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Heidelberg: 2-Hour Spooky Tour with Hangman’s Daughter

1. Heidelberg: 2-Hour Spooky Tour with Hangman’s Daughter

Enjoy a very special walking tour with ghost stories of Heidelberg. Join the Hangman’s Daughter on one of her walks and search for old haunted houses and witches hidings. Hear stories of poltergeists who wreak havoc in town houses, the souls of burned witches, and evil dogs in the darkest corners of the old town. Explore Heidelberg’s romantic old town and learn about dreadful crimes and cruel punishments during the Middle Ages. Find out how an executioner could make a living with his “services” in the old days and get to know the dark side of the town.

Heidelberg: 2-Hour Walking Tour with Night Watchman

2. Heidelberg: 2-Hour Walking Tour with Night Watchman

Immerse yourself in the spooky world of werewolves, ghosts, and vampires. Enjoy a tour guided by a night watchman through Heidelberg’s most famous lore and legends, and visit the creepy locations of murder and myths. Dressed in a lovingly made and detailed costume, the night watchman reveals the dark side of the romantic old town. Listen to stories that will truly give you goosebumps. Visit the locations of vicious murders and learn all about wild students and terrible monsters. Dare to venture down the picturesque streets in the evening and discover their secrets. Feel a cold shiver down the spine at the mention of supernatural beings and events.

Heidelberg: Group Tour with the Night Watchman

3. Heidelberg: Group Tour with the Night Watchman

Take a city tour of a different kind in the footsteps of murderers, witches, executioners and of course, students. Get to know famous and lesser-known places of Heidelberg's history, like the "Faule Pelz" prison, the "Studentenkarzer" university prison, the Witches' Tower, the Brückentorverlies and the Hinrichtungsplatz. Let your guide lead you on this walking tour as a medieval night watchman with centuries-old historical knowledge and anecdotes about the mystical places in the beautiful old city of Heidelberg.  The walking tour goes through the city and past the castle according to a variety of myths and legends of particular interest to young participants, and includes visits from other famous characters.

Groups Only: Heidelberg Castle Tour with the Nightwatchman

4. Groups Only: Heidelberg Castle Tour with the Nightwatchman

In past centuries, the walls of Heidelberg Castle learned many dark secrets of their inhabitants and heard of murder, intrigue, and unholy connections. The chattering night watch of the Dukes Palace invites you on a tour around the castle and gardens and tells you everything about these gruesome legends and events. Of course, the night watchman have noticed some piquant details about state affairs and they like to dish the dirt about the dukes and their family business. Look forward to a tour with eerie legends, anecdotes, and spicy details around the long-forgotten inhabitants of the most romantic ruin in the world. Of course, the night watchman will also report bloody battles and the destruction of the castle, and if you always wanted to know what pipe smoking and bombing has to do with the finding of French uniform buttons in the vaults, then you should acompany the night watchman on their way around the dark walls and through the dark trenches.

Heidelberg Tour: Witches' Dance and Monks' Death

5. Heidelberg Tour: Witches' Dance and Monks' Death

The Heiligenberg, an old Celtic ring wall, a mysterious ritual and the ruins of a monastery are the ingredients for this atmospheric adventure. Immerse yourself in the history of one of the oldest urban areas in the region, whose remains await you deep in the woods. If the story of the black rider doesn't scare you, prepare to be spooked by the spirits of a "headless" woman from the time of the Crusades, mutinous monks and a mysterious crypt, where you'll find the ghosts of three monks murdered one stormy night. Follow the grand ducal woodsman Hubertus Heimbold on his hunt through the "terrifying" forest and hear stories of eerie happenings and historical events.

Heidelberg: Mountain Cemetery Tour

6. Heidelberg: Mountain Cemetery Tour

The Bergfriedhof, a veritable haven of town history, tells the stories of Heidelberg, the Jewish community, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Bunsen and several other important people. This is a journey through the cultural history of tombstones and burials. The upheavals of Heidelberg's history are also reflected in the biographies of those buried in the Bergfriedhof. The tombs also provide information on the conceptions of death and the historical change of these ideas. Look forward to a slightly different city tour filled with stories and anecdotes of the area.

Heidelberg: Hangmen, Hags and Harlots

7. Heidelberg: Hangmen, Hags and Harlots

Join the hangman’s daughter on her journey through Heidelberg’s alleys. The Middle Ages – witches are burning on the banks of the Neckar, whores and pick-pockets are plying their trade at the Old Bridge and the Heidelberg hangman is offering his bloody services to the authorities with a menu of prices. Accompany the hangman’s daughter, Vasner Katharina, on a journey through the chilling history of an almost forgotten trade from the middle ages to the 19th century and discover the other, dark side of the romantic Old Town. Listen to her stories of gruesome crimes and cruel punishments. You will be amazed to hear what you can earn by cremating witches or cutting off a finger or an ear. On your way through the dark alleys, you will also meet a medieval pimp who will reveal the love lives and vices enjoyed by Heidelberg’s residents. During a short break, you will stop at a tavern where a herb-lady will introduce you to various talismans and tinctures, the source and preparation of which will surprise you.


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What people are saying about Heidelberg

Overall rating

4.2 / 5

based on 39 reviews

Was a nice entertaining tour. "Grete" (Steffi) was very responsive to us and was also fun for one or the other. A short detour to the mulled wine stand was also possible. Our wishes and needs were addressed. So we were unloaded on time at our location for the rest of the evening ... thank you.

Unfortunately, due to the autumn in Heidelberg, it was a bit noisy, nice large squares filled with stalls, everyone spoke and worked loudly. Nevertheless, our tour guide made the best of it. We have learned a lot of interesting and creepy things. Well done!

We were out with the hangman's daughter and it was just great. It chatted out of the sewing box and was so authentic that you were just pulled along. It was bitterly cold and yet you could not escape their stories.

The tour was made very entertaining and exciting! It's just a shame that you have to print out the voucher and it is not enough to display the confirmation on your mobile phone.

Although the weather did not cooperate at all, the guide and the participants were in a good mood. Very interesting tour.