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Jamming Thailand was set up to offer tours designed to bring you authentic Thai experiences to travelers to my wonderful country. On one of our tours, you’ll experience Thai history, culture, and nature as it should be. You will meet with local communities, see the sights, and people of the “Land of Smiles”. Learn how to live as a Thai, enjoying the simple life in the countryside of Thailand.

Jamming Thailand Tours offre tour e attività per le seguenti attrazioni:

Pak Khlong Talat, Chao Phraya, Grande Palazzo Reale, Wat Arun, Tempio del Buddha Sdraiato, Casa dell'artista di Khlong Bang Luang, Mercato galleggiante di Khlong Lat Mayom, Tempio del Buddha Sdraiato, Chao Phraya, Wat Arun, Pak Khlong Talat, Soi Kudeejeen, Bangkok, Chinatown di Bangkok

Jamming Thailand Tours offre tour e attività nelle seguenti città:

Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok, Bangkok

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