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Ho Chi Minh City

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Our most recommended Ho Chi Minh City Street Food

Ho Chi Minh: Motorbike Street Food Tour with Local Students

1. Ho Chi Minh: Motorbike Street Food Tour with Local Students

Sample 5-6 of the best street foods in Ho Chi Minh City, along with 2 drinks and a dessert, on a guided food tour. Visit the places where actual locals go with your guide and gain insights into Vietnamese culture. Sample must-have food and drinks, including banh mi, noodle soup, beer, and more. After pickup from your hotel by motorbike, you will have a chance to see the real Ho Chi Minh City away from the crowds of tourists. Stop at local street food hubs where locals gather and socialize. Explore and immerse yourself in the local culture in the craziness of Saigon's traffic and markets. Eat and sample 8 must-have treats in the city's back alleys. Warm up your taste buds with Bun bo hue beef noodle soup. Then, take a stroll, trying grilled pork with ride noodles on the way. Next, try the traditional Vietnamese banh mi sandwich before enjoying a refreshing sugar cane drink. Next, discover Vietnam's best culinary hidden gem: chuoi nuong grilled banana with coconut milk. Sample this traditional sweet and salty mix of tropical fruits and coconut milk sauce. Then, have a sit-down and relax, sipping a Saigon beer on the terrace of a local restaurant. Then, watch your banh xeo Vietnamese savory crispy pancake being made in front of you. Finally, finish off with the perfect treat, a sweet soup dessert. Be taken back to your hotel, having sampled the must-have delicacies of Ho Chi Minh and experienced Vietnamese culture with your student guide.

Ho Chi Minh City: Private Street Food Motorbike Tour

2. Ho Chi Minh City: Private Street Food Motorbike Tour

Eat your way through Ho Chi Minh City - formerly Saigon - and taste the best street food at night! Meet your English-speaking guides in the evening, and climb on the back of a bike to immerse yourself in the crazy traffic. Join thousands of other motorbikes as you ride the streets and your driver takes you through notable neighborhoods, including District 3 where the locals live. Stop to enjoy some Banh Xeo and Banh Khot (South and Central rice pancakes), and learn how they are made from a chef with over 20 years experience before riding down hidden alleyways, where you will encounter old apartment buildings. Go on a short adventure to climb up to the top of some old buildings and see the contrasting architecture between modern and authentic Saigon. You can even visit a local pagoda which was built inside an old apartment by a female monk. Visit the biggest night flower market and soak up the wonderful bouquets. Take a short walk around the area, and get a special gift from your guide. Go deep into a true maze of local market to have an authentic local experience by grilling banana cakes. Next, drive to District 5 and pass a street famous for its oil paintings. Stop at a local restaurant to savor some bún chả (grilled pork with noodles, Hanoi style), known as “Obama Noodles” after President Obama and Anthony Bourdain tried them in 2016! Venture into District 10, where the city’s street food scene really thrives. Excite your taste buds with a heavenly dish of coconut ice cream at a shop established in 1975. Watch as the owner prepares some coconut ice cream right before your eyes. Take a spin around the city for enticing views of the night life, and experience the hustle and bustle of fashion street. Squeeze through narrow alleyways that cars can’t access, and journey along the banks of the Saigon River with a welcoming breeze. End your food and motorbike tour in District 4, where you will enjoy a seafood or meat meal of 3 different dishes and an authentic food challenge! Try some balut (boiled, fertilized egg) and tuck into a dessert of flan cake with caramel, coffee and coconut milk. Wash it all down with beer, soft drinks, mineral water or homemade Vietnamese sticky rice wine.

Ho Chi Minh City: Private Street Food Evening Walking Tour

3. Ho Chi Minh City: Private Street Food Evening Walking Tour

Benefit from pick-up at your hotel in selected areas of Ho Chi Minh City, and then head by taxi to a local district which is known as a street food paradise to taste authentic banh xeo and banh khot (rice pancakes) away from the tourist crowds. Stroll along a street known for its barbecue seafood vendors and head to a local-favorite restaurant to taste the best bo la lot" (beef in wild betel leaves). Sample a tasty Bot Chien, pan-fried rice cakes with egg and spring onions which is cooked by a local chef with over 25 years experience, and then quench your thirst with a sugar cane juice mixed with a little orange. Continue your food adventure with an authentic banh mi (sandwich) and experience the perfect fusion of 4 delicious flavors with one bite! Walk into the old apartments of Nguyen Thien Thuat, where you can join the locals and try the best barbecue seafood or meat with some local beer and homemade Vietnamese rice wine. Cap off your Saigon street food tour at the night flower market by enjoying an amazing dessert which is coconut ice cream, avocado ice cream or grilled bananas with coconut milk. Your street food guide will take a taxi to go with you get back to your accommodation.

Ho Chi Minh: Cooking Class with Market Visit

4. Ho Chi Minh: Cooking Class with Market Visit

For a true Vietnamese experience, get picked up from your hotel in a cyclo – a three wheeled bicycle taxi – before a 30-minute tour of the city. Then get dropped off at Ben Thanh Market, a large food market in the city center. Pick the meals you would like to learn how to cook from the menu and learn how to choose quality ingredients from your English-speaking guide. Haggle with vendors and get an insight into the daily lives of locals. Then, walk to the restaurant for your cooking class. Learn knife skills and how to garnish and present your dishes. By the end of your class you will have the know-how to prepare the dishes at home for yourself. Some of the dishes you’ll learn to cook include fresh/fried/pumpkin flour spring rolls, chicken noodle soup, Vietnamese pancakes, fried chicken, pork ribs and stewed pork belly.

Saigon: 10 Tastings Street Food Tour by Motorbike

5. Saigon: 10 Tastings Street Food Tour by Motorbike

Embark on a motorbike trip around 5 of Ho Chi Minh's colorful districts and hidden streets. Immerse yourself in Saigon's culture, blend into local nightlife, and eat mouthwatering local dishes. Guests ride pillion behind drivers to enjoy and experience the unique atmosphere and create unforgettable memories of Saigon. Try the best local foods, cook your own food and enjoy the amazing ride on the back of a scooter. Hop on the scooter and head into the crowded roundabout and exciting Saigon traffic on the back of your scooter. First, you'll ride to Chinatown and visit an evening local market. Next head to the Ho Thi Ky wholesale flower market. Take a walk in the market and sit down to learn how to make a crispy banana cracker. Continue to ride through the alleys, passing commercial streets and food vendors. After taking in some unbeatable views from your scooter, stop at a local food place for pho (beef noodle soup) and Banh My, Vietnam's most famous street food. After your meal, the Nguyen Thien Thuat area is next on the itinerary. This is one of the most famous street food areas in Saigon with great diversity in both cuisine and culture. Last but not least, discover the best place for a beer or dessert at a local favorite spot. Sit at a small table and chat with your tour guide. Get to know more about the local life and the ingredients of Vietnamese cuisine. The menu includes: • Banh Xeo - Mekong Delta Crispy Pancake with different type of flavors from herbs and sauce • Bot Chien - Vietnamese Fried Rice Cake with Egg • Goi Cuon ( fresh spring roll with shrimp and pork ) • Beef Noodle Soup - A Unique Pho or Charcoal Grilled Pork On Skewers Rice Noodles • Crispy Banana Cracker - The best snack from our local guides recommendation • Bánh Mì — The most well-known baguette in the world with sausage, butter, and meat • Saigon Pizza - This is a good mix of melted butter, cheese, egg and Vietnamese sausage • Cold sugarcane juice with kumquat • Jasmine Tea - This is a special drinking culture always comes with food when you are in a local Vietnamese restaurant • Flan Cake for dessert (Bánh Flan)

Ho Chi Minh City: Saigon by Night Food and Sightseeing Tour

6. Ho Chi Minh City: Saigon by Night Food and Sightseeing Tour

At 5.30 PM, your English-speaking tour guide will pick you up at your hotel or specified location in the city. The first stop is at a local restaurant where you’ll try Hue noodle soup, a special dish famous with not only local residents, but foreigners as well. After that, stop by a historical building built in 1986 to experience the life of the working-class people living there. Continue the tour by visiting Ho Thi Ky Flower Market, the biggest of its kind in the city where almost all of its fresh and colorful flowers are collected from the Mekong Delta. After that, the tour guide will drive you to District 4, a small island surrounded by the Saigon River. Then, at a floating market, drink coconut juice and chat with local people who earn a living by using their boat. There are also lots of interesting Vietnamese products from the Mekong Delta that are sold there.   On the way back to your hotel, go through the food street in District 4 and satisfy your appetite with food and drink. The sellers come from many parts of Vietnam and their food tastes very different from one another, giving you have a wide range of food and drink to choose from. At the end, your guide will take you back to your hotel and wish you a pleasant night.

Saigon: Night Food Tour by Motorbike

7. Saigon: Night Food Tour by Motorbike

At 5:30PM your English speaking driver team will pick you up at your hotel or a specified place. From there, your first stop will be at a famous local restaurant, specialising in beef noodles soup, one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. After that, drive to Nguyen Thien Thuat street, one of the most famous street food areas in Saigon with the considerable diversity in the style of the cuisine and local culture. Take a short walk to explore and understand more about the lifestyle of local people, the history, as well as many other stories about this building. Then stop for enjoying bo la lot (beef wrapped in betel leaf), one of the most famous street foods of Vietnam. Then, continue driving to the biggest flower market in Saigon before passing by Nguyen Trai street located in district 5 which is famous for hundreds of fashion shops along the street. Driving over Nguyen Van Cu Bridge, look out upon the Saigon River and some of the stilt houses which sit upon it, and enjoy the fresh cool breeze from the river. Afterwards, visit district 4, also known as the smallest district in Saigon, a small island surrounded by Saigon River. Then enjoy BBQ seafood on BBQ Street where many famous seafood restaurants rise up and attract thousands of guests coming here every night to enjoy dinner and share beautiful moments with their families and friends.  Then, finish the tour with a drive back to your hotel. 

From Ho Chi Minh: Mekong Delta River & Floating Market Tour

8. From Ho Chi Minh: Mekong Delta River & Floating Market Tour

Embark on a scenic guided journey along the famous Mekong Delta River, stretching from Ho Chi Minh’s southwest to the Gulf of Thailand. Admire the colorful vegetation that makes up the landscape as you explore a popular floating market and a small fishing island, tasting great food in between stops. Start the trip with an early pickup from your accommodation before driving to the first stop of the day. Discover Cai Be floating market, one of the largest and busiest in the area, with numerous boats filled with local produce and other items. Observe the local lifestyle and buy some snacks. Visit a local family to watch as they prepare some traditional Vietnamese snacks for you to try. After this quick stop, board a boat toward Tan Phong Island, especially popular for its fruit orchards, aquaculture, and fishing. Marvel at the views of this authentic Mekong Delta gem. Enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the local restaurants before getting on a bike to see the island. Once again, get acquainted with a local family and learn how they make a living by producing typical handcrafts. After cycling around, head to a local fruit farm and sample some local fruits.

Ho Chi Minh: Motorbike Food Tour with All-Female Drivers

9. Ho Chi Minh: Motorbike Food Tour with All-Female Drivers

Experience how food is a huge part of Vietnamese culture, daily life, and pride. From salty to sweet, sour and hot flavors, take your taste buds on an adventure and see the local sights.  Hop on the back of a bike, ride through many districts, and sample a delicious mix of local dishes. Escape the city center and discover local food stands and eateries hidden down narrow alleys that would be hard to find without a local guide. Learn about the Vietnam of today from a team of all-female guides, who are ambassadors for women empowerment and Vietnamese culture. Your drivers will join the meals with you for a friendly atmosphere, to share the stories and have a laugh over good food and a Saigon beer or local beverage. In total, you will visit three local restaurants and make one stop on the other side of the river for an amazing view. You will get to try: • Local noddle soup (Banh Canh Cua or Bun Bo Hue) • Vietnamese crepes (Banh Xeo & Banh Khot) or beef wrapped in betel leaves (Bo Cuon La Lop) • BBQ or seafood, including Netflix mud creepers (Oc Len Xao Dua) • Vietnamese-style desserts• Local beverages and Saigon beers (for adults only) • Some surprise dishes to give you a sense of adventure If you wish, you can customize the menu according to your preferences. You can also choose between having a private tour or taking part in a small-group tour with a maximum of 10 people.

Ho Chi Minh City: Street Food Tour with Cooking Class

10. Ho Chi Minh City: Street Food Tour with Cooking Class

After pickup from your hotel, enjoy a thrilling ride on the back of a scooter. Your first stop will be at a low-key eatery in district 3, where locals sit on small plastic chairs and eat cheap street food. Here you will try a Vietnamese pancake.  Next, your driver will take you to Nguyen Thien Thuat Street, Saigon's heaven for foodies. Street food sold here is varied, since people living in the area come from all over Vietnam and have different tastes. Walk around the area and hear about its history.  You'll then stop at the large flower market located in district 5, where flowers from every part of Vietnam are sold. Explore the colors and smells of the market, before stopping to try banana crispy crackers in a hidden alleyway.  The next stop for food is in district 10. Here you will learn how to make steamed rice rolls from scratch. Then hop back on the scooter to another area of the city to enjoy the most popular street food in Vietnam, Banh My.  Next, sit on plastic chairs among many locals at a local eatery and have BBQ meat or seafood. The last stop will be at a dessert place, where you will try flan cakes. You will then be dropped back to your hotel.

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Nhan and Helen are our guides for the tour, and we had so much fun ! Nhan was very good at explaining not just the food, but also various sights and the history along the way. And he's also very kind and helped us take many photos. Both Nhan and Helen are excellent motorbike drivers, and we felt safe all the time even it's our first time riding on the back of a motorbike, in heavy traffic no less. The variety of the food offered is just amazing, noodles, pancakes, sandwich, desserts, etc. Can't recommend more highly on the tour ! Thanks Nhan and Helen.

It was very easy and quick to book this tour. I did it alone and I enjoyed it a lot. Kay, the tour guide, picked me up at the War Remnants museum and he drove me from place to place to eat at different places. Everything was very delicious, Kay was a very nice person to spend the afternoon with talking about our cultures and eating Vietnamese food. I wouldn’t be able to try so many different foods by myself. I would do it again with friends!

We had a fantastic time with our friendly and enthusiastic guides, Andy and Jandy! They drove us very safely through the crazy traffic and pouring rain and we always felt well looked after. The food was amazing, we ate where the locals ate and Andy and Jandy made sure we were comfortable and happy. This was an experience we will never forget.

Alex, Quentin, and Tanya provided an amazing evening in Saigon for our first visit. Knowledgeable about the area, quickly arranged great food, and very engaging throughout the night. Felt safe and guided the whole time, even in the busy streets on scooters. This is an incredible way to get a real taste of Ho Chi Minh all in one night!

Thank you Lisa to provide me such a wonderful, comfortable and joyful evening, great food and great tour guide, also a good teacher to me in Vietnamese languages. Thank you so much.