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Wall Street Walks leads guided walking tours through the historic and financial heart of New York City. As the resident experts, we know all her secrets. Our guides are not only active traders who follow the markets, but are also animated storytellers who understand the financial district’s history inside and out. Wall Street Walks was founded in 2007 by Annaline Dinkelmann, a former Wall Street professional with a passion for history. She spent a decade working at a major investment bank on Wall Street before she became a licensed New York City Sightseeing Guide and an independent currency trader. All of our tours are flavored by her unique insights into Wall Street’s past and present, culture and architecture, characters and drama.

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Wall Street, Bajo Manhattan, Bolsa de Nueva York, 9/11 Memorial, Trump Building, Toro de Wall Street, Federal Hall, iglesia de la Trinidad, Nueva York

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Nueva York

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