indispensable on the water. The wheels of course are totally unnecessary in the river, but are really quite useful on land. One thing we're certain about, though, is that not one of the 9 emergency exits - two on either side of the vehicle, three on the roof and four side windows - will ever be needed on the amphibious coach built through international co-operation. So is this really a bus that can float on the water or is it a ship that can run on land? We don't know. Try this experience unique in Europe and find out for yourself!

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