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Every year, from March to October, a romantic mini-cruise amidst the Venetian Villas along the Riviera del Brenta, from Padua to Venice or the other way round, a trip through art and history on the way followed by the ancient Venetian Burchiello in the 1700's. The Burchiello was a typical Venetian barge, finely wrought and decorated, used to transport passengers and equipped with a wide wooden cabin, and three or four balconies. The Burchiello was used by the richest classes of Venice to reach the city from their villas in the countryside. As it used to do in the past, nowadays the Burchiello operates as a long-distance touring service on the waterway called Riviera del Brenta, from Padua to Venice or vice-versa; the heir of old traditions, it slowly cruises the Brenta waters while tourist guides on board tell about the history, the culture and the art of the Villas that rise along the Brenta. Today the Burchiello is a modern and comfortable boat, equipped with a cabin and comfortable sofas, air-conditioning, a bar and toilets, and a panoramic deck that offers passengers a full view around. The programs offer navigation from Padua to Venice (Padua, Stra, Dolo, Mira, Oriago, Malcontenta, Fusina, Venice) or from Venice to Padua (Venice, Fusina, Malcontenta, Oriago, Mira, Dolo, Stra, Padua), plus the guided tour inside some Venetian Villas, the famous richly-frescoed summer dwellings of the Venetian aristocrats of the 1700’s. We recommend the one-full-day mini-cruise in order to appreciate the extraordinary beauty of Riviera del Brenta. This program includes navigation, a guide on board, the guided tour of Villa Foscari known as La Malcontenta, Villa Widmann at Mira and Villa Pisani at Strà, plus a stop for lunch (optional) at the famous restaurant Il Burchiello at Oriago, where the barge moors. This charming mini-cruise passes past nine swivelling bridges and five locks, true “water lifts” that enable tourists to go down or up the difference in water level that is as high as 10 meters from Padua to Venice, and it concludes its trip in Venice in the fantastic marble scenario of St. Mark’s Basin.

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