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Iasi: 2-Day Chisinau and Transnistria Tour

1. Iasi: 2-Day Chisinau and Transnistria Tour

Day 1: Your first day starts at the reception of your hotel in Iasi, where you will meet your guide. Following your meet-up, you will start your trip to the Republic of Moldova, a country famous for its wines and for the fact that it is the least touristic country in all of Europe. The main attraction of the day is the capital city of the country, Chisinau. Known as the "City of White Stone" and the "City on Seven Hills". Chisinau does not stop to impress there though, also boasting massive socialist architecture that perfectly blends with the modern buildings and monuments. During the city tour you will visit the most iconic sites of the city, such as parliament and the Presidential House, together with the City Hall which was designed by the famous Russian architect Alexander Bernadazzi. Next on your itinerary is the Cricova Winery. Situated at a depth of 50-80 meters, it represents a real underground city. The Moldavian cellars where Vladimir Putin keeps his wine are so big you need to drive through them, at a length of more than 120 kilometers. In this unique underground city you will have the opportunity to discover the steps to wine tasting and try a selection of the great range of Moldavian wines. Following your wine experience, you will overnight in Chisinau. Day 2: Your second day will begin early in the morning with a 2-hour drive to the unrecognized state that split off from the Republic of Moldova after the dissolution of the USSR. This is a country with borders, a president, its own currency, an emblem, and a flag flying, yet nobody recognizes its existence. It is called Transnistria, and is a strip of land between the river Dniester and Ukraine. Right from the border checkpoint, you will notice the presence of the Russian peace troops who have been deployed in Transnistria since the Cold War. Nowadays, almost thirty years after the Cold War ended, Russia is still very present and maintaining peace in the region. You will then visit the towns of Bendery and Tiraspol, the two biggest in Transnistria which are home to around 200,000 people. Your guide will present to you the stories about the war against Moldova as well as their personal opinion on the events that took place in 1992. Following this historical experience, you will reach Iasi in the evening where your tour will conclude.

From Iasi: Hiking Day Trip to Bicaz & Hasmas National Park

2. From Iasi: Hiking Day Trip to Bicaz & Hasmas National Park

This hiking tour will take you to the impressive Bicaz Gorges. Hasmas National Park is just 3-hours away from Iasi and offers a wide variety of activities and unique landscapes for adventure lovers and tourists alike. Lakes, rapid springs, waterfalls, rocky peaks and exciting landscapes are just waiting to be discovered. Together, explore hidden caves and the gorges of Bicaz and Bicăjel, spot the famous Rupicapra (chamois) in its natural habitat and hike on wild tracks or listen to the sounds of nature. This adventure day trip in Romania offers you a wide range of activities from which you can choose one or combine many, according to your training and desire. You can choose from the following adventure activities: hiking and exploring the Sugau Gorges (2 to 3-hours of moderate effort) and the nearby routes. Here, you will get to climb in and cross the mountain to the other side through the Tunnel Cave, you can admire the calcareous cliffs and the relict pine forests and reach a Bellevue point from which you can look towards the Bicaz Gorges. Hiking around the Red Lake (1 to 2-hours with little effort). You can admire the beautiful natural barrage lake formed after a big earthquake only 150 years ago and you can take a short ride on a boat. Hiking in Bicajel Gorges (2 to 3-hours of moderate effort). This hike takes you through the spectacular landscape formed by the small Bicajel River. In hot summer days, you can take a bath in the small “bathtubs” formed by the river. A path will take you above the cliffs of Bicaz Gorges, right in the den of the chamois. Hike in the Garden of Fairies and Suhardul Mic (2 to 3-hours of moderate effort). This path will give you a spectacular aerial view of the Bicaz Gorges and the Red Lake from a natural suspended amphitheater before reaching the Suhardul Mic peak - 1345 meters. The tour’s points of interest include: Red Lake, Bicaz and Bicajel Gorges, Chamois (Rupicapra), waterfalls, unique landscapes and untouched wilderness.

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