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Paris: Fly Over Paris and the World in Virtual Reality

1. Paris: Fly Over Paris and the World in Virtual Reality

Embark on the first immersive flight experience of Paris, in which visitors fly over Paris and its monuments in virtual reality, complete with real flight sensations. Head to the departure lounge for your flight instructions then, in the takeoff room, don your jetpack, put on your virtual-reality headset, and take flight over the rooftops of Paris. Enjoy a 35-minute experience (including 20 minutes in virtual reality), filmed with real-life images. Fly past the Eiffel Tower, soar over the Seine, and discover the Champs-Elysées, the Arc de Triomphe and other iconic monuments. Experience the realistic feeling of actually flying through the air with the virtual-reality headsets and your jetpack (flight simulator). After this amazing flight over Paris, fly over seven dream destinations, taking in 360-degree views of the Great Wall of China, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Angel Falls in Venezuela, Lake Baikal in Russian, and others.

Paris: Notre Dame Virtual Reality Tour

2. Paris: Notre Dame Virtual Reality Tour

“Step inside” the Notre Dame of Paris with a virtual reality experience that will make you feel as you were really inside the famous cathedral before and after the fire. Admire its vast central nave, gargoyles, bell towers, and the sacristy thanks to real life, 360° images filmed before the infamous 2019 fire.  Discover the incredible history of Paris’ Cathedral and get an intimate glimpse backstage using a virtual reality headset. Also, get to see the cathedral in its current reconstruction state and stand at the epicenter of the ruined cathedral, on the very spot where the flaming spire fell and crashed through the vault.  Be transported through a unique experience gripping with emotion as you witness the fractured marble and floors strewn with rubble.

Paris: Virtual Reality Journey to the Heart of Ancient Egypt

3. Paris: Virtual Reality Journey to the Heart of Ancient Egypt

Explore ancient Egypt's greatest treasures - the Pyramids of Saqqara, the Pyramid at Meidoum and, of course, the Pyramids of Giza: the world most famous pyramids registered as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO. Once on site, experience the adventure of an explorer through the magic of virtual reality. You will uncover the mysterious history of these monuments which have shaped imaginations over millennia. Equipped with a virtual reality headset you will fly over these massive stone blocks, then enter inside the pyramids and explore hidden galleries and secret chambers used to protect sacred mummies of Pharaohs.

Paris : The Hidden Gems of Paris in Virtual Reality

4. Paris : The Hidden Gems of Paris in Virtual Reality

Get teleported on a virtual journey through inaccessible places of Paris' monuments in a 360-degree immersion experience. Thanks to a combination of virtual and augmented reality technologies, discover fascinating stories and perspectives about these emblematic places of the capital of light. Discover the machinery of the Eiffel Tower installed in the 19th century in its basements, access the glass roof of the Grand Palais, climb up to the top of the arrow of the Sainte Chapelle, descend into the hidden corridors of the Pantheon to discover the secrets of the Great Men, sail on the canal that flows under Bastille Square, and finish your journey on the roofs of Montmartre at sunset time. Enjoy this fabulous virtual journey of emotions, surprises, and wonder!

Paris: Flyover Paris in VR & Self-Guided City Audio Tour

5. Paris: Flyover Paris in VR & Self-Guided City Audio Tour

Embark on an immersive flight experience over Paris in virtual reality and see the city's most iconic landmarks such as Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe. Afterward, explore Paris with a handy self-guided walking tour, with a variety of tour options available. From the virtual reality terminal in the heart of the city, set off on a thrilling flight experience as you discover Paris in VR. Soar above the rooftops and see all the famous monuments as you have never seen them before. Admire 360-degree views of Paris as you fly like a bird through the air. Continue on your flying adventure as you visit 7 dream destinations around the world. See international landmarks such as the Great Wall of China, Victoria Falls, and Lake Baikal. After your virtual reality experience, explore the city at your own pace with a self-guided audio tour. Choose one of the 10 available routes and hear stories and anecdotes from professional guides and actors.

Paris: Seine & Notre-Dame Self-Guided Tour & VR Experience

6. Paris: Seine & Notre-Dame Self-Guided Tour & VR Experience

Uncover the secrets and stories of emblematic sites along the River Seine such as the Louvre, the Pont-Neuf, and the Conciergerie on a self-guided audio walking tour on your smartphone. Then visit a virtual reality center to see Notre Dame Cathedral prior to the fire of 2019. Hear stories produced by professional guides and actors as you wander along the banks of the Seine on your self-guided tour. Start the tour wherever you want, and discover the hidden mysteries behind iconic Parisian landmarks. Hear the chilling tale of the ghost of the Tuileries Garden. Learn of the legend of the barber and pastry chef, which may ring a bell. Stroll between the Louvre and Notre Dame and enjoy beautiful panoramas along the Seine as well as one of the most charming squares in Paris. Then, make your way to the virtual reality facility in central Paris to be transported to Notre-Dame de Paris as it was before the fire of 2019. Thanks to real 360 images filmed before the fire, you will discover, in virtual reality, the incredible history behind this famous cathedral. Go beyond the other side of the fencing, to see the cathedral in its current condition. Be immersed in the heart of the destroyed structure, in the exact spot where the spire collapsed and tore through the vault. You will be transported into a unique experience that is strikingly emotional.

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There was more when we arrived for this activity (Get yor guide should offer timings). So we chose another: flight over France. Better in our opinion. Great. But impressive! Not recommended for people with vertigo! We have adored.

Amazing experience. Virtual reality gives you views of Paris you'll never see any other way. Highly recommend

Cool experience with the 360° journey and feels a bit like being in the middle of it!

Beautiful and also very suggestive, which I invite anyone to try

I liked it a lot, although I find it a bit expensive