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About us KC Kathu Connection Sport Club Bar & Restaurant is a new Pool club roughly halfway between Phuket Town and Patong. The main attraction is the ‘Slip N Fly’ double slider. This is not your usual water slide, the one where you gently slide all the way down and gently glide into the pool. Slip N Fly looks a lot more like a catapult: glide down a 30 meter long water slide and the curve at the bottom will throw you up to 6 to 10 meters in the air! It’s really impressive and you will have lots of adrenaline! We provide a secure environment and parents can enjoy their time in the self, fun and amazing zone to take their families and enjoy the sliders. With a restaurant, a large swim up bar, a good mix of music and sound system, KC Kathu Connection is also a great place to party with friends. You can sit anywhere around on of the pools in a VIP sofas and enjoy drinks and music by the pool. Kc have Herbal Sauna and Dry Sauna also and you can enjoy.

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