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We are a group of professional tour guides. Through our guided tours you'll get to discover the magic atmosphere of Turin: a baroque heart, beautiful squares and palaces, the mysticism and worldliness of its churches: the Duomo, San Lorenzo, San Carlo and Santa Cristina, the Basilica of Superga and the Consolata. We will bring you into worldwide unique museums: the College of Nobles hosting the Egyptian Museum, the Mole Antonelliana with the National Cinema Museum, Palazzo Carignano with the National Museum of the Risorgimento, the Royal Palace, headquarter of the Savoy dynasty with its monumental apartments. On top of that we can also explore less known museums (yet filled in surprises!) such as the Civic Museum of Ancient Art in Palazzo Madama, the Pietro Micca Museum, with underground tunnels. If you wish to explore the area, we'll be happy to escort you in the discovery of the wonders of our region: we can unveil together the Royal Residences, part of the so-called "Crown of Delights", unique in the world and World Heritage Site since 1997, with the possibility of a pleasant food and wine tasting, immersed in the fascinating atmosphere of the hills of Turin or in the Langhe (the wine production area famous for Barolo and Barbaresco wine, the white truffle and a wonderful scenario of castles and vineyards) and discover the treasures of the ancient Alpine passes.

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