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Paddlewheeler Creole Queen 283 avis

Constructed in Moss Point, Mississippi, the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen took her maiden voyage on October 1, 1983. She is an authentic paddlewheeler powered by a 24-foot diameter paddlewheel and the most modern, fuel efficient GE diesel-electric system ever installed in a boat of this class. Even though the Creole Queen would have been right at home among the steamboats of 1850's New Orleans, passengers of that era could never have conceived of a paddlewheeler with her luxury, comfort and safety. Ninety tons of air conditioning and heating keep the interior spaces pleasant all year round. Luxurious private rooms, stereo music and sound systems, modern restrooms and handicapped accessible facilities all combine to make the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen a true floating palace.

Paddlewheeler Creole Queen offre des visites et des activités pour ces attractions :

Jackson Square, La Nouvelle-Orléans, Mississippi (fleuve), Algiers, Nouvelle-Orléans, Riverwalk, Nouvelle-Orléans, Mississippi (fleuve), Champ de bataille de Chalmette, Algiers, Nouvelle-Orléans, Jackson Barracks, Riverwalk, Nouvelle-Orléans, Parc historique national et réserve Jean Lafitte

Paddlewheeler Creole Queen offre des visites et des activités dans ces villes :

La Nouvelle-Orléans, La Nouvelle-Orléans, La Nouvelle-Orléans

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