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Located in the heart of Vienna, our chocolate museum provides not only exciting things to know about the history of the cocoa bean and connection between Vienna and chocolate, but you will also have the opportunity to create your own chocolate and to discover gourmet treats where you can enjoy the hearty delights at our chocolate shop! We would like to invite you on a journey through our museum and open your senses for the indulgence of the various, noble types of chocolate. Our Highlights: Discover the interesting and mysterious lives of the ancient Maya and Aztecs, who detected the cocoa tree, its fruits and the treasures, hidden inside the cocoa pod. Enter our jungle, the homeland oft he cocoa plant. 2,5 meters high chocolate sculptures from history, arts and entertainment are awaiting you, such as Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI, each made from 350kg of pure chocolate! - Explore the fascinating world of entertaining interactive games, all about chocolate! Attend our Workshops, equipped with modern appliances. We have prepared for you: Roasted cocoa beans and chocolate for degustation.

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