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Historical Turkish Bath Experience

1. Historical Turkish Bath Experience

Located in the heart of the historical peninsula, at a walking distance from Grand Bazaar and serving since 1584, the historical Çemberlitaş Hamam is waiting for you! If you are searching for the best place for a Turkish bath in Istanbul, this is the best place for you. Going to the Turkish bath and witnessing the Turkish bath experience is one of the essential things to do in Istanbul. Take a break from the Istanbul day tours and all the Istanbul sightseeing places and relax in Cemberlitas Hamam. The Turkish Bath is a traditional type of public bathing which is essentially based on the ancient Roman bathing culture and the principles of the steam bath. Combining this with the traditional Turkish bath massage (“Turkish scrub”), it became an integral part of Turkish culture as well as an important part of social life. After sweating, the person in charge of scrubbing and foaming will scrub all the dead skin from your body. Do not worry, it does not hurt. You will be surprised how much dead skin will come off your body. After foaming, you can relax as long as you want in the Hammam. Your body will begin to breathe in each cell and your blood circulation accelerates. Do not miss this experience! Learn more about the ancient bathing ritual of the Ottoman Sultans while relaxing. 

Istanbul: Traditional Turkish Bath Experience

2. Istanbul: Traditional Turkish Bath Experience

Have a true Turkish experience at a beautiful central Turkish bath, known as a hamam. Experience the full range of treatments including an invigorating body scrub with a special exfoliating glove that removes any dead skin. Enjoy a face mask to open your pores, a luxurious foam peeling massage and an aromatherapy oil massage for relaxation. Relax, breathe, and unwind at this professional hamam.

Çemberli Taş Traditional Turkish Bath

3. Çemberli Taş Traditional Turkish Bath

The Çemberlitas Bath, built in 1584, is located on Divanyolu Street and surrounded Istanbul’s historic monuments. At the beginning of your 2-hour visit an attendant will show you to a dressing cubicle on the first floor, and provide sandals and a peştemal – a colorful checked cloth to be tied around the waist. There are many services available. With the self-service option, you bathe yourself, bringing your own soap, shampoo and towel. The traditional bath option includes a 15-minute massage and the soap, shampoo and towel are provided. Other choices include gobektasi, or stone sweating; scrubbing, bubbles and sultan’s bath; aromatherapy oil massage; Indian massage; and clay mask.

Traditional Turkish Bath Experience in Istanbul

4. Traditional Turkish Bath Experience in Istanbul

The hamam is an atmospheric world all its own in the midst of cosmopolitan Istanbul. If you are stressed-out, tired, or just want to visit a place where time seems to have stood still for centuries, step inside for an authentic Turkish bath experience. Immerse yourself in the long-established hamam experience at a luxurious hamam carved out of a cave, granting the best of both worlds: old-world tradition in a modern, luxurious setting. To help you relax after your daily tours of Istanbul, the professional masseurs offer a variety of services in addition to the traditional hamam ritual. After changing, you will be taken to the Hot Room where your muscles will loosen up. You will proceed to the Warm Room of the bath,where the staff (tellak for men and natir for women) will scrub you down using Turkish soap and a special cloth. Once you have finished there, you will be taken to the Cold Room and given towels to wrap yourself in. Here you may choose to enhance your experience with a massage, or simply relax with tea or other drinks. After you get dressed, you will feel your skin renewed from the magic of the Turkish bath.

Istanbul: Turkish Hammam Body Scrub, Bath, & Private Massage

5. Istanbul: Turkish Hammam Body Scrub, Bath, & Private Massage

Expereince the relaxation of a full Turkish Hammam experience in Istanbul. Immerse yourself in a cultural tradition while indulging in a traditional body scrub, a body washing ritual, a full-body clay mask, and an aromatherapy massage with a calming face and foot massage.   Take your personal care kit that ensures that you have everything that you need for your stay, consisting of a specially designed, new bath-glove (kese), shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, natural olive oil soap, and disposable anti-slip slippers.  Start by opening your pores by sweating for a while in a hot room. before your traditional body scrubbing experience begins. Receive a bath mitt (kese) which is, important part of hammam tradition. This is used to clean and purify the body after intense sweating.  Feel the relief using the kese to remove the toxic substances accumulated in the pores of the skin, as the clogged pores open and the roughness becomes more smooth. After the kese treatment, a traditional bubble wash ritual and relaxing full body foam massage is performed on warm marble stones. Next, a full body clay mask is applied. Clay is a type of soil that has been used for centuries as a source of health and beauty. Due to the natural minerals it contains, it has many benefits, especially on the skin. Continue with a relaxing aromatherapy massage with a low tempo and mild movements that provide deep relaxation in the body. Afterwards, a refreshing face mask is applied followed by a facial massage. Treat yourself to a foot massage with redbud scented oil.  Snack on a plate of freshly sliced fruit, specially prepared for you. Unwind with a cold glass of homemade Ottoman Sherbet. Get dressed in your individualized changing room and receive a farewell gift before you leave.

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It was incredibly relaxing and the fact that you get to be in such an old place alone with your thoughts was pretty amazing. My favourite part was the soap bath and massage (it felt like they were pouring clouds on your body). If you are not comfortable with being naked (except for a bikini) when they massage you, it is probably not for you. Also, it lasts for less than 1.5 hour, more like an hour (I bought the full package including the massage oil and I was instructed after the shower to get changed - not to stay in the marble stone as much as I wished). The location was great and the place is easy to find either by walking towards it or catching the tram and walking a bit.

Great experience! Very friendly and to the well-being of the guests hard-working staff!

Amazing experience but lasted 1h30 instead of 2h. Still had a wonderful time there :)

Excellent, if I had known about the extra cost per massage, I would have paid for it.

People were friendly and attentive. Good value for the money.