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Railtours Ireland First Class is an incoming tour operator based in Dublin (Ireland) with over 21 successful years in business! Our Service: Railtours Ireland First Class, in association with Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail), is delighted to offer visitors to Dublin the chance to see a great portion of Ireland that they would not ordinarily be able to experience comfortably in one or more days. Using a combination of Rail (reserved car on the train) & Private Luxury Coach, Railtours Ireland First Class presents a unique - fully escorted - Irish Touring experience! Sit back and relax as your train glides through the heart of Ireland. Railtours Ireland now offers a wide range of extended tours. From one-day to eleven-day tours including quality accommodation. With departures Monday-Saturday year round, we have something for everyone. Whether you wish to explore the Wild Atlantic Way or experience Ireland's Ancient East, we have something for you.

Railtours Ireland First Class offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Connemara, Dublino Georgiana, Castello di Blarney, Connemara, Scogliere di Moher, Castello di Dunguaire, Selciato del gigante, Connemara, Castello di Belfast, Selciato del gigante, Scogliere di Moher, Connemara, Scogliere di Moher, Connemara, Scogliere di Moher, Connemara, Selciato del gigante, Scogliere di Moher, Glendalough, Monti Wicklow, Prigione di Crumlin Road, Titanic Belfast, Shankill Road, Connemara, Libro di Kells, Selciato del gigante, Shankill Road, Abbazia di Kylemore, Titanic Belfast, Castello di Dunguaire, Falls Road, Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College Dublin, Scogliere di Moher, Burren

Railtours Ireland First Class offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:

Dublino, Dublino, Dublino, Cork, Cobh, Dublino, Dublino, Galway, Doolin, Dublino, Bushmills, Dublino, Dublino, Dublino, Belfast, Bushmills, Dublino, Killarney, Cork, Dublino, Cork, Dublino, Doolin, Dublino, Galway, Doolin, Cork, Dublino, Dublino, Dublino, Galway, Bushmills, Doolin, Dublino, Dublino, Belfast, Dublino, Doolin, Belfast, Galway, Cork, Killarney, Limerick, Bushmills

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